CloudJoi Annual Data Report 2023: Seeing Beyond the Curtain

Published on 26/02/2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the very first “CloudJoi Annual Data Report: Seeing Beyond the Curtain.” This report provides an in-depth analysis of the sales performance and audience behaviour of the performing arts, culture, and live entertainment shows in Malaysia in 2023.

A Shared Passion for Arts

At CloudJoi, our mission “By Arts, for Arts” encapsulates our dedication and guides our efforts to connect, inspire, and uplift through the power of technology and arts. As a platform, we’ve often been asked about the industry’s status or pricing strategy. These moments made us reconsider our role and how we could contribute. With lots of data on hand, we realised we could share this information to benefit the industry.

Inside this Annual Data Report

This report delves into various topics, including ticket sales trends, audience behaviour, demographics, and the best selling shows of the year. It offers valuable insights, celebrates the resilience and creativity of our community, and serves as a comprehensive resource for individuals and organisations involved in the performing arts. The report sheds light on the trends, challenges, and triumphs within the performing arts sector in Malaysia, all viewed through the lens of CloudJoi’s extensive data.

Why You Should Read This Report

  • For Producers & Presenters: Utilise data to make informed decisions and shape future strategies.
  • For Creatives & Performers: Gain insights into audience preferences and market trends to guide your creative projects.
  • For Arts Lovers & Supporters: Delve into the behind-the-scenes world of performing arts, deepening your appreciation and support for local talent.

This report is just the beginning. We invite you to join us in this ongoing dialogue. Your perspectives, critiques, and conversations are crucial as we strive to support and nurture the performing arts in Malaysia.


Download the report, explore its pages, and share your thoughts with us. Together, we can make a real difference to this industry we love the most.

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