Malaysian International Chinese Dance Week 马来西亚国际华人舞蹈周

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)


Time8:00PM, 2:00PM


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Duration: 90 Minutes with 10 Minutes Intermission

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Aug 2023

8:00PM (GMT+8)



Aug 2023

2:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

The Mythical Oriental Dance Company was established in 2013 by Jack Kek. MODC aims to promote and cultivate local Chinese dance culture in the community. The company organizes major dance productions annually. Its previous productions included “Wind and Cloud Chinese Dance Showcase” (2014), “The Mythical Journey” (2015) and “Ladies of the Red Chamber” (2016). In collaboration with Hong Kong Know Space, the new edition of “Ladies of the Red Chamber” will be staged in Hong Kong City Hall in September 2018. 

MODC actively collaborates with international and national artist and has invited Hong Kong choreographer Chris Lam for 3 years consecutively to choreograph for the company’s production. Besides, MODC also invited Chinese Dance instructor from China and Ballet Instructor from Philippines, to provide diverse training resources and performance contents for the company. In addition, MODC also actively engages in community education, organizes free talks and demonstrations across Kuala Lumpur region. Since 2016, MODC has started its residency under The Actors Studio Malaysia, a renowned arts organization in Malaysia established by Joe Hasham OAM and Dato’ Dr Faridah Merican in 1989.

Age Limit: 7 years and above

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Covid-19 Related SOPs
klpac has Covid-19 measures including Covid-19 testing for the cast and crew, sanitisation and disinfection, and going contactless. Mask-wearing is recommended. Venue reserves the right to deny entry if you're found to be Covid-19 positive or High-Risk status on MySejahtera. No refund will be made to those who have purchased tickets.

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Creatives & Crew

Organizer: Mythical Oriental Dance Company
Producer: Jack Kek Siou Kee; Zoe Lee Hui Hui
Curator: Jack Kek Siou Kee
Secretary: Cheong Lih Wen
Main Design: Low Yoke Kheng
Finance: Cheong Lih Wen 
Public Relations and Ticketing: Lim Hwang King; Jayce Koh Jing Ying
Media and Communication: Tan Bi Ni;Rainbow Tan Ching Xuan
Stage Manager: Jaslyn Leong
Lighting Design: Amelia Tan
Workshops Coordinator: Jayce Koh Jing Ying 
Performance Team’s Coordinator: Lim Hwang King
Photography: Will Chong
Peripheral Products Team: Low Yoke Kheng; Ng Tse Shwen; Cheong Lih Wen
New Book Launch Coordinator: Jayce Koh Jing Ying
Sponsorship Team: Ng Tse Shwen

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