these familiar strangers



Time8:30PM, 3:00PM

LanguageEnglish, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil


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Duration: 150 minutes

Showcase III of the Emerging Directors Lab 2021/22

After two sold-out showcases in February and March, the five directors from the third cycle of Theatresauce’s Emerging Directors Lab present their final projects at the Rooftop Theatre in Sunway College.

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About the Show

these familiar strangers brings together, for one last time, the five directors from Theatresauce's Emerging Directors Lab 2021/22. Using diverse starting points, themes, creative processes, dramaturgies, forms, and audience takeaways, the directors present their final projects of 25 minutes each. Through these devised pieces, they reflect on who they were, who they have become, and who they hope to be. This third and final showcase closes Theatresauce’s 2022 season. 

these familiar strangers is supported by CENDANA, Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur and Sunway University’s Department of Film and Performing Arts. This production is for mature audiences. 

Also check out Theatresauce’s second Mainstage, Don’t Like it Here? Then Leave, playing in klpac’s Pentas 2 from May 19 – 22. Tickets available here:

The Pieces

Not in order of performance

half full, half empty
with the ensemble of Phraveen Arikiah & Camillea Benjamin
and visual designer iwaz & sound designer Jun
Directed by Dexter Zhen
Loneliness. Is it the presence or absence of the void?

Raaga. Leela. Abhinaya.
with the ensemble of KB Ash, Ganz C, Thasha Gunaseelan, Krithika Ramachandran & Komi Sam
Directed by Dhinesha Karthigesu
Inspired by the short story Raga and Leela by Aghilen M. Sankar, this piece explores the making and breaking of a family unit when a tragic diagnosis strikes. Taking cue from Mani Ratnam’s film aesthetics, the piece is a remix of traditional love stories of 90s Tamil films. 

love the stranger who was your self
with the ensemble of Mila Bakar, Kamini Senthilathiban & Nephi William
and scenic designer Bryan Chang & music by Francoe
Directed by Dinesh Kumar Maganathan
A girl trapped in a cave during a catastrophic event faces a terrible entity she calls The Shadow. When all hope appears lost, she is visited by two strangers who join her on a mystical quest to defeat The Shadow. Will she finally be free?

untitled, 2022
with the ensemble of Nurul Abdul Aziz, Vincent Lim & Tin Raman
and scenic designer Bryan Chang
Directed by Low Yee Choy
An artist struggling with a creative block attempts to create a new piece of work while his inner self-saboteur watches on. Will he achieve his goal and beat his own saboteur in the end?

orang muda, darah muda
with the ensemble of Aila, Jad Hidhir, Shufitri Shukardi & Firdaus Sufiyan
and scenic designer Bryan Chang
Directed by Mia Sabrina Mahadir
Love, sex, religion, and freedom, through the rise and fall of the Malay millenials.

The Directors

Dhinesha Karthigesu (far right) is a multidisciplinary storyteller and coach. Directing, curating & producing credits: ROJA: Weaving A Womxn, a performance and visual arts installation with Veshalini Naidu, and The Human Exhibit site-specific theatre series, with Ian Skatu. Additional directing credits: Brown Boy Dreams for Short + Sweet Musical 2019 (winning the Festival Director's Award) and the Snehidhane music video with PERA. 

Dinesh Kumar (second from left) began directing at the age of 16 for a school function and has not looked back. Acting credits include Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Hamlet, and Harold Pinter’s Betrayal. Directing credits: Manstruating, Rule #34 and Overheard at a Cafe in Taman Tun, all of which he won the Best Director's award. Dinesh is a journalist at a major English newspaper.

Low Yee Choy (second from right) is the Artistic Director of lowercase laboratories. He debuted directorially with Dinsman’s Bukan Bunuh Diri under Anomalist Production. His short film, 疫见你, won first prize at the Ripple Film Festival in 2020. He recently produced lowercase laboratories' first theatre showcase, have a peace of my mind. Choy works full-time under the Creative & Communications department at Sevenvault. Sunway University: Diploma in Performing Arts.

Mia Sabrina Mahadir (centre) is an actor, educator, content creator, cat fosterer, and Tarot reader. Her exploration in theatre began with Short+Sweet Theatre Malaysia, including Stay and Wayang, which she directed. Wayang also won her the Festival Director’s Award. @kutufutubom

Dexter Zhen (far left) was trained in movement and seeks to create works that delve deep into the raw human psyche. He also plans to explore theatre education in the near future. Selected credits: Dulu. Saat Itu., INDICINELIVE! 6, Scenes from an Execution, The Seagull, Koulan, and Simultaneously Futura. University of California, San Diego: BA in Linguistics. @dexterzhen

Getting to Sunway College's Rooftop Theatre

Sunway College and Sunway University are on the same grounds but are two separate buildings. Paid underground parking is available at Sunway University. The Rooftop Theatre is on the fourth floor of Sunway College. Do look out for signs that will guide you there. Security guards are on standby to assist as well. Alternatively, do check out a directional video (that we've used since our first EDL batch in 2018) that will get you to the space:

When entering campus, you're required to show your MySejahtera status before you sign in as a visitor. Mention you're attending an event at the Rooftop Theatre.

Conditions of Entry

Vaccination Status 
Audiences are highly encouraged to be fully vaccinated and boosted with a third dose. 
Health Status
If you test positive for Covid-19 on the RTK-Antigen, please isolate yourself at home and consider giving your ticket to someone else. Theatresauce and Sunway College reserves the right to deny entry if this condition is not fulfilled. No refunds will be made to those who have purchased tickets.
Audiences are required to keep their masks on at all times. Under no circumstances are they allowed to remove them while in Sunway College’s premises. 
Prevention & Testing
All production members have received their booster shots. They are also tested on the RTK-Antigen once every two days during production week. They must present a negative result with no symptoms before taking on their tasks and roles. Despite all safety and prevention measures taken, the risk of exposure to Covid-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By visiting the Rooftop Theatre, Sunway College, and its grounds, our audiences assume all risks related to exposure to Covid-19.

Theatresauce's Emerging Directors Lab (EDL), now in its third year, responds to the dearth of trained directors in the Kuala Lumpur theatre scene. This rigorous year-long program – run and overseen by Artistic Director Kelvin Wong – offers early-career directors with a conducive yet challenging space to hone, sharpen and personalize their craft. 
The EDL is among the few highly structured, long-term director-training programs by a theatre company in the country, if not the only one. The initiative came about as an alternative to MFA training programs abroad. Over a year, directors delve in seminars, research and practice. The EDL consists of three parts and includes more than 160 contact hours with the Artistic Director. Part one explores the foundations of drama, realism and dramaturgy while part two examines theatre theory, composition and style. In part three, directors investigate trends in post-drama, nonrealism, devising, and theatre criticism. Occasionally, guest speakers are invited. Each part culminates in a fully-supported collective project that is showcased to the public. 
Through this initiative, Theatresauce hopes to provide the local scene with a steady influx of inquisitive, critical and aesthetically-diverse theatre-makers. A few of our EDL graduates have gone on to found new theatre companies, of which they are Artistic Directors.
The 2021 cycle of the EDL is supported by the Cultural Development Economy Agency (CENDANA), while the inaugural 2017/18 cycle was supported by the Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund.

The Theatresauce Production Team

General Manager: Emily Thea
Production & Stage Manager: Shevone Seow
Asst. Stage Managers: Bryan Ho, Liew Chin Zhing & Tan Chisa
Technical Manager: Syamsul Azhar
Outreach Manager: Uihua Cheah
Multimedia Designer: Jazzie Lee
HQ Manager: Koo Shao Hang
Artistic Director: Kelvin Wong
Facebook/Instagram: theatresauce

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