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Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

What happens when the thunder becomes louder and lightning brighter than usual? What if something peculiar such as waking up in another universe happens to you and your family?

Well ... it happened to the Yusofs!

They are trapped in Zoom, yes, you heard it right the first time, it’s Zoom! An altogether new universe. A mysterious journey awaits with quirky characters popping out from various musical classics, ready to meet and greet them. Excited? Join the Yusofs in this adventure and witness this bizarre experience with them.

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Jan 2021

8:00PM (GMT+8)



Jan 2021

8:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show


A family of four, like any other families currently surviving the quarantine fever due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with each choosing his/her own way to cope.

Alisha, who majors in Literature engrossed herself in completing never-ending assignments for her online classes while her brother, Farid buries himself in endless video games. Alisha’s penchant for musicals leads her to an imaginary trip down the rabbit hole and Farid whiles away his time playing online games. One stormy night, while Maryam, the tiger mum nags her children and Yusof, the complacent dad tries to appease his wife, an uncanny incident occurs, and the family is sucked into the world of Zoom!

What will happen to the Yusofs?

Can they get out of the square spaces alive?

Lead cast on ZoomED Musical Show by UPM

Lead cast of Zoom-ED! A Musical Showcase

In finding their way out from another confined ‘virtual’ world, familiar but eccentric characters from countless musical classics come out to greet and meet them. Can the Phantom keep his Christine? Will Mary and Bert help them out? What drama will spark between Eliza and Maria? And will the roaming Jellicle Cats show Grizabella the way to the Heaviside Layer?

For the first time, in our ​Zoom-ED! A Musical Showcase, a combo of five musical classics will be staged as a showcase. Join the Yusofs and their adventure with Mary Poppins, Maria, Grizabella, Eliza Doolittle and Phantom with his angel of music, Christine​. A​nd not forgetting the adorable Jellicle Cats.

This showcase promises entertainment for people regardless of age, to witness a virtual staging, and at the same time bringing in laughter and comfort amidst the pandemic. A perfect family-friendly showcase to welcome a promising new year.

Singers on ZoomED Musical Show by UPM

Singers of Zoom-ED! A Musical Showcase

Pay-What-You-Can at RM8 (Early Birds), RM13, RM23, RM33, RM50

We want to make our play accessible and affordable for everyone so we have tiered our tickets to allow you to pay with what you can, with the more expensive ticket as a way to fund our production. Any amount is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

For schools, institutes or universities in Malaysia, please contact us through​ for more promotions.

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Info of Production

Year of Production: 2020
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Country: Malaysia
Language: English and Malay
Subtitle Language: English
Directed by: ​Amir Aiman bin Amirul
Casts: ​​Nor Aishah Binti Saari , Nur Najihah Binti Nordin, Muhammad Taqiyuddin Bin Faridil Atras, Mohamad Uwais Iskandar Bin Mohamad Ismail, Nur Fariha Binti Mohd Fariz, Fitzgerald Brase, Fiona C. Tibok, Hanny Nuraina Binti Mohd Nasri, Afiq Nuradli Bin Amin Abdul Nasir, Norazlina Saiful Arifin, Ong Li Yuan, Nurul Alia Fatimah Binti Mohamed Kamil, Anggun Ileeya Binti Rosleen, Chew Shun Lin

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About Musical Cluster Production

Zoomed Musical Showcase Logo

The current project is produced by Musical Cluster Production under the supervision of AP. Dr. Arbaayah Ali Termizi or fondly known as Dr. Abby as part of BBL4401 (Play Production and Performance Techniques) subject. This subject is taken by a group of third-year students majoring in English Literature under Bachelor of Arts, in Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia. There are a total of 28 crew members in this production, including the advisor/producer, assistant advisor/producer & artistic advisor.

We decided to name our production as “Musical Cluster” to relate it to the current situation as we often heard the word “cluster” as trending headlines and hashtags. Defying its association with negative vibe, we want to shift the narrative to something positive and ‘infect’ other people, not with the virus, but with joy, comedy, and merriment. Our showcase is also inspired from the current lifestyle, in which we are locked in homes and spend hours and hours on Zoom.

Although we are facing many uncertainties these days and things seem impossible, we persevere as our Advisor, Dr. Abby proudly claims, “Despite the uncertainties, ​it’s not difficult, it’s just different”​. Taking upon the challenge, as everyone witnessed today, we produced the first ever online show for the subject.

A stay-at-home order has restricted physical socializing but not our creativity as we bring the theatre experience to your screen! With an amazing team behind this showcase, we made it happen!

Waste no time and visit our official website for more information and events. For any inquiry, please contact us through ​

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