CloudJoi Unveils Insights from its Annual Data Report 2023 “Seeing Beyond the Curtain!”

Published on 27/02/2024

CloudJoi, the dynamic platform bridging technology and the arts, hosted CloudJoi Connect Episode 2 at GMBB, Kuala Lumpur, on February 26, 2024. This eagerly awaited event centered around the unveiling of the CloudJoi Annual Data Report 2023, a promise fulfilled by the CEO, Dennis Lee during JoiUp 2023.

Practitioners and industry enthusiasts gathered to explore strategies for audience activation and engagement through collaborative conversations and engaging panel discussions. The event featured three insightful sessions: an introduction to the CloudJoi Annual Report, a riveting panel discussion on insights from 2023, and networking opportunities with refreshments.

The highlight of the event was the official launch of the “CloudJoi Annual Data Report: Seeing Beyond the Curtain.” This comprehensive analysis delves into the ticket sales performance and audience behavior of the performing arts, culture, and live entertainment shows in Malaysia throughout 2023. 

CloudJoi’s mission, “By Arts For Arts” resonates throughout the report, covering ticket sales trends, audience demographics, and the best-selling shows of the year. It celebrates the resilience and creativity of the arts community while serving as a valuable resource for individuals and organizations in the performing arts sector.

The diverse panel discussion featured prominent industry figures, including Jinn Lau from MyDance Alliance, June Tan from Five Arts Centre, Chrisy Wu from All Asia Comedy, and Deborah Michael from BoboKL. Panelists shared their views on the performance of the performing arts industry in 2023 and discussed the challenges and opportunities facing productions today.

Insights from panelists included June Tan highlighting that the industry experienced a refreshing influx of students and new voices, Deborah Michael discussing a unique challenge in maintaining the quality of acts, Chrisy Wu sharing insights on the growth of comedy, and Jinn Lau exploring difficulties in scheduling and the ongoing struggle to attract audiences through effective promotion.

The panel addressed the industry’s biggest challenges, with a focus on funding and the impact of policies like DAKEN 2018. They emphasized the need for holistic solutions, collaboration between stakeholders, and the importance of platforms like the CloudJoi Annual Data Report in providing valuable insights.

Discussions also delved into the complexity of ticket pricing and sustaining productions in the face of rising costs. The panelists shared their perspectives on creating a balance between offering affordable tickets, providing quality shows, and ensuring fair compensation for performers.

Panelists highlighted the diversity of marketing strategies required for success, combining traditional methods like posters with modern approaches such as social media, email blasts, and data-driven insights. The CloudJoi Annual Data Report was acknowledged as a helpful tool in guiding marketing efforts.

The event concluded with an invitation to download the CloudJoi Annual Data Report free of charge from CloudJoi remains committed to fostering dialogue and collaboration within the performing arts community, inviting stakeholders to join the ongoing conversation and make a real difference to an industry that is loved and cherished. 

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