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Duration: 150 minutes without intermission
Recommended for: 16 years old and above

Yam Seng Lah! is a theatre and dining experience by the award-winning Dabble Dabble Jer Collective, in collaboration with Michelin selected (2023 & 2024) casual dining restaurant Curios-City, Penang.

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Jul 2024

11:30AM (GMT+8)

6:30PM (GMT+8)



Jul 2024

11:30AM (GMT+8)

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Jul 2024

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Jul 2024

11:30AM (GMT+8)

6:30PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

Yam Seng Lah! is a theatre and dining experience by the award-winning Dabble Dabble Jer Collective, in collaboration with Michelin selected (2023 & 2024) casual dining restaurant Curios-City, Penang. 

In Yam Seng Lah!, audiences will dine on a menu creatively curated by Adrian Tan, culinary artist and head chef of Curios-City. The food pairings are intrinsically related to an anthology of personal narratives, promising a deliciously sensorial journey into the rich tapestry of shared-identity, culinary heritage, and Malaysian culture.

Through hearty generational recipes and the warmth of shared meals, Yam Seng Lah! invites you to a truly memorable experience reflective of the people who came before, and the people we are today.

Ticket Price 

Original Price

RM 240

Disability (30%)

RM 168 per pax|RM 336 per pair

Group of 2

RM 440

Group of 4

RM 800

Additional & Accessibility Info

  • Age Limit: Due to the nature of the theatrical performance, this show is recommended for audiences aged 16 years and above. Individuals under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Language: Performed in English.
  • Seating: Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Audiences are advised to arrive early to secure the best seats.

    - Due to the nature of the performance, the immersive experience will begin when doors open, which is 30 minutes before the show starts.
    - Once the performance ends, audience members are welcome to mingle in the foyer. However, kindly note that due to the show's weekend schedule, this may not always be possible and we kindly ask that audience members follow the production team's instructions. 

    - There is limited public parking near the venue, with a few private parking options along the street.
    - Kindly note that there is no accessible parking directly in front of the venue.

    Wheelchair Users: 
    - A ramp will be provided for audience members who require wheelchair access, which accommodates most wheelchairs. 
    - For those registered as disabled or in need of additional assistance at the event, please kindly contact with the subject line: YAM SENG LAH! Additional Assistance, and kindly include details of your ticket booking. Please allow for 3-5 working days for a response from the production team. 
    - Kindly be aware that restrooms at the venue are unisex and situated on the ground floor. However, they are not wheelchair-accessible; you may require assistance from a caregiver.
    - Although the show runs for approximately 2.5 hours, restroom access is available throughout the production.

    - The menu is pork-free. It is carefully curated by culinary artist Adrian Tan to reflect the flavours of each story and to cater to most dietary preferences. Audience members are unable to order food not on the menu or substitute items.
    - Kindly note that Curios-City does not have a Kosher or Halal certification. Depending on the level of adherence to these dietary guidelines, the menu may or may not be suitable.
    - The menu is fixed and contains meat, dairy and gluten. It is important for audience members to make the production team aware of allergies and dietary restrictions ahead of time. Please provide this information when purchasing your ticket.
    - Food changes or requests made on the door may not be possible. If the production team has not received any dietary requests through the form they will assume there are no allergies and you will be served Adrian's menu.

    Severe Allergies:
    - As allergens are present in the kitchen, the production team is unable to guarantee dishes are 100% allergen-free and there may be traces of nuts and sesame present. 
    - Audience members with severe allergies are advised to assess their own level of risk before consuming items from the menu.
    - While the team on site are trained to deal with allergies and will take every precaution and care, they are unable to assure that the venue is free from the risk of cross-contamination. 
    - Audience members with severe allergies are strongly advised to carry an EpiPen.  Please inform the production team of your allergies by providing this information when purchasing your ticket.

    - Each audience member will receive a mocktail specially concocted for the show. Other non-alcoholic beverages typical of Malaysian meals will also be available throughout the performance.
    - The Lazy Bar will be operational during the production and they offer a wide range of beverages which can be purchased separately. Kindly note that only drinks bought at The Lazy Bar can be consumed on site. 

Artist Bio 

Dabble Dabble Jer Collective

Founded in December 2022, Dabble Dabble Jer Collective features original voices that question the norm, diving deep into the hidden, neglected and forgotten aspects of society and community. They produce artistic works and performances that contribute to the contemporary arts landscape in Penang and Malaysia. DDJ.Co currently produce the literary event called Readings@Tanjong and are working on restaging Burden of Proof in Kuala Lumpur, scheduled for 2025. Earlier this year, they won Best Community Support at the Kita Mereka 2.0 Creative Hub Awards. Follow their journey at

Adrian Tan 

25-year-old Adrian Tan hails from Kelantan, Malaysia, and serves as the Head Chef of Curios-City and Culinary Artist for Yam Seng Lah!. Adrian is the brains behind the decadent offerings at Curios-City, earning the restaurant its consecutive Michelin selections for 2023 & 2024. His philosophy is to highlight the richness of Penang's diverse cultural and ethnic flavours, often sourcing inspirations from local markets and bringing creative interpretations to each plate. Adrian aspires to spark a profound appreciation for local cuisine in diners through innovative presentation and techniques, cementing his growing reputation as a culinary artist dedicated to elevating Malaysian gastronomy.

Creative Team

Artistic Director: Charity Yong 
Producer; Production Manager: Miriam Devaprasana 
Music Composer & Arranger: Bernardine Jeanne Abeysekra
Creative & Design Lead; Set Designer: Justin Khaw
Marketing & Publicity: Ysabel Loh & Miriam Devaprasana 
Photography & Videography: Lee Xue Li 

Head Chef & Culinary Artist
Adrian Tan

Charity Yong
Darynn Wee 
Sofea Lee 
Villmett Thanakody 
Yee Heng Yeh 
Ysabel Loh  

Basil Mark Abeysekra 
Bernardine Jeanne Abeysekra

Creative Lead: Shane Yeoh 
Director: Ron Tan 
Manager: Tan Yong Teng        
Friends at The Lazy Bar 

Charity Yong 
Charmaine Cheong
Darynn Wee 
Feyee Bethany
Miriam Devaprasana 
Nikkhil Menon 
Sofea Lee

Script Editors                        
Charity Yong 
Miriam Devaprasana 

Spectrum Music 

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