JoiUp 2023: A Testament of “By Arts, For Arts”

Published on 02/11/2023

In a dazzling showcase of creativity, community, and commitment, CloudJoi, the trailblazing platform in the performing arts industry, marked its third anniversary with a resounding celebration at JoiUp 2023 held on the 20th October 2023 at Grey Box, GMBB. Embracing the guiding principle of “By Arts, For Arts”, JoiUp 2023 goes beyond mere festivities & celebration; it serves as a inspiring testament to CloudJoi’s devotion to the world of performing art.

Full Keynote

Past, Present, and the Future of CloudJoi

One of the event highlights is an uplifting keynote address that emphasised the platform’s accomplishments, expansion, and forthcoming goals delivered by Dennis Lee, co-founder, and CEO of CloudJoi. If you missed out on the event, fret not and let us catch you up on the keynote breakdown below:

“By Arts, For Arts” Guiding the Booming Industry

Dennis set the stage with an inspirational keynote speech that encapsulated the vibrant state of the performing arts industry that brings the spotlight to the sheer number of shows happening every week. CloudJoi itself had over 400 shows sold this year alone, projecting an impressive 2.5 times increase in total ticket revenue compared to the previous year back to the performing arts industry. In a nod to transparency and empowerment, Dennis also unveiled plans for an annual report that would provide valuable insights and perspectives for theatre practitioners, all gleaned from CloudJoi’s extensive and exclusive data.

CloudJoi Emerge Program Nurturing and Uplifting New Creators with Zero Cost

CloudJoi Emerge program, a true embodiment of the “By Arts, For Arts” principle was announced during JoiUp 2023. This initiative generously offers CloudJoi’s comprehensive ticketing system at no cost, aiming to lighten the financial load for newcomers in the industry. Its ultimate goal is to foster inclusivity, nurture budding talent, and allow the arts to flourish.

“Together-Gether Grow” Campaign and Partnerships

CloudJoi didn’t just talk the talk; it walked the walk. Announcing an official ticketing partnership with DPAC and the “Together-Gether Grow” campaign, CloudJoi was extending a 10% discount on all shows. On behalf of CloudJoi, Dennis also extended his heartfelt gratitude for their existing partnerships with organisations like klpac, Permaisuri Zarith Sofiah Opera House, BoboKL, TiTi Jazz and Music, BBK Network, J Comedy Productions, and more.

Meet the CloudJoi Community, Dashboard & Future Initiatives

Dennis unveiled the CloudJoi Community, a centralised platform designed to bring the entire performing arts community together. This digital hub will serve as a one-stop destination for profiles, workshops, auditions, and a filtering function to connect professionals. Additionally, CloudJoi introduced a new Dashboard for organisers to efficiently manage their events, complete with the option to list events for free as the cherry on top.

What’s more, CloudJoi’s vision expanded beyond its Malaysian roots, as it announced participation in upcoming festivals and conferences, including the DPAC Children Festival, Georgetown Festival, and Asian Producers Platform. Peering into the future, Dennis revealed plans for innovative partnerships across various industries, with the aim of encouraging the growth of the performing art industry.

CloudJoi’s International Expansion

As the applause continued to echo, CloudJoi announced its exciting journey beyond Malaysia. CloudJoi Taiwan — the grand plan to connect performing arts communities globally. The aim is to create a strong international network, fostering collaboration and creativity across borders.

The grand keynote concluded with a jubilant cake-cutting ceremony, featuring co-founders William Yap and Kevin Teh. Dennis extended his heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated CloudJoi team, partners, and the entire performing arts community for their unwavering support and loyalty. JoiUp 2023 was also graced by the wonderful performances by Orang-Orang Drum Theatre and Tria Aziz.

CloudJoi’s third anniversary is not just a milestone but a step forward in an exciting, inclusive, and creative future for the performing arts. “By Arts, For Arts” has never shone brighter.

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