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A family of four, like any other families currently surviving the quarantine fever due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with each choosing his/her own way to cope.

Alisha, who majors in Literature engrossed herself in completing never-ending assignments for her online classes while her brother, Farid buries himself in endless video games. Alisha’s penchant for musicals leads her to an imaginary trip down the rabbit hole and Farid whiles away his time playing online games. One stormy night, while Maryam, the tiger mum nags her children and Yusof, the complacent dad tries to appease his wife, an uncanny incident occurs, and the family is sucked into the world of Zoom!

What will happen to the Yusofs?

Can they get out of the square spaces alive?

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Nov 2021

8:30PM (GMT+8)

About the Show


The Cast


Nor Aishah Binti Saari as Alisha (The Older Sister)

She is a student from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, UPM. She is a second-year student of Science in Biochemistry with Honor course. She is one of the choir members for her college choir team and she has joined her school and college theatre production that help her develop her interest in literature and art. She hopes that she can have a great time and amazing experience with the production, and the audience can enjoy the fantastic art that they are trying to produce together.

Nur Najihah Binti Nordin as Maryam (The Mother)

The life behind the scene has always been rewarding to Najihah. But at one point of her being, she took a step forward and chose to bring words to life on stage. To her, arts are made for and from human beings; she believes the “new normal” theatre is only a different form of creativity, not a stop sign. 

Muhammad Taqiyuddin bin Faridil Atras as Farid (The Younger Brother)

Taqi graduated from UPM in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. He started performing in middle school and was involved in “Pengisahan Kenegaraan” as the representative for the Johor region. He also actively involved in a few performances in UPM such as The Great Gatsby, Mensyuarat Agung Adiwira, Cinta Seorang Pencuri, Gormenghast, Orkid Berdarah, Peterpan and Keris Laksamana Bentan. He hopes this performance is able to entertain the audience and to show them that performing arts could never be stopped even with the current Covid situation. 

Mohamad Uwais Iskandar b. Mohamad Ismail as Yusof (The Father)

The friendly and comical Uwais has been an active individual when it comes to theatre production! He was a Minister in Atomic Jaya and a Steward in K14’s ND897. He also played as the Penghulu in Keris Laksamana Bentan. He was the scriptwriter for K14’s Toy Box and also played as Scapin, Rouge and Maleficent in French class theatre project.

Nur Fariha Binti Mohd Fariz as Mary (From Mary Poppins)

Since young, she has had an interest in arts which developed her talent in playing the guitar and piano. She then joined the school choir (Tenby Ipoh) to build confidence and competed nationally. Her enthusiasm in theatre arose during her Diploma in English (UPSI) days where she did a mini production. As a degree student of Translation and Interpretation (USM) now, she continues her passion in performing arts by being in The Adikarma Cultural Group — competed and performed in Malaysia and Thailand, also was their VP of Music Department. By being in this production, she hopes to bring such joy in portraying the magical Mary Poppins giving people a memorable new norm theatre.

Fitzgerald Brase as Bert (From Mary Poppins) & Freddie (From My Fair Lady)

One of the most gleeful cast members, he’d like to call himself Flamboyant Fitzgerald! He has experienced many singing gigs, but now joining the play production in hopes to broaden his skills, especially in acting. He is ecstatic to be a part of something that is more challenging, pushes him out of his comfort zone and wishes that the audience would relish the show as much as he does!

Fiona C. Tibok as Maria (From The Sound Of Music)

Previously a Landscape Architecture major, Fiona now majors in Journalism at UPM after a change of heart. But what remained was her passion for theatre and all things arts. She has been in countless productions through her time in UPM; two of which were Peter Pan (as Wendy Darling) and Les Miserables (as Cosette). Fiona hopes that Zoom-ed will inspire the audience to delve into their creativity and that things are possible if only they think beyond their four walls.

Hanny Nuraina Binti Mohd Nasri as Eliza (From My Fair Lady)

Currently, a third-year student of BA English Literature in UPM, Hanny loves both singing and acting. During her first and second year, she did both acting and handling plays namely Dilitrio Damsel, Puteri Gunung Ledang and Spare the Butterflies. This time in Musical Cluster Production, she’s not only the treasurer but will be playing as ‘Eliza’. Even though it’s an online show, she trusted her production team and hopefully the audience will enjoy it.

Afiq Nuradli Bin Amin Abdul Nasir as Erik/Phantom (From Phantom of the Opera)

During his studies in UPM, Afiq has been active in singing, dancing and acting. He’s been involved in 9 productions altogether (college/faculty). Musical Cluster is his 6th production as a cast. Now, UPM alumni, Afiq is still active in the arts; writing and producing music, posting dance and song covers on his Instagram and creating video content online. He hopes to do his best for the play and that everyone will enjoy this new approach to online theatre.

Norazlina Saiful Arifin as Christine (From Phantom of the Opera)

She is very interested in singing. When stressed, nothing helps her more than singing. She once joined a sketch during high school days and a musical play during her diploma years. Now she sings for a live band from her faculty.

Ong Li Yuan as Grizebella (From Cats the Musical)

Ong Li Yuan is an alma mater from Universiti Putra Malaysia, majoring in English Language Studies. She furthered her postgraduate study in English Literature. Besides, she enjoys participating in both musical and theatre productions during her pastime. She had always thought art as a form of enjoyment and escapism. She had participated in various productions by BBL4401 students, such as Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast, and The Great Gatsby. She wishes the production members and casts to enjoy the processes and good moments throughout the production.

Nurul Alia Fatimah Binti Mohamed Kamil as Jellicle Cat 1 (From Cats the Musical)

She is only a poem reciter, never an actress nor a singer. Perhaps her greatest achievement is winning the first place in both years she participates in poetry recital competition. The first time she lands a role in a drama, it is cancelled due to the unexpected pandemic. Giving up is not something she is familiar with, thus she decided to join a musical production. With the team, she hopes to give a remarkable performance to the audience.

Anggun Ileeya Binti Rosleen as Jellicle Cat 2 (From Cats the Musical)

Anggun is a second-year student in BA English Linguistics. A girl, who has a strong passion for singing and playing musical instruments. Currently, she is the keyboardist of the college band and a singer in the Nasyid team. In this Musical Cluster Production, she acts as one of the Jellicle Cats and the choir team which is her first time being involved in an online show. However, she will try her best for the team.

Chew Shun Lin (aka Fiona) as Jellicle Cat 3 (Ginger) (From Cats the Musical)

A former pure science student who has a passion for arts and literature. Now pursuing Literature in English, she now spends her days reading and writing. In the past, she was awarded Bronze in the Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition in 2016. She was a dancer in a stage drama and enjoyed singing in her free time. She wishes to gain more experience in stage plays and drama production in general. Due to the pandemic, she hoped that the audience will still enjoy their play as it will be conducted in a very special way.

The Production Team


Advisor/ Producer
AP. Dr. Arbaayah Ali Termizi

Co-Advisor/ Co-Producer
Izzat Najmi bin Abdullah

Artistic Advisor
Dr. Camellia Siti Maya Dato’ Mohamed Razak

Creative Director & Script Editor
Amir Aiman bin Amirul

Assistant Creative Director & Script Editor
Alya Sabrina Merican binti Mustaquen Hamid Merican

Program Director
Teoh Hui Sim (Emilie)

Assistant Program Director
Mohammad Fitri bin Zahari

Stage Manager
Azmin Farhana binti Mohd Kamal

Nur Melissa Natasha binti Mat @ Mohd Nasir

Hanny Nuraina binti Mohd Nasri
Shahidatun Najwa binti Shukri

Cast Manager
Syaima’ binti Mohd Noor
Muhammad Irfan Najmi bin Mohd Fozai

Cherryline Alban Romeo
Aida Syabila binti Jameel Raj
Saosan Asgar

Hajirah Parwin binti Jahubar Ali
Nurul Anis Syairah binti Saharudin
Ahmed A.R Al Helwani
Heerashini a/p Narayana Rau
Wan Nur Maisarah binti Shikh Ahmad Marzuki
Fadhlin binti Mohd Samsudin

Mahirah binti Mazhar
Nur Syafiqah binti Nazeri
Nur Saiyidatul Khairiah binti Noor Zihad

Costume and Makeup
Rabiatul Adawiyah binti Sahibul Bahrin
Hawa Najwa binti Abdullah
Wang Can

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Zoom-ED! A Musical Showcase.


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