One Minute To Midnight, An Eco – Musical for the Whole Family

Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac)



Time8:00PM, 9:00AM



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Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

While her friends were busy attending classes, Wanda the baby whale escapes for a pink jellyfish treat and ends up with a bad tummy ache. She gets washed up to the shore when she is found by Abbie and her friends. The four friends aim to rescue Wanda, but are thrown into the most dangerous adventure of their lives. What they discover next changes their lives forever. Open to all age 6 +! 

Cast & Crew

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Nov 2020

8:00PM (GMT+8)

8pm ( M’sia, S’pore, HK )



Nov 2020

8:00PM (GMT+8)

8pm ( M’sia, S’pore, HK )



Nov 2020

9:00AM (GMT+8)

8pm, 28 Nov 2020 (New York)

8:00PM (GMT+8)

8pm ( M’sia, S’pore, HK )

About the Show


While her friends were busy attending classes, Wanda the baby whale escapes for a pink jellyfish treat and ends up with a bad tummy ache. She gets washed up to the shore when she is found by Abbie and her friends. The four friends aim to rescue Wanda, but are thrown into the most dangerous adventure of their lives. What they discover next changes their lives forever. Open to all age 6 +! 

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Production team

Nancy P.Jenster
Playwright, Composer, Producer


American, former business educator, now a composer and playwright based in Penang since 2013. This is her third full length musical, and the second to be premiered in Penang with a local cast and crew. 

Joelle St. Arnoult


French, Joëlle has been involved in the Penang Performing Arts scene since 1992, working as an actor, director, producer, costume designer and make-up artist. For the past 16 years, she has been President of the Penang Players Music and Drama Society.

Fa Abdul


Penang native, columnist, scriptwriter, producer, director, and media trainer. Her work in performing arts has earned her the Boh Cameronian Kakisen Award and the Mercedes Benz Creative Excellence Award.

Aida Redza


Malaysian, Aida is currently the Artistic Director of the Penang Modern Dance Ensemble, "Euphoria". Founded and funded by the Penang State Government and supported by Hunza, Euphoria was set up in 2014 to train young dancers.

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Claudia Angelique Ng
as Gaia, Mother Earth

23, Claudia teaches kindergarten by day, and transforms herself to musician and actress by night! She is a singer-songwriter, and also sings lead for the power metal band, CINTA. She loves music and is hoping that it will eventually be something that she does everyday for the  rest of her life.

Anjali Ann Kaptain
as Abbie

Anjali is in 9th grade and currently studies at Idyllwild School in California.  She has been involved with musical theatre since she was six years old and is passionate about acting. This is her second professional acting role and she looks forward to many more.

Allison Choong
as Molly

17, Allison is a Year 10 student who has been dancing and acting since the age of 4. She loves public speaking and making people laugh at her witty jokes! She has done shows such as The Wizard of Oz, Abbie & The A-Team and Hansel & Gretel and wishes to study performing arts in college. 

Jordan Lucas
as Andy

19, Jordan is a college student at INTI, part timer at Beansprout cafe, musician in a band called OnCurfew.  Jordan has a tremendous love for jazz music and coffee! Performing arts is something he loves to do. He believes everyone has the talent to be involved in something like this, all you have to do is just believe in yourself. 

Yuki Liew You Qi
as Brenda

19, Yuki is a graduate from SMJK Convent Datuk Keramat. Yuki has been singing and dancing since the age of three. She has performed in charity shows, ballet concerts and even won a couple of championships. Yuki is also a skilled table tennis player and gymnast. Yuki is excited to be a part of OM2M musical as this is her first musical.

Karam Tabba
as Harald and Adam Hogan

Karam is a 26 year old IT geek by day and an expressionist by night. Intrigued by all that is art, he chooses the medium of performance-art to express himself. Karam has always found musicals to be fascinating, with the Lion King being his childhood favorite. He finds himself extremely lucky now to be a part of one with a message.

Charity Yong
as Grida Profiterole (The Villain!)

21, Charity is a graduate student in business and theatre arts, and is already a seasoned musical theatre performer, having performed in The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Grease and Little Shop of Horrors. Charity has also taken the role of stage manager and choreography assistant in Bugsy Malone and The Wizard of Oz.

Diana Saw Ling Siao
as Mrs. Dunning

As a student and a kindergarten teacher, she makes life interesting by doing things that she loves— Singing, acting and dancing—these make her feel alive, inside and out and are the things that she can't live without. Welcoming new adventures in life,  she hopes to travel the world and learn about people of all different cultures.

André Cremnitz
as Doomsday, The Singing Clock  

26, André is a vocal teacher specializing in classical music, who has spent the majority of the last two decades involved in vocal training and performances. With OM2M, he hopes that we can inform people about the severity of plastic pollution to our world and remind those who may have forgotten about it.

Shaneeka A/P Paremeswaran
as Flora, Spirit of Earth’s Plants 

14, “Shan” is a student at SMK Bukit Jambul. She’s held a great passion for singing and dancing from the age of 3.  By the time she started school she had built up enough courage, with inspiration from her loving parents to sing and dance in front of large audiences. She hopes to continue cultivating these skills through musical theatre in future. 

Julio Geronimo
as Fauna, Spirit of Earth’s Creatures  

20, Julio is a graduate of SMK Hamid Khan and comes from a very musical family. From an early age, Julio has performed in school musicals, church performances and in gigs. Being in this musical has helped him challenge himself to step out of his comfort zone to gain new experiences on stage. 

Eunice Seah Shu Yuen
as Wanda/ Angie 

18, Eunice Seah is a graduate student from SMK Convent Green Lane. Eunice has always been outspoken as a child and her family always encouraged her to pursue activities that helped her to express herself such as Choral Speaking, Debate, Acting and Singing. Eunice has appeared in the Sound of Melody and as Cassie Turnblad in Welcome to the Sixties.

Eu Kim Wan
as Grandma  

At 67, she has worked as a Wealth Manager in Financial Services for 30 years. Kim graduated from USM in Performing Arts & performed as a keyboardist cum singer in gigs.She loves to delight her audience…with fun, joy, emotional release, to entertain & be entertained… She aspires to be a musician, vocalist, dancer, model, actress & do a little a day to give back to humanity throughout my life journey.

Nasrul Adli Bin Noordin
as Abbie’s Dad/ Johnny

38, he loves art & singing. R&B and SOUL is the kind of music that he most admires since his school days. Theater is a new experience for me and I'm so happy to be a part of this eco-musical drama because I can share my LOVE and my PASSION to educate the audience through musical drama.

Leon Khoo Jen
as EMCEE/ Mac  

22,  Leon has had passion for singing since childhood. This grew into a passion for the performing arts as a whole. Embarking into a performer's journey in life, he enjoys being a role model and an influencer to the audiences through artistic movements and expressions of dancing, singing and acting.

Adam Anthony
as Walt Waters/ Steven

19 year old tech enthusiast who enjoys stepping foot into all possible forms of art whether it’s singing, dancing, acting, cooking, building, or drawing. He has always been an active defender of Mother Earth, and has  many events that aim to fight pollution and litter. He couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this musical as it serves the purpose of conveying a message he has always been a fan of, through this medium of performance-art which is one of his passions. 

Rabin Jeremiah (RJ) Franklin
as Jimmy 

15, RJ has always loved singing and has performed in smaller stages for school and joined a small competition before, but this is his first time being a part of something bigger and with a wider outreach.

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About penangpac 關於檳城表演藝術中心

This project is aimed at raising fund to assist the Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac) to sustain its operation. It is a well-known fact that penangpac has been badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although they are back in operation early this month after shutting down temporarily for almost three months, things haven’t been looking too good for them.


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As a not for profit organisation, penangpac has been struggling with financial loss for years. However, the financial crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic is a big blow to the only performing arts centre in the Northern Region of Peninsula Malaysia.


The survival of penangpac at the moment depends on donations. We aim to raise as much funds as possible to keep penangpac afloat until it is able to operate at its full capacity. At the moment, with SOPs and public’s fear of going back to theatre, penangpac is still struggling to recover from its financial crisis.


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