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Duration: 30 minutes
Doors Open: 30 minutes before the show
Seating: Free Seating

"The Last Conversation (I Wish I Had)" is a heartfelt and poignant monodrama that serves as a
touching tribute to the late TS. Azizul bin Zahid Jamal, fondly known as Sir Tomoe, an extraordinary teacher, and mentor who profoundly influenced the lives of countless students. This play celebrates his indelible impact on the art's industry, with a particular focus on the the transformation he brought into the life of Dharveen Surendran.

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Oct 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)

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Set in Malaysia, the play centers around Ravi, a gifted Indian boy with an unwavering passion for the visual arts. Ravi's artistic aspirations face numerous obstacles, from societal expectations to financial constraints, and self-doubt. However, everything changes when he crosses paths with the enigmatic Mr. Tom, whose wisdom and guidance become a guiding light in Ravi's life.

As Ravi's mentor, Mr. Tom leaves an everlasting impression on the young artist, nurturing not only his artistic talents but also fostering personal growth and character development. Through Mr. Tom's mentorship, Ravi finds the strength to conquer adversities and embrace his unique artistic voice.

"The Last Conversation (I Wish I Had)" gracefully intertwines monologues with captivating dance transitions, adding emotional depth to the storytelling. Throughout his artistic journey, Ravi cherishes the cherished memories of his time with Mr. Tom, culminating in the profound desire for one last conversation with his late mentor.

This monodrama stands as a powerful tribute to the late Sir Tomoe, highlighting how his inspirational teachings continue to influence aspiring artists, including Dharveen Surendran. It celebrates the transformative power of art and the enduring impact of an exceptional teacher, whose mentorship instilled a lifelong passion for the arts in the hearts of his students.

As the play reaches its poignant conclusion, Ravi's deepest wish emerges - to have a final conversation with Mr. Tom during his last days in the hospital. This heartfelt desire symbolizes the everlasting gratitude and admiration Ravi holds for his beloved mentor, emphasizing the profound significance of their bond.

"The Last Conversation (I Wish I Had)" is an emotional journey that traverses the realms of mentorship, self discovery, and the enduring legacy of an extraordinary teacher. It pays homage to the enduring impact of Sir Tomoe, whose inspirational teachings continue to resonate in the hearts of those he touched, especially in the life of Dharveen Surendran.

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