mf Music Fest : Identity Crisis!

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Duration: 180 minutes
Seating: Free Seating

mf, which stands for Music Festival, Malaysian Fusion, Many Fun, and etc., is a vibrant celebration of Malaysia's diverse music ensemble scene. This inaugural event features workshops and concerts that break traditional boundaries at the revitalized historic building, Godown Arts Centre Kuala Lumpur, with the theme 'Identity Crisis!'.

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Dec 2023

10:00AM (GMT+8)

Workshop : Learning Rhythms with Konnakol

3:30PM (GMT+8)

Showcase Concert : Identity Crisis!

7:30PM (GMT+8)

Showcase Concert : Identity Crisis!

About the Show

About mf

A partnership between Ensemble Virama and Coartify Labs Enterprise, mf is dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity and fostering cultural exchange among the local community of art music practitioners. The festival also seeks to provide audiences with a unique and intimate concert experience through unconventional settings and venues.

Festival Theme

‘Identity Crisis’ : Delving into the dynamic and ever-evolving concept of cultural identity, mf invites audiences to engage in the appreciation of musical diversity. The theme calls upon us to remain mindful amidst the rapid pace of cultural change, urging us to celebrate our unique identities and ultimately, to discover our common ground.
Hikō-ki Gumo, by Yumi Arai: Translated to Airplane Clouds or Vapour Trail, this song serves as the guiding force behind the showcase concert. The lyrics of this beloved song captures the essence of our theme, reflecting on fleeting moments and the search for one's true self.

Festival Programme

10:00am Workshop : Learning Rhythms with Konnakol
Curated by The Rondo Production, presented by Prakash Kandasamy

Dedicated to music teachers and learners, discover a unique method for understanding, internalizing, and truly mastering rhythm - welcome to the realm of Konnakol. Embark on a journey that reveals a whole new dimension of rhythmic perception. This extraordinary technique uses an intuitive and lucid approach that facilitates the recognition of rhythmic subdivisions. The transformative potential of Konnakol extends to enhancing both physical and mental concentration. Throughout this session you will immerse yourself in the rhythmic tapestry of Konnakol exercises, seamlessly woven into pre-existing compositions, with or without your instrument.

3:30pm & 7:30pm Showcase Concert : Identity Crisis!
Presented by Ensemble Virama, Wicked Music People, Nisa Addina & fwens
Festival theme orchestrated by Yeo Chow Shern

Embrace the fusion of classical and contemporary sounds as Nisa Addina & fwens, Wicked Music People, and Ensemble Virama share the stage in showcase concerts that bridge musical worlds. This concert invites audiences to embark on a voyage centered around Yumi Arai’s “Hikō-ki Gumo” as the production explores themes of cultural identity, travel, and emotion. Expect to hear diverse programs, including Antonín Dvořák’s chamber music, Baroque music such as Vivaldi’s compositions on historical instruments, and epic reimaginings by Nisa Addina of iconic Japanese works by musicians such as YOASOBI and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Malaysian composer Yeo Chow Shern will also be involved as an arranger for the concerts.

Showcase Concert Programme

Festival Partners

Ensemble Virama

Since its inception in 2015, Ensemble Virama has focused on crafting intelligent Chamber Music programmes for the Malaysian Audience. The ensemble works regularly with musicians of diverse levels and ages. They have presented concerts, workshops, and lectures, collaborating with Khazanah Megatrends Forum, Bachfest Malaysia, Johor Bahru Classical Music Festival, to name a few.

A recipient of the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2018, Ensemble Virama continues to create musical experiences that are unique to this region. 

Facebook : Virama Malaysia | Instagram : @viramamalaysia 
YouTube : Virama

Wicked Music People

The Wicked Music People are a group of musicians based in Kuala Lumpur who seek to provide a platform for the performance of vocal and instrumental music of the late Renaissance and Baroque periods, guided by modern sensibilities and a commitment to freedom of expression. Wicked Music People, Malaysia’s only baroque ensemble that performs works  on replicas of instruments circa 1700s, including a Flemish harpsichord that they built in Malaysia.

Facebook : Wicked Music People | Instagram : @wickedmusicpeople 
YouTube : Wicked Music People

Nisa Addina & fwens

Graduated from Berklee College of Music, Nisa Addina is a contemporary violinist, composer and producer from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Classically trained, she started out her career by branching out to contemporary styles, from RnB, Pop and Jazz, connecting to a broad audience in Malaysia and beyond. She also expresses herself through her music production alias; Lyrit, with melancholic lyrics blended with quirky and cute soundscapes.

YouTube : Lyrit / Nisa Addina | Spotify : Lyrit
Instagram : @nisathedina

Yeo Chow Shern

Malaysian composer Yeo Chow Shern is a  graduate of the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore. 

Chow Shern was a laureate of the Young Composers Southeast Asia Competition 2013 with his work “What is a Tree?” for ZhongRuan and ensemble. In 2014, his wind band work "Celebration and Dance (Perayaan)" was premiered by Symphonic Winds of National Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Eric Lee at Taiwan Chiayi City International Band Festival with standing ovation received. In 2022, his wind band work "Bunga Raya Concert March" was premiered by Philharmonic Winds of Malaysia, conducted by Eric Lee. Chow Shern’s wind band works have been published by Retset Mil Japan and distributed by Bravo/Brain Music. His latest composition is “The Bloom of Pink Trumpet Tree”, commissioned by the Malaysia Primary School Band Festival.

YouTube: Yeo Chow Shern | Facebook: Yeo Chow Shern

The Rondo Production

Established in 2019, The Rondo Production is one of the leading social enterprises and music organizations in Malaysia, dedicated to inspiring and engaging the community through high-quality music education programmes and initiatives. The Rondo Production believes in creating more opportunities for artistic collaboration, as well as promoting inclusivity and diversity in music education. The highlight of the annual production season, RondoFest, has attracted hundreds of attendees from across 16 countries. Presenting carefully curated learning programmes, accessible concerts and community events, The Rondo Production provides opportunities for music lovers to be involved with the productions, no matter their age, background or location. 

Instagram: @therondoprod | Facebook: The Rondo Production
Website: The Rondo Production

Prakash Kandasamy

Prakash Kandasamy started learning tabla at the Temple of Fine Arts Kuala Lumpur at the age of 16, initially from Shri Suresh Ramachandra and later from Ustad Mohammed Hanif Mirajkar in Pune, India. He is the recipient of National Awards such as "Tokoh Seni Negeri Pulau Penang" in 2003 and "Anugerah Seni Negara" in 2006, as well as other awards including the "Boh Cameronian Arts Awards" and the "Datin Seri Endon Award for Performing Arts Excellence" in 2009, and the "SivaGopal Award" from The Temple of Fine Arts KL in 1990. In 2019, he was honored with the "Aryabhatta International Award" in Bangalore, India. Prakash has been teaching tabla at the TFA for the past 23 years and has seen five of his students complete their tabla Arangetram.

About Coartify Labs Enterprise

Coartify Labs was established in 2023 with the aim of exploring opportunities for collaboration among local art and music practitioners, fostering a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem for creative professionals. Its commitment lies in making a positive impact in both the artistic and professional realms, with the belief that the integration of diverse disciplines can yield extraordinary innovation and interpersonal growth.

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