Time8:30PM, 3:00PM

LanguageEnglish, Bahasa Melayu



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Duration: 120 minutes with 20 minutes intermission

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Aug 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)



Aug 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)



Aug 2023

3:00PM (GMT+8)

8:30PM (GMT+8)



Aug 2023

3:00PM (GMT+8)

8:30PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

Experience an enchanting musical journey that spotlights Malaysia's endangered seagrass ecosystems through the magic of the performing arts. Seagrasses are vital to both marine life and coastal communities, yet their rapid decline is often overlooked.

Our concert, a continuation of Rhythm in Bronze's commitment to connecting environmental issues with the arts, features original gamelan compositions interwoven with compelling stories of seagrass and the communities that depend on them. Our talented team of artists is inspired to create culturally significant works that reveal the charm of seagrass in engaging, emotional and thought-provoking ways.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines art, culture and conservation to provide a deeper understanding of the wonders of the seagrass through Malalysia contemporary gamelan. Be inspired by the power of music and storytelling, and take action to preserve our precious natural heritage.

Age limit:  4 years and above. Suitable for children who can remain seated and attentive

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Concession: Students/ Senior Citizens/Disabled

Group Promotion (Minimum 5pax)




RM 150


RM 80


10% off normal-priced and concession tickets

Promocode: SEAGRASS

About the Company

Since 1997, Rhythm in Bronze (RiB) has been a trailblazer in preserving and championing the country's musical legacy for future generations to cherish through Malay contemporary gamelan. RiB has garnered international acclaim by collaborating with talented local and international musicians, breaking new ground in the academic and world-music circles.

At the heart of RiB's musical repertoire lies a fusion of invigorated traditional pieces and fresh compositions, drawing inspiration from gamelan styles across the Nusantara. This innovative approach maintains deep respect for the original identity of gamelan while embracing a contemporary sound relevant to the modern age. Audiences are treated to a mesmerizing performance that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, offering a captivating experience like no other.

RiB's pioneering works have not only introduced a little-known musical genre to classical music enthusiasts but also fueled research and exploration of indigenous and traditional music instruments. Through RiB's unique brand of music, the Malay gamelan genre has flourished, giving rise to heritage-inspired new music from Malaysia and establishing RiB's presence on the international world-music stage. 


Covid-19 Related SOPs
klpac has Covid-19 measures including Covid-19 testing for the cast and crew, sanitisation and disinfection, and going contactless. Mask-wearing is recommended. Venue reserves the right to deny entry if you're found to be Covid-19 positive or High-Risk status on MySejahtera. No refund will be made to those who have purchased tickets.

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Production Team

Executive Producer: Sharmini Ratnasingam
Production Manager: Bebe Chan
Finance Manager: Sharmini Ratnasingam
Asst. Finance Manager: Etty Yahya
Graphic Designer: Celine Teoh
Marketing & Publicity: Cindy Cheah
Videographer for Concert: Creatures Film
Videographer: Sidney Chan, Jay Chiah
Photographer: Michelle Yip

Creative Team

Artistic Director: Dato' Zahim Albakri
Music Director: Jillian Ooi Lean Sim
Video Director: Khairi Anwar
Assistant AD: Reuben Cheow
Composers: Jillian Ooi Lean Sim, Teuku Umar, Adilah Junid, Muhammad Sayyid Shafiee, Jyotsna Prakash, Mohamad Faliq Che Adeni, Gareth Farr, Irena Taib
Choreographer: Aida Redza
Set & Costume Designer: Raja Malek    
Sound Engineer: Terence Chong
Assistant Sound Engineer: Harris Cazaly
Lighting Designer: Mac Chan    
Projection Designer: Danny Hoo
Set Builder: Maroon Art & Design


Gamelan Players: Adilah Junid, Ahmad Syahmie Ahmad Kamal, Amira Farhana Hj Ahmad Hamidi, Colleen Wong, Etty Suhaya Yahaya, Jillian Ooi Lean Sim, Mohamad Faliq Che Adeni, Ng Siu Yee, Nuradilla Mohamad Fauzi, Sharmini Ratnasingam
Drummers: Mohd Kamrulbahri Hussin, Gus Win 
Guest Performers: Maryann Magdalena Linnis, Amri Zane, Muhammad Hidayat Rohaidi, Muhammad Haziq Bin Kamarul Ariffin, Nathanael Simon, Affendi Yang Amri 


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