Tunes from the East II 《管弦齊歡東韵西樂 2》 with The klpac Orchestra

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), The klpac Orchestra


Time8:30PM, 3:00PM





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Duration: 100 minutes with a 15 minutes intermission
Doors Open: 15 minutes before the show
Seating: Numbered Seating
Recommended for: 7 years old and above

After five years, The klpac Orchestra brings back its unique East meets West concert, celebrating the best of Chinese music in an exciting new light.

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Jul 2024

8:30PM (GMT+8)



Jul 2024

8:30PM (GMT+8)



Jul 2024

3:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

When Tunes from the East debuted in 2019, its East meets West presentation was like a breath of fresh air that captivated both lovers of traditional Chinese music and those new to it. The klpac Orchestra’s second edition, led by Maestro Lee Kok Leong, brings you an all-new line up of soloists and all-new programme.  

Its second edition features a composer who made a name for himself blending Eastern and Western music Ma Shui-long and his best known work Concerto for Bang Di (Bamboo Flute) as well as distinguished Chinese composer Liu Wenjin’s Concerto for Erhu “The Great Wall Capriccio”. It also premieres a new arrangement of Cheng Kuang-Chih’s Concerto No. 1 for Keyed Sheng “Phoenix from the Ashes”, originally written for a Chinese orchestra. 

Representing the Malaysian contingent are Yeo Chow Shern’s much-loved “Perayaan” and world premiere of “Tarian Overture”, Wong Chee Wei’s Happy World and ZhiYing Tan’s “DOTS”, RondoFest 2023 commissioned work. 

Programme aside, the highlight of this new edition is some of Malaysia’s most exciting Chinese instrumentalists Ewe Chee Hean on Dizi, Cheang Ming Chun on Erhu, Leong Ching Chiang on Sheng, Tan Yong Yaw on Yangqin as well as acclaimed soprano Evelyn Toh.

阔别5年,吉隆坡表演艺术中心管弦乐团再次带来《东韵西乐2 - 管弦齐欢》,由李国良担任音乐总监兼驻团指挥,率领70人管弦乐团及多位华人民族传统乐器独奏家呈现8首曲目,让观众体验中西乐的碰撞与交融。

演出曲目包括由海内外作曲家的作品,海外作曲家的作品包括:马水龙作曲的《梆笛协奏曲:第一乐章》,尤旨贤为笛子独奏;刘文金作曲的《⼆胡协奏曲 - 长城随想: 第三和第四乐章》 ,郑明俊为二胡独奏;郑光智重新为他的第一键笙协奏曲《凤凰涅槃》 改编成管弦乐版本(原为华乐团所演奏),梁祯祥为笙独奏及刘畅扬作曲的琴协奏曲《烟姿》,陈永耀为扬琴独奏。

本地作曲家的作品也会在《东韵西乐2》亮相,包括杨朝胜作曲的《舞韵序曲》 (世界首演)及《欢庆》、陈鋕荣作曲的《点》、黄志伟作曲的《幸福人间》 ,也有周育庭为作品填词,杜君宁担任女高音。

Reviews from Tunes from the East (2019)
“Wonderful show. Made me feel good about Chinese Classical music.”
“Brilliant showcase of rare talent here.”
“This is a good performance I have never seen before.”
“Fun! And a new way to enjoy old instruments.”


Celebration and Dance (Perayaan) | Composed by Yeo Chow Shern 《欢庆》 | 作曲:杨朝胜

Concerto for Bang Di (Soprano Flute): 1st movement | Composed by Ma Shui-long, Dizi Soloist: Ewe Chee Hean 《梆笛协奏曲:第一乐章》 | 作曲:马水龙 | 笛子独奏:尤旨贤

Concerto for Erhu “The Great Wall Capriccio”, 3rd and 4th movement | Composed by Liu Wenjin | Erhu Soloist: Cheang Ming Chun |《⼆胡协奏曲 - 长城随想:第三和第四乐章》 | 作曲:刘文金 | 二胡独奏:郑明俊

DOTS | Composed by ZhiYong Tan | 《点》 | 作曲:陈鋕荣

Happy World | Composed by Wong Chee Wei, Lyrics by Benny Chaw | Soprano: Evelyn Toh | 《幸福人间》 | 作曲:黄志伟 作曲,作词:周育庭 | 女高音: 杜君宁

Concerto No.1 for Keyed Sheng “Phoenix From The Ashes” | Composed by Cheng Kuang-Chih | Sheng Soloist: Leong Ching Chiang | 第一键笙协奏曲《凤凰涅槃》| 作曲:郑光智 | 笙独奏: 梁祯祥

Concerto for Yangqin “Elegance” | Composed by Liu Chang | Yangqin Soloist: Tan Yong Yaw | 扬琴协奏曲 《 烟姿 》 | 作曲:刘畅 | 扬琴独奏: 陈永耀

Tarian Overture (World Premiere) | Composed by Yeo Chow Shern | 《舞韵序曲》(世界首演) | 作曲:杨朝胜

Age limit: Recommended for 7 years old and above. 

Parental Advice: If your child is restless / crying, please bring them out of the hall. After they’ve calmed down, you can re-enter with the assistance of our ushers.

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About The klpac Orchestra
The notion of a community orchestra is very much in keeping with the vision of The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), which is to foster creative excellence and develop and nurture performing arts culture in Malaysia.
Driven by the obvious need for a community orchestra to cater for the growing number of classically trained musicians, it established its first orchestra in 2006. Following the first auditions in October, The klpac Orchestra debuted in December with “Candelight Christmas” under the baton of the late Mr. Brian Tan, its Founder as well as first Music Director and Resident Conductor.
In setting up the orchestra, klpac hopes to provide enriching and engaging musical experiences for people with varying musical backgrounds, in an environment that promotes fellowship and respect. The founding of The klpac Orchestra provides more opportunities for aspiring musicians, amateur or professional, while helping to promote orchestral music. 
Under its Founder’s passionate leadership, hundreds of musicians have been trained and had the chance to perform on a professional stage. After his passing, Dr. Takahisa Ota took over the baton for a short period in 2012 before Lee Kok Leong took on the role in 2015. A few days before Mr. Brian Tan’s passing, the orchestra staged “A Concert for Brian” (October 2011) to a full house to honour their Founder and his life’s work.
The orchestra performs a wide variety of music all year round ranging from classical concerts such as “Czech Impressions” (2023), “Tchaikovsky – The Great Romantic Master” (2022) and “Baroque Elegance” (2022) to popular music like “Magical Movie Moments” series (2017, 2019, 2023), “Unforgettable: Lagenda Malaysia” (2023), “Tunes from the East” (2019) and Sudirman tribute “One Thousand Million Smiles” (2017). It joined hands with klpac’s other music ensembles – The klpac Symphonic Band and The klpac String Orchestra – to perform in “Christmas Extravaganza” (2022) to mark a major comeback after the pandemic closures. 
Over the years, the orchestra has had the honour of collaborating with many ensembles and soloists such as pianist Dr. Poom Prommachart, pianist Dr. Elaine Yap Sin Yee, pianist Albert Tiu, violinist Fung Chern Hwei, cellist Valerie Aimard, Wicked Music People and NSO Wind Ensemble.
Outside of klpac, The klpac Orchestra has performed at Claviera Music Studio and UPM Music Department’s “Debonair Malaysia Concert” (2018), “Putra International Piano Competition – Winner’s Gala Concert” (2019) at UPM, “Gemilang Cemerlang Concert” by the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (2023) and Claviera Music Studio’s “Gold Star Competition – Winner’s Gala Concert” (2024).

Resident Music Directors:
Mr. Brian Tan (2006 – 2011)
Dr. Takahisa Ota (2012-2014)
Mr. Lee Kok Leong (2015 – Present)

Social Media :

Lee Kok Leong | Music Director & Resident Conductor
Kok Leong has over two decades of experience in the local orchestral scene as a violist, conductor and music educator. 
As an in-demand violist, he has performed at the  Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra’s Inaugural Concert in 2007 as well as with the Friends of Strings Chamber, National Symphony Orchestra (NSO), Galaxy Chamber Orchestra, The klpac Orchestra, Penang Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO), Kuala Lumpur City Hall Orchestra, RTM Orchestra and, more recently, with Malaysia’s first baroque music ensemble, Wicked Music People.
In 2005, he debuted as a conductor with the Galaxy Orchestra and went on to become its Resident Conductor from 2007 to 2011. From 2010 onwards, he was mentored by the late Brian Tan, The klpac Orchestra’s Founder, and later received conducting masterclasses from renowned pianist and conductor Elaine Pao. In 2015, Kok Leong shouldered the responsibility to carry on the legacy and vision of his mentor and assumed the role of Resident Conductor & Music Director of The klpac Orchestra.  
Outside of klpac, he also lends his conducting expertise and has participated as a conductor in the Klang Music Festival, the biannual Soundbridge Contemporary Music Festival as well as productions such as Euphrasia The Musical which toured to Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu after its KL premiere. He has also been conducting the Friends of Strings Chamber Ensemble since 2014. 
A passionate music educator, Kok Leong founded Ottava Music in 2019. He has been leading the string ensembles at Chong Hwa Independent High School, Tsun Jin Independent High School and Pin Hwa Independent High School since 2021. Occasionally, he also adjudicates for music competitions such as the Pay Fong Middle School Western Instrument Competition (2023), He Yue International Arts Festival (2023), Red Sonata Fiesta International Arts Festival (2023) and MIA Young Musician Competition (2020).
In 2016, he was nominated for Best Music Direction / Conductor for "Symphonic Swing" at the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. In 2007, he was awarded the Best Music Participant (Male) – Level II at the Kursus Jurulatih Seni Budaya Negara Zon Selatan and the Runner-Up for the Chamber Classical Music category, Malaysia Young Talent Music Competition.

Creative & Production Team

Executive Producer 监制: Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican
Artistic Director 艺术总监: Joe Hasham OAM
Music Director & Resident Conductor 音乐总监 & 驻团指挥: Lee Kok Leong 李国良
Dizi Soloist 笛子独奏: Ewe Chee Hean 尤旨贤
Erhu Soloist 二胡独奏: Cheang Ming Chun 郑明俊
Soprano 女高音: Evelyn Toh 杜君宁
Sheng Soloist 笙独奏: Leong Ching Chiang 梁祯祥
Yangqin Soloist 扬琴独奏: Tan Yong Yaw 陈永耀
Sound Engineer: Ong Yuan Shun 王渊舜
Lighting Designer: Lim Ang Swee
Production Stage Manager: Soo Choy Wah 苏才桦
Assistant Stage Manager 助理舞台监督: Nur Liyana binti Zakaria

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre & The Actors Studio Team List
Executive Producer: Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican 
Artistic Director: Joe Hasham OAM 
Associate Artistic Director: Christopher Ling
Group General Manager: Ian Chow 
General Manager (Marketing Communications): Ang Yue May 
Assistant General Manager (Theatre & Technical Management): Lawrence Selvaraj 
Assistant General Manager (Admin, Finance & Production): Easee Gan
Assistant Technical Manager: Mathanakumar Murthi
Senior Technicians: Mohd Helmi Md Khairi, Mohd Faridzuan Bin Abd Rahim 
Junior Technician: Yogeshwaraan A/L Shandre Sakran
Assistant Manager (Front of House & Theatre): Muhammad Hazim Bin Mansur
Production Stage Manager: Catherine Lee
Assistant Production Stage Managers: Desmond Ngooi, Hafiza Husna, Jech Wong
Orchestra Manager: Soo Choy Wah
Senior Art Director: Joel Wong
Publicity & Marketing Manager: Maggie Ong
Publicist: Wong Kar Yee
Assistant Box Office Supervisors: Jennifer John, Vaideggy Vijayasagaran 
Account Manager: Esther Kuan 
Admin & Account Executive: Amanda Chan
Head of Academy: Kimmy Kiew
Academy Administrator: Harsvini Loganathan
Resident Choreographer: Zhafir Muzani
TUTAS Coordinator: Xavier Chen
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Instructor: Toh Wei Keith
Personal Assistant to Artistic Director: Farah Nadia
Assistant Maintenance Manager: Selva Rajoo
Security Manager: Balasubramaniam Ganapathy
Assistant Security Manager: Mahendra Karuppiah
Senior Security Officer: Shandre Sakran Kumaravale
Security Officers: Balasivasubramaniam Arunasalam, Nadarajan Maruthamuthu, Ram Shah Osali

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