深夜小狗神秘事件 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

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Time3:00PM, 8:00PM



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Duration: Approximately 180 minutes

孤独的天才轻易破解数学难题, 他能否找到与世界和解的答案? 一个离奇的神秘事件,一次治愈的成长之旅。
The lone genius solves mathematical puzzles easily, Can he find the answer to reconciliation with the world? A bizarre mystery, A healing journey of growth.

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Feb 2023

3:00PM (GMT+8)

8:00PM (GMT+8)



Feb 2023

3:00PM (GMT+8)

8:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

英国少年克里斯托弗有着天马行空的内心世界,而这个患有阿斯伯格综合症的少年,却是个数理天才。这天夜里,他发现邻居席太太的狗威灵顿被一把园艺叉杀死了,而作为这件“谋杀案”的首位目击证人,他成为了最大的嫌疑人。为了破解谜团, 他鼓起勇气登上了去往伦敦的火车,开启了一段冒险的旅途……

Christopher, a British teenager with an unconstrained inner world, is a mathematical genius with Asperger's syndrome. One night, he finds out that his neighbor Mrs. Shee's dog Wellington has been killed with a garden fork, and as the first witness to the "murder", he becomes the biggest suspect. In order to solve the mystery, he summoned up the courage to board a train to London, began a journey of adventure...

创作团队 Creatives

原著作者      : 马克·海登 
改编作者      : 西蒙·斯蒂芬斯 
导演             : 贺世平 
制作指导      : 汪佳焌 
制作人         : 洪玮瀚 
舞台监督      : 李嘉雯 
文案与宣传  : 潘海婷,李谦缋 
平面设计      : 罗紫予,吴剑虹 
票务             : 洪玮瀚,梁凯棱 
道具与布景  : 罗紫予,李谦缋 
造型             : 吴剑虹,潘海婷,李嘉雯 
灯光             : 陈凯雄,洪玮瀚 
音乐音效      : 徐毓萍,梁凯棱 
演员             : 吴剑虹,潘海婷,洪玮瀚,梁凯棱,陈凯雄,李谦缋,徐毓萍,罗紫予

Original Author                 : Mark Haddon
Adaptation Author            : Simon Stephens
Director                            : Sp Ho
Administrative Instructor  : Lennard Oung
Producer                          : Ang Jeremy
Stage Manager                : Karman Lee
Publicity                           : Pan Hai Ting,Bernice Lee
Graphic Design                : Loh Zi Yu,Christopher Ng
Ticketing                           : Ang Jeremy, Leong Kai Ryn
Props and Sets                 : Loh Zi Yu,Bernice Lee
Costume                           : Christopher Ng,Pan Hai Ting, Karman Lee
Lighting                             : Kayson Tan,Ang Jeremy
Music and Sound              : Victor Sew,Leong Kairyn
Actors                               :  Christopher Ng,Pan Hai Ting,
                                            Ang Jeremy,Bernice  Lee, 
                                            Leong Kai Ryn,Kayson Tan,Victor Sew,Loh Zi Yu