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Duration: 60 minutes

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Nov 2022

3:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

Come and join The Kuala Lumpur Children's Choir as they celebrate the beauty and diversity of Mother Earth in 'One World', a concert featuring songs from many different lands, times and places. You will hear folksongs and dances, to songs that highlight the beauty of Mother Nature and the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions and languages of our world woven together by music, united in song, seen through a child's eyes. We also pay tribute to our families, our loved ones who mean the 'world' to us and who are our 'world'. This will be KLCC's first major family concert production after the pandemic and will feature performances by Young Choral Academy's family of choral ensembles - Gaudeamus Youth Choir and the YCA Teachers Ensemble. Come along on a musical journey with us!

Ticket Prices:
Standard price: RM50
Concession price: RM30 (special price for children below 12 years old/senior citizen above 60 years old)

Covid-19 Related SOPs
klpac has Covid-19 measures including Covid-19 testing for the cast and crew, sanitisation and disinfection, and going contactless. Mask-wearing is recommended. Venue reserves the right to deny entry if you're found to be Covid-19 positive or High-Risk status on MySejahtera. No refund will be made to those who have purchased tickets.

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Creatives & Crew

KLCC Concert Choir

Alicia Chan Zee Yin, Hannah Chen, Renee Wan Lyn, Charlize Cheah Yun, Hew Xin Rei, Soh Jing Ru, Chloe Ng, Hew Xin Yin, Tan Ai Xuan (Shayna), Chloe Tam Jia Yin, Jethro Liew Qian, Tay Linwen (Miley), Chong Yu Xuan, Jocelyn Wong Luo Ying, Wong Jing Yu (Charis), Doreen Yip Zhi Ying, Li E-Chen (Allison), Wong Yun Bo (Benjamin), Eliza Cheah Zhuo Xii, Lianne Suan Barnabas, Wong Zi Nee, Ginny Sam Hui Jie, Owen Chong Min Yu, Grace Chan Zi Xuen, Rebecca Shayne Ramesh

KLCC Intermediate Choir
Ashley Loo, Emma Khadija, Loraine Yeap Pei Chyi, Alaenna Loo Yu, Ethan Lim Yu Xiang, Megan Tan, Chan Yi Xuan, Ho Ruo Tang, Ng Yun Ting, Chloe Chow, Khameela Ariana Rose Ekhzani, Sophie Beth Ramesh, Damien Chow, Lucienne Leia Narcis, Travis Chan Jun Shan, Noveesha Sathis Kumar and Adrianna Loo Ying.

KLCC Elementary Choir
Lemon Yue Zi Meng, Ng Jin Jie, Macua Audrey Bunda, Low Yu Tong, Tan Yu En, Ivanka Kong Yi Hee, Matthias Wong Yun Xi, Tylia Lim Yu Qing, Jin Yu Tong, Momoka Saito, Vera Wong Rhe-Yn

KLCC Probational
Chan Yu Xiang, Isabelle Hiew Yutin, Ng Rhian, Carole Cheah

Erin Lee, Heah Junn, Lee Ren Yi, Gan Cynthia, Khoo Xiao Fong, Shannon Chang, Heah Ernn, Lee Ren Jie, Soh Jing Wen, Soo Yu Yan

Teacher’s Ensemble
Charity Goh, Kuee Su-San, Alvin Law, Charles Voo, Eunice Yao, Joanne Tan, Chris, Looi Hui Teng, Mak Chi Hoe, Lee Jian Zhen, Gan Charmine, Susanna Saw


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