Introducing CloudJoi Emerge : All Inclusive Ticketing Service For Emerging Creators, Gratis!

Published on 02/09/2023

Whether you are gearing up for an upcoming event but feeling concerned about where and how to get your tickets moving, or you are genuinely intrigued by the title of the blog — guess what? We have something just for you!

🌈 What is CloudJoi Emerge? 

CloudJoi Emerge is our new programme to support and uplift emerging creators with our comprehensive ticketing service and marketing expertise, at zero cost.

Ever since CloudJoi kicked off its journey in 2020, CloudJoi has empowered over 1,000 shows, selling a whopping 380,000+ tickets with the collective effort from the entire ecosystem of the art industry. 

Throughout the years, we realised that pesky financial and marketing hurdles often stand in the way of the creation process, especially for emerging creators on the rise. By shouldering your ticketing management load, we want your creativity process to flow smoothly. Why? Simply because we value the devotion and enthusiasm of our local emerging creators while empathising with the struggles and obstacles along your process. Consider it our heartfelt 'thank you' for being part of our incredible three-year journey.

🎉 What's Up For Grabs? 

  • Utilising our comprehensive ticketing service and event management system
  • Listing your events on CloudJoi’s official website and mobile app
  • Promoting your events on our social media platforms with essential marketing material

🌎 Am I Eligible?

While we're excited to have you on board, we do have some guidelines to follow. Rest assured, we'll carefully review your information before we make any decision.

  • Venue with capacity of 60 pax and below.
  • Ticket price must be RM39 and below.
  • Valid for live events happening in Klang Valley between 30 September 2023 - 30 June 2024.
  • Events that fall under these categories: Theatre, Dance, Music, Film, Variety, Musical, Exhibition, and Comedy.
  • All active and emerging individuals and organisations will be prioritised.

💡Apply Now

So grab your spot here, and we’ll be in touch with you via email within 3 working days to guide you through the next steps! If you have any other inquiries, please reach out to us at 


Can I apply if my organisation is outside of Klang Valley? 

Yes, you can apply. As long as you’re running your event within the Klang Valley region.

What do active and emerging mean?

Any individuals or organisations established for no more than 3 years and producing at least one event per year. 

Is it possible to submit an application for CloudJoi Emerge and schedule my event to take place after 30 June 2024?

Applications for events scheduled beyond 30 June 2024, cannot be accommodated under this initiative.

Can free entry events also apply for CloudJoi Emerge?

Yes, even free entry events are welcome to apply for CloudJoi Emerge, provided they meet the other eligibility requirements.

How many events can each organisation apply?

Each organisation can apply multiple times, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria and adhere to the application guidelines.

Are there any associated charges or fees in case of event cancellation?

Should you decide to cancel your event listing, regular charges in accordance with CloudJoi's rate card will apply. For more details, please refer here for further information.

Expect a hassle-free experience at your next events and submit your application now!

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