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Duration: 120 minutes with 15 minutes intermission

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Nov 2023

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Dec 2023

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Dec 2023

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Dec 2023

3:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

For the first time, our professional percussionists will be performing with current students from the Little Yellow Flower Foundation and the Hands Percussion Academy (HPA) as well as former students now professional performers, DeafBeat.

Taught by our professionals this is a platform on which our young students can truly showcase the 24 Festive Drum skills that they have learnt, as well as learn skills that are needed to stage a performance on a big stage and work with a team of professionals to achieve a common goal.

In this case our year-end production RhapsoD. RhapsoD aims to help our students realize that they can achieve acommon goal through patience, hard work, a lot of give and take and commitment.

Through the exploration of the fluidity of rhythms on the gamelan to rework a classical Beethoven piece, using the Japanese Taiko drums as a center piece, composing a piece for the West African djembe and other musical pieces we are so excited to see our students and friends synergize with us on stage.

Age limit:  3 years old and above.

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About the Company 

HANDS PERCUSSION (HANDS), a renowned Malaysian percussion ensemble, has been creating a veritable bang in the performing arts scene in Kuala Lumpur since 1997 with its ground breaking and innovative performances. The ensemble’s performances have been highly regarded and admired as they endeavor to preserve their cultural heritage while introducing new dimensions to theatrical drumming by venturing into contemporary percussion music and exploring music and instruments from different cultures. They have produced and performed extensively in the arts scene as well as at corporate events.
Since they began, the group has been actively involved in numerous aspects of the performing arts industry, learning extensively from their experiences and from fellow artists, musicians and other industry professionals. They have grown incredibly adept at adapting to the various challenges and aspects of the industry.

Their work includes the following.
•    Curating, choreographing and producing contemporary and traditional performances.
•    Composing and playing for fellow artists and various projects.
•    Learning new music and instruments from within Malaysia as well as from outside.
•    Coaching both young and adult students in drumming and percussion.
•    Collaborating with local and international artists or groups.
•    Performing for private and corporate functions, local and abroad.
•    Representing Malaysia’s cultural diversity at local and foreign music and art festivals.
•    Teaching underprivileged children, the art of drumming.

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Team List

  Artistic Director/Producer :  Bernard Goh
  Associate Producer :  Paz Lim
  Production Manager : Reyes Tan
  Set Designer :  Passion Ma
  Costume Designer : Lynn Kek
  Lighting Designer :  Tan Eng Heng
  Sound Engineer :  616
  Stage Manager :  Jaslyn Niow
  Marketing Manager : Cloud Lim
  FOH Manager : Adeline

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