Switchblade Operation: The Longing

Kongsi Petak





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Duration: 60 minutes
Doors Open: 30 minutes before the show
Dress Code: Informal

Experience a unique visual and dance performance that reimagines two groundbreaking choreographies from '94 and ‘95, by acclaimed contemporary dance choreographer, Loke Soh Kim.

“…Longing for a change, man realises that this world he has created is a reality he can never avoid.”
— Fay Khoo, 1996

“Gui Qu Lai Xi” and “A World in the City” will be revived in an unconventional open space warehouse, KongsiKL with 11 diverse selection of dancers and a new lineup of creative team. Join us in this captivating double bill of contemporary dance!

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Jul 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)



Jul 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)



Jul 2023

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Jul 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

About the Choreography: Gui Qu Lai Xi 歸去來兮

25min | 1995 | challenges traditional gender roles and highlights the struggle for freedom in a paternalistic society.

Premiered | PJ Civic Hall, Selangor | Presented by Kwang Tung Dance Troupe (1995)
Toured | 95’ World Dance Alliance Asia Pacific, Seoul, Korea (1995)
Restaged | ‘Gu Qu Lai Xi’ Dance Concert 96’ | Presented by Penang Dance Station (1996) & TARI 96’ International Conference and Dance Festival, Kuala Lumpur (1996)

“[audience] were transported to the days of yore where the luxury of freedom in the quest of love was frowned upon.”
— The Star, 19 Jul 1996

“[Performers] dreamily shift power: she carries him coiled around her waist; she clings to his calf like a pet monkey. Kim is an extraordinary performer - scrappy, fragile, full of changes.”
— Village Voice, New York, 22 Aug 1995 at World Dance Alliance Asia Pacific, Seoul, Korea

“《归去来兮》最引人注目……富有生命力的舞蹈语言,再配上那凄凉的越南音乐以及《离骚》的吟唱,太完美了…… ”
— 光华日报,1996年6月4日

About the Choreography: A World in the City 城市狂想曲

35min | 1994 | expresses the frustrations of the working class in a fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle.

Premiered | ‘A World in the City’ Dance Concert 94’ | Presented by Penang Dance Station (1994)
Restaged | Presented at TARI 94’ International Conference and Dance Festival, Kuala Lumpur (1994), ‘Gu Qu Lai Xi’ Dance Concert 96’ | Presented by Penang Dance Station (1996), Presented by Frontier Danceland, Singapore (1997), Presented by Charlie Tan Dance Theatre, Johor Bahru (1999) & Presented by My Dance Alliance, Bangsar (2000)

“... focused on man today where selfishness and soullessness triumph in a materialistic world.”— The Star, 19 Jul 1996

“[The pressures of city life] made man voiceless and incapable of controlling his own destiny. He lives in a world where his body and mind are made to obey and follow. A world where he shares no emotions and feelings, caring only for his own survival. A world where dreams never come true. Longing for a change, man realises that this world he has created is a reality he can never avoid.”                                      
    — Fay Khoo, 1996

“繁忙城市的白领阶级们,他们每天朝九晚五的生活于聚凑、分秒必争的渡过一天有一天, 这造成了多大的压力。舞者跳出了他们的情绪,他们所要发泄的不满。”
— 光华日报,1996年6月4日

About Choreographer, Loke Soh Kim

Kim started dancing in 1982 with the renowned Tan Wei Ping. She is a former dancer of the Singapore People’s Association Dance Company (1987) and the Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company (1990-1992). In 1992, Kim returned to Malaysia and co-founded Penang Dance Station. She is a guest choreographer with Singapore’s Frontier Danceland (1997-2008 and 2022). She also lectured in dance at ASWARA (1999-2007). She has received several BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in the dance category as a choreographer (2002 and 2018) and lighting designer (2002, 2004 and 2019). In 2018, Soh Kim founded Kongsi Petak, a member of Kongsi Kolab (2018-2021) in a warehouse-turned art-space, KongsiKL. She is also the producer of the “Seni Tiga” project, a multidisciplinary collaborative performance series (2019-2021).

Dress Code
Performance venue is shoes off and fan only, audiences are encouraged to wear slippers and comfortable clothing.

Tickets Price
Early Bird RM68 (limit to 65 pax / show)
Standard RM88
Group of 5 RM360

Contact Us / Students Booking
For questions,  please Whatsapp us at +60182805232

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About Kongsi Petak 

Founded by Loke Soh Kim

started as one of the members of Kongsi Kolab (2018-2021) in KongsiKL artspace. Kongsi Petak believes in sharing and exchange, while maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the space they occupy. They foster interdisciplinary collaborations, nurture talents and promote knowledge exchange, through various platforms, ‘Petak Self Practice’ (Current: ARTies Potluck, 2018-), ‘Seni Tiga’ multidisciplinary project (2019-2022), and contemporary dance ‘Petak Class’ (2019-2021). 

About Cake Project 

Co-founded by James Kan and Hoi Cheng Sim

Inspired by Rudolf Nureyev’s famous saying, “When I miss class for one day, I know it. When I miss class for two days, my teacher knows it. When I miss class for three days, the audience knows it.” Cake Project is founded on three pillars: (1) continuous training, (2) sharing, and (3) networking, as a platform for advanced contemporary dancers. Cake Project coordinates a weekly class conducted by guest artists and choreographers in hope to stimulate exchange and upskilling among talented local dancers.

Creative & Production Team

Choreographer | Loke Soh Kim

Costume designer | Ix Wong
Set designer | Liew Chee Heai
Lighting designer | Bryan Chang, Loke Soh Kim
Performers | Alfren Salgado, Amellia Feroz, Anthony Lee Yee Han, Audrey Chua, Chloe Tan, Gabriel Wong, Hang Wen Chin, Hoi Cheng Sim, Isaac Lim, James Kan, Jessie Jing, Kathyn Tan Chai Chen, Winnie Xuan

Co-Presenters | Kongsi Petak, Cake Project
Producer | Low Pey Sien
Assistant Producers | Hoi Cheng Sim, James Kan
Administrator | Lee Jia Xi
Stage Manager | Armanzaki Amirol Zakri

Venue Sponsor | KongsiKL

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