14th UiTM-klpac Malaysian Composers Concert Series

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)


Time8:30PM, 5:00PM




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Duration: 75 Minutes

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Nov 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)

Show 1



Nov 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)

Show 2



Nov 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)

Show 3



Nov 2023

5:00PM (GMT+8)

Show 4

About the Show

UiTM Conservatory of Music, College of Creative Arts in collaboration with the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre are delighted to present the 14th Malaysian Composers Concert Series 2023.

The concert series aimed at nurturing the creation and performance of new composition works to help enrich the local music scene. It serves as an alternative platform for young Malaysian composers to showcase their diversity in talents and artistic musical styles in their compositions. The concert series also provides an opportunity to celebrate and introduce the talents of young emerging musicians to the local music audience.

It is hoped that the composer concert series will serve as a platform for new music by student composers, young contemporary Malaysian composers and also established local composers as part of the effort in preserving and continuing the nation’s musical and cultural heritage. 

4 concerts are scheduled in this series, each with its own theme held over 4 days.

Program UiTM-klpac Malaysian Composers Concert Series adalah merupakan sebuah program tahunan anjuran secara kolaborasi antara Konservatori Muzik, Kolej Pengajian Kreatif Seni, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) dan The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). Format program ini adalah berkonsepkan persembahan atau konsert muzik dengan tema yang berbeza setiap tahun. Bertempat di Pentas 2, klpac, konsert yang berusia lebih 13 tahun ini telah berjaya menampilkan komposisi-komposisi baru, hasil ciptaan pelajar dan staf Konservatori Muzik UiTM secara khususnya dan beberapa komposer tempatan di luar UiTM serta luar negara seperti Australia, Indonesia, Jerman, Amerika Syarikat, Norway, Cambodia, UK dan sebagainya.

Tujuan utama penganjuran program bersiri ini adalah untuk menonjol dan mempersembahkan kepelbagaian genre muzik kepada masyarakat seperti muzik seni, muzik tradisional kontemporari, muzik klasik kontemporari dan muzik elektronik yang kurang mendapat tempat di negara kita. Sehingga ke hari ini, program ini telah memaparkan pelbagai bentuk persembahan muzik dengan instrumentasi yang berbeza seperti orkestra, koir, string quartet, piano trio, ensembel perkusi, ensembel tradisional dan lain-lain. Pemuzik-pemuziknya pula adalah terdiri daripada gabungan pelajar dan staf Konservatori Muzik, pemuzik-pemuzik profesional luar UiTM tempatan dan juga luar negara.

4 concerts this year are:

SHOW 1.  Cosmic Soundscapes: A Journey Beyond Stars
Date & Time: 22 Nov 2023 (Wed) @ 8:30pm

Cosmic Soundscapes: A Journey Beyond the Stars" is a mesmerizing and immersive concert experience that takes you on a sonic voyage through the vast and mysterious universe. This one-of-a-kind event combines live music, stunning visual projections, and cutting-edge sound technology to create an otherworldly experience that transcends time and space.

SHOW 2.  Nouvelle
Date & Time: 24 Nov 2023 (Fri) @ 8:30pm

Mezzo-soprano YiLing Chaing performs new contemporary works for voice from Malaysia, Taiwan, China and USA. She will be accompanied by pianist Dr Bernard Tan together with Dr Yeoh Pei Ann (cello), Ahmad Munir Mahzair (violin), Adi Alex (violin), Euler Edwin and Zang Yueyi (piano).

SHOW 3.  Merdu Puisi: A Recital of Poetry and Art Songs
Date & Time: 25 Nov 2023 (Sat) @ 8:30pm
Soprano Khairunnisa Diyana Md Noor accompanied by Tengku Hadif on the piano perform art songs by composers Marzelan Salleh, Yusran Yusoff, Alwagera, Edward Nesbit, Tazul Tajuddin and Alia Farahin.

SHOW 4.  Futurism
Date & Time: 26 Nov 2023 (Sun) @ 5.00pm
Join us with performers from the master’s program in performance UiTM performing solo works by students and staff composers from King’s College London, UiTM and UM. Performers are Tengku Hadif, Euler Edward, Stoffel Seah, Mohd Syazrin, Azrin, Hafeez Aiman, Maria Amani, Tang Jia Xin and Zang Yueyi with staff performers Dr Yeoh Pei Ann (violin) and Dr Caryn Ong (piano). It will be a great opportunity to hear this concert with diverse composer’s background!

Age limit : 7 years old above.

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