CloudJoi Emerge Terms and Conditions


Event Criteria

  • CloudJoi Emerge invites events taking place within Klang Valley from 1 September 2023 to 30 June 2024.
  • Individuals or organisations who are new or active not more than 3 years will be prioritised for CloudJoi Emerge.
  • Only events within the following categories are eligible to apply: Theatre, Dance, Music, Film, Variety, Musical, and Comedy.
  • As we aim to provide opportunities for other potential creators, each individual or organisation is eligible to apply for CloudJoi Emerge only once.

Audience Capacity

  • The audience capacity for each event shall not exceed 60 pax.
  • CloudJoi Emerge only supports free-seating events.

We acknowledge the initial challenge in determining the final size of your venue and audience. Should your capacity exceed our specified limit, please reach out to us at as we are more than happy to discuss further on how to accommodate you in our programme.

Ticket Pricing

  • All tickets for the event must be priced at RM39 or below.

Community Engagement

CloudJoi Logo Usage

  • All promotional materials, including official posters, must prominently display the CloudJoi logo to be acknowledged as the official ticketing partner.

CloudJoi Community

  • Every member of the cast and crew across all production departments is required to create a CloudJoi Community account and ensure they are tagged on the show page once it is live on our website. You can find the registration page here

Social Media Shoutout

  • With the aim to provide your event with heightened visibility and engagement within our community, we are thrilled to showcase your event on our social media platform: Facebook, Instagram and bi-weekly newsletter to our diverse subscribers base
  • In an effort to acknowledge the support from CloudJoi, we would greatly appreciate it if you could include a shoutout on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Simply mentioning @cloudjoi_ in your post would be a wonderful way to highlight us in our collaboration, and we believe the benefits will be mutual. The content should emphasise the following:
    • The benefits or perks associated with using CloudJoi.
    • An encouragement for viewers to opt for CloudJoi for their ticketing needs.


  • Prior to initiating the payout process, organisers are kindly requested to complete a feedback form. We highly value your perspectives and thoughts, and we aspire to enhance our services for your benefit and the broader industry.

Application Deadline

  • The closing date for participation is 30th June 2024, which corresponds to the end date of the event production.
  • Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of the event dates.

Ticketing page will be setup in 3-5 working days upon approval of submission. We will contact you as soon as possible once we have reviewed your submission.


Public Notice

If an event is postponed or cancelled, a public notice shall be placed in the media by the Organiser or CloudJoi. 

Refund Request Period

The Organiser shall at its own discretion place notices advising procedures for requesting a refund and the period and time within which the ticket holder may request a refund. 

Refund by CloudJoi

A.    All ticket holders will be informed about the postponed or cancelled event via email. An online Refund Request Form will be sent to the ticket holders. Ticket holders are required to fill in the form and provide banking details for the refund to be processed. All refund requests will be processed within fifteen (15) working days after the Refund Request Period. RM1 Ticket Refund Fee per order will be charged to the Organiser if the refund processed by CloudJoi. 

B.    All Event Set up Fee, Ticket Handling Fee and Payment Gateway Fee will be borne by Organiser. CloudJoi shall charge the Organiser with the fee that incurred based on the order requiring refunds, and the total amount of the fees shall be transferred to CloudJoi within five (5) working days following the end of Refund Request Period. Upon receiving the fees from the Organiser, the refunds will be transferred back to the ticket holders' bank account accordingly. If there are any surplus sum after the refund process is completed, CloudJoi shall refund to the Organiser.

Please refer to the rate card provided here.

Refund By Organiser

The Organiser shall inform all ticket holders about the postponed or cancelled event at their own expense and time. An online Refund Request Form can be provided by CloudJoi upon request. All ticketing sales and donations shall be settled as per the agreement. All refund requests will be collected and handed over to the Organiser within fifteen (15) working days after the Refund Request Period. Refund shall be processed by the Organiser henceforth. 

Refund Request Validity

No refund will be made if the request is made after the Refund Request Period. Such unrefunded sums shall be dealt with at CloudJoi's or the Organiser’s sole discretion. 

Cancellation by the Authorities

CloudJoi shall not be held responsible for the cancellation of the event by the authorities. 


By participating in CloudJoi Emerge, you agree to adhere to the above terms and conditions. CloudJoi reserves the right to amend or modify these terms at any time. For any inquiries or clarifications, please reach out to us at

We are excited to join hands with you in creating an inclusive theatre community through CloudJoi Emerge. Let's work together to make the performing arts accessible to all!

Last updated on 27 November 2023.