Seni Tiga #11: Dulu. Saat Itu.

Kongsi Petak


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Dulu. Saat Itu. — which translates to “Then. That Moment.” — is an exploration in memory.

This performance considers the moments in our lives that we revisit repeatedly, how those instances resonate in the present, and the way that memory reverberates throughout time. Recollection is both a beautiful and painful thing, but it's inevitable that we confront the past.

(16+) This show addresses themes and contents not suitable for ages 16 and below.

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Dec 2021

8:30PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

Dulu. Saat Itu. — which translates to “Then. That Moment.” — is an exploration in memory.

This performance considers the moments in our lives that we revisit repeatedly, how those instances resonate in the present, and the way that memory reverberates throughout time. Recollection is both a beautiful and painful thing, but it's inevitable that we confront the past.

This show is special to us, the creators, because it has been one of our enduring experiences of 2020. We began devising it in February, and despite the pandemic, numerous lockdowns, and the show's consequent metamorphosis, we have stuck by it. We’ve worked hard to make it for you, the audience, and ourselves.

This show premiered on Cloud Theatre on 18-20 Dec 2020. 

Creative Team


Dexter Zhen

Dexter Zhen is a KL-based theatre practitioner with an interest in acting, movement, and devising. He received his theatre and movement training in California, United States. He is interested in creating works that create a realm that humanizes experiences, and reveal the rawness and the essence of the human emotions. On top of performing, he plans to venture into directing and drama education. Selected credits: indicinelive!6, Scenes from an Execution, The Seagull, Koulan, and Simultaneously Futura. Education: B.A. in Linguistics (Language & Society) - University of California, San Diego.


Aisha Hassan

Aisha Hassan is a Malaysian writer. Her fiction, which focuses on exploring gender and narrative memory, has been published in international literary magazines. Previously, Aisha worked as a journalist for Quartz in New York and for Harper’s Bazaar in Malaysia. Aisha is also the co-founder of Dia, an e-commerce and content platform that showcases Southeast Asian artisanship. In addition to Dia and writing, she works for a philanthropic foundation in Malaysia. Aisha has a bachelor’s degree in English Language & Literature from the University of Oxford, and a master’s degree from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. This is her first performance.


Jackey Chan
Lighting Designer

Jackey was born in 1988 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is a recurring nominee at the BOH Cameronian Arts Award for lighting design. To pursue his artistic dreams, he enrolled in New Era College’s Diploma in Performing Arts and was fortunate enough to meet his mentor, Caecar Chong. Under Caecar’s guidance and mentorship, he started developing an immense interest in theatre design. Unfortunately, Caecar passed away shortly after. However, Caecar’s guidance, particularly this principle, has impacted Jackey as an artist at a fundamental level: “You may be learning to design a space, but you’re not just designing with stone, brick, wood, and steel. You’re using the meaning within each layer of the space to create and construct the life within a human heart.” Since learning this, Jackey decided he wanted to be a set designer.


Amalia Ab Aziz
Scenic Designer

Still breathing, with lungs that rather be elsewhere.

She is one of those former architecture people who no longer want to do architecture, instead exploring graphic, installation and set design. Having met Biji-biji Initiatives, that dreamy illusion of upcycling is habituated; collecting things here and there to give them another purpose in the effort of tolerating the world better.

She also enjoys teaching and discussing deep ugly sad stuffs with her imprecise use of language. Terribly scared of people, but she adores them too. In love with stories a place can tell.

And thank you for joining/reading/watching. For seeing what she cannot see. For being a part of her she would carry till her lungs let go.


Sound Designer

Iwaz is an electronic music producer, visual artist, and design lecturer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is notable for infusing traditional Southeast Asian music with ambient electronic soundscapes. He has collaborated with many musicians and visual artists including the likes of Musa Kanda, Pipin Ulya Jamson, Fahroni Hamdan, Motiofixo Visuals, EEELab, Filamen, Saishogen and many more. He recently released his debut album ‘SUSUR MASA’ (2019) and is currently exploring visual programming and creative coding.


Creative Team

Performer: Aisha Hassan, Dexter Zhen
Lighting Designer: Jackey Chan
Scenic Designer: Amalia Ab Aziz
Sound Designer: iwaz

Video Recording Team

Co-Director: Jackey Chan, Dexter Zhen
Director of Photography: Han Wu
1st Assistant Camera: Adrian Yew Khye Siang
Editor: Han Wu

Sound Recording Team

Audio Engineer: Imtiyaz (Martian Backline)
Audio Assistant: Aizat bin Azizan
Audio Mastering: Shariman Shuhaimie (Melodiya Recordings)

Production Team

Producer: Loke Soh Kim
Assistant Producer: Low Pey Sien, Mah Jun Yi
Stage Manager: Mitrani Wong Hansern
Lighting Assistant: Chen Jin Xun
Photographer: Low Pey Sien, Liew Chee Heai
Graphic Design: Low Pey Sien
Title Animator: Han Wu
Catering: Chef Noah Cafe

Special Thanks

Le Pont Boulangerie
Tan Eng Heng

Supported by

CENDANA Malaysia

Produced by


Presented by


Seni Tiga

Seni Tiga (three arts in Bahasa Malaysia) is an on-going project created in 2019 as a platform for multidisciplinary collaborative performance. The three art forms are movement, visual and sound.

In 2021, instead of developing live performances, the platform will continue in the form of a laboratory - a collaboration that is more process-driven than product-oriented - to stimulate, nourish and elevate creative practice of participants through mutual artistic exchange with a mentor. We are curious about what is in the mind of artists at this time and hope to participate in the search for new ways to create, present and consume arts.

Past projects here.

Kongsi Petak

An entity from the KongsiKL community that strives to promote multidisciplinary performances and expressions, to break boundaries between art disciplines and to make art accessible to all.


KongsiKL is a 10,000 sqft warehouse located at Old Klang Road, the first major road in Kuala Lumpur. It is entrusted by EXSIM Group to KakiKongsi to cultivate creative and cultural vitality. The warehouse that used to be a VOLVO service centre and stainless steel factory still retains its original structure and old statements on the textured wall.
While developing social and artistic experimentations, we embrace the spirit of ‘kongsi’ - sharing in Bahasa Malaysia and assembly or collaboration in Hokkien - and we believe in the ripple effects of sharing time, talent, space and resources.

Address: Gudang Yee Seng 2, Taman Goodwood, Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram


REXKL is situated on Jalan Sultan and was known to generations before as REX Cinema. The original building was opened on 28th July 1947, and it was repurposed as REXKL in July 2019.
REXKL aims to give the cinema and the surrounding community a new lease on life by repurposing the disused building as a space for events, theatre, exhibitions, performances, screenings, library facilities, workshops and F&B. The upgrades and reassignment of space within the building works hard, not just to be aesthetically pleasing, but also useful to the community. REXKL is focused on giving the old, beloved building another chance at a future rather than tearing it down and starting anew.

Address: Lot 80, Jalan Sultan, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

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Seni Tiga #11: Dulu. Saat Itu.


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