S.O.P. :: A Performance _ A Ritual _ An Invitation

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Duration: 28 mins

A Performance _ A Ritual _ An Invitation

“… The world is ending. I offer you an eternal life at a place of pure happiness and peace - no war, no disease, no suffering. Now, connect to me, transfer your consciousness and regenerate yourself in the digital world. With arms wide open, I welcome you to the new world.”

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Mar 2022

9:00PM (GMT+8)

Pay once and view anytime between 18-27 March

About the Show

A’s Blog:

03.03.2021   00:00

Finally managed to restart my laptop after hours of trying... 
Everything seems fine, up and running...
Wait... Hmmmmm... What is this new folder on my desktop? And what is this video inside? 

Who is this guy? Where is this place?

30.04.2021   11:23

Today is the opening day of The Trinket Shop!
Come and visit our light creatures!

The Trinket Shop is an exhibition with 11 light creatures produced during the Kokidi Kodiki Kod~ lockdown camp by young makers aged 7-18 years old. The exhibition, which was supported by Cendana, took place in the Zhongshan Building from April 30 to May 30. 


01.05.2021   15:48

What is this guy doing in The Trinket Shop outside our opening hours? 
Hey I remember the door was locked!
Should I call the police? 
OMG what is this creep doing?

Hey, that is the same guy in the video clip on my laptop!
Is he following me?

07.11.2021   04:32

This email is giving me chills...
It says follow the rules?!?!?

17.11.2021   10:19

It’s him again! 
He’s in the poster that was sent to my mailbox!

Should I...?


Concept by 

Produced by 
Kongsi Petak

Creative Team
Director / Lighting Designer
Tan Eng Heng

Choreographer / Dancer
Lee Kien Faye

Composer / Sound Designer
Kent Lee
Set Designer
Kod(Kod), Tan Eng Heng
Multimedia Designer / Animation Designer
Kod(Kod), Tan Eng Heng, Tan Thian Shaun

Film Production Team
Director of Photography

Tan Thian Shaun
B Roll Contributors
Kod(Kod), Tan Eng Heng
Tan Thian Shaun, Tan Eng Heng

Production Team
Production Manager

Mah Jun Yi
Graphic Design
Venue Coordinator
Liew Chee Heai, Low Pey Sien

Special Thanks
Lee Ming Kiat

Supported by 
Krishen Jit

Venue Sponsor 


(Chan Hui Sim + Jowin Foo + Lim Nong Hua)
Kod(Kod) is a KL-based collective that specializes in crafting sensorial experiences and investigating design interactions with a discourse to tame 21st century digital technology so that it could cohabit with society harmoniously. The collective currently comprises interaction designers, spatial designer, narrative composer and researcher who want to bring happiness to the society through the lens of media, art-science and technology. Members of Kod(Kod) are alumni of the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett UCL, and have exhibited works in international institutions like Tate Britain (UK), Ugly Duck (UK) and Ars Electronica (Austria).

Tan Eng Heng
An Ipoh native, lighting designer, theatre director and programme director of DPAC. He has graduated with top honors from the drama department of the Malaysian Institute of the Arts, and has worked as a drama lecturer and consultant with MSC International College, SEGI College, New Era College and Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris. He was accorded the most outstanding production professional award in 2000 Ada Awards and winner of Best Lighting Design in The 9th, 10th, 12th and 13th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. His extensive involvement in theatrical productions brings him to various countries including Singapore, China, India, Australia and Canada.

Lee Kien Faye
An independent performing artist & farmer based in Malaysia & Java, completed his Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama) in Deakin University (2014). Faye created works that were influenced by Psycho-Physical Research, Classical Javanese Court Dance, Asian Shamanistic Trance, Butoh & Voice, alongside his mentor Tony Yap, Agus Riyanto & Agung Gunawan. He has participated in the Melaka Art & Performance Festival (Malaysia), Pelem Festival (Indonesia) & Bull Trance Festival (Indonesia) from 2015-2020. In May 2020, he started the “FROM FARM TO LIFE” project, inviting artists to work and experience on a farm to seek a unique lifestyle between arts and farming.

Kent Lee
A sound designer that is explorative in his musical expressions. He collaborates frequently with musicians and artists from various disciplines. He is best known for his distinct approach that combines the innovative use of multiple effects with virtuosic technique. Kent has been performing locally and internationally in various settings, ranging from commercial events, gigs, improv sessions to sound design for dance and theatre. He was awarded the Best Music & Sound Design in the 17th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards. Apart from music, he has a newfound passion in food and has been making siu yuk for various events in KL.

Tan Thian Shaun
A curious photographer and videographer who has been exploring visuals and movements since young. After graduating with a degree in Screen Arts from Curtin University (Australia) in 2013, he started actively collaborating with a wide range of performance and interactive installation projects. He has worked as a Film-maker, Editor and Director of Photography (DOP) in various projects in Malaysia, Australia and the UK; his works with artists for interactive performance projects in University College London were exhibited internationally. He is also a passionate dancer who has coordinated workshops for international dancers, later being involved in NeoTouch research which was featured in Ars Electronica Festival 2018 (Austria).

Kongsi Petak
An entity from the KongsiKL community that strives to promote multidisciplinary performances and expressions, to break boundaries between art disciplines and to make art accessible to all.

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