Luna 路呐 (Southeast Asian Premiere)

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)


Time8:00PM, 3:00PM

LanguageMandarin, Bunun


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Duration: 65 Minutes

Embark on a journey of self-discovery through nature, traditions and dance with Bulareyaung Dance Company’s award-winning performance Luna. Catch their SEA premiere right here in Malaysia at klpac.

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Jul 2023

8:00PM (GMT+8)



Jul 2023

8:00PM (GMT+8)

With post-show talk moderated by Bilqis Hijjas



Jul 2023

3:00PM (GMT+8)

With post-show talk moderated by JS Wong

About the Show

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do be punctual. Latecomers will ONLY be admitted after the end of Act 1 (approx. 10 min long). After that, they will not be able to enter / re-enter the hall.


Commissioned by National Taichung Theater, Taiwan (2018)
Awarded 17th Taishin Arts Award Grand Prize, Taiwan (2018)
Toured to Fall for Dance North Festival, Toronto, Canada (2019)
Yokohama Performing Arts Meeting (YPAM),  Japan (2022)
Coming soon The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Malaysia (2023)

Shrouded in mist, at an altitude of 1,000 meters, lies Luluna village – home to the Bunun indigenous tribe of Taiwan. Known as fierce warriors, the Bunun are also known for something else – their singing. 
During his travels, choreographer Bulareyaung Pagarlava stumbled upon a group of Bunun singing under a street lamp. A week later, unable to get their voices out of his mind, he headed back into the mountains with his dancers to learn ancient Bunun chants (recognised as a Cultural Heritage in Taiwan) from the Luluna Bunun Choir, mountain life and how to survive there.
Armed with the elders’ blessings and their wish: “I hope you can take our songs and share them to more people…share the most beautiful voices of Taiwan”, Bulareyaung Dance Company now transforms theatres into mountainous forests, dancers into warriors and invites you to reconnect with nature and tradition through their unique dance style fused with Bunun culture.
A “milestone production”, Luna is the perfect reflection of the times we’re living in and a powerful reminder that we can find our way back to where we belong, pandemic or not.

Luna was originally commissioned by the National Taichung Theater and choreographed by Bulareyaung Pagarlava (Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Taiwan in 2012 & National Award of Arts 2022). The Malaysian premiere will be presented by Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Malaysia and klpac with the support of the Ministry of Culture (Taiwan), Damansara Performing Arts Centre and Pixel World.

由吉隆坡表演藝術中心與駐馬來西亞台北經濟文化辦事處聯手呈獻,台灣文化部及白沙羅表演藝術中心為支持單位,Pixel World 為投影機贊助,布拉瑞揚舞團即將在2023年7月14日至16日於馬來西亞吉隆坡表演藝術中心首演舞作《路吶》。

布拉瑞揚舞團,由甫獲台灣藝術界最高榮譽「國家文藝獎」的原住民編舞家布拉瑞揚.帕格勒法所創立。 《路吶》是其舞團的第五部作品,2018年於台中國家歌劇院世界首演,2019年受邀參與加拿大「北方舞蹈秋天」及日本橫濱表演藝術交流會議2022開幕演出,該作品也榮獲第十七屆台新藝術獎年度大獎。 《路吶》以沉潛紮實的省思與探問,觸動人心的身體舞動,充分展現力與美的文化溯源能量,豐富了當代舞蹈的內涵。

About Luna
Dancers trek and search in the mountain mist under the moonlight, singing soul-guiding chants while demonstrating a pure body gait of labor. This is the truest form of man.

Choreographer Bulareyaung Pagarlava and the dancers went deep into the mountains in central Taiwan, to learn how to survive in mountainous forests in the Luluna village of the Bunun tribe in Nantou County. Bulareyaung Dance Company collaborated with the Luluna Bunun Choir, and sang ancient Bunun chants, which have been listed as a Cultural Heritage in Taiwan. From daily chants to the “exploit-boasting” acts of traditional hunters, they incorporate dance arts into the Bunun culture to reflect the tradition, to reflect the contemporary, and to allow dancers to explore and return to their inner self.

The dance work summons those who have been separated from nature to enter the mountains in which the piece breathes, creating an opportunity for a dialogue between traditional and modern times.




About Bulareyaung Dance Company

The Bulareyaung Dance Company was founded in 2015 in Taitung by Bulareyaung Pagarlava, an aboriginal choreographer from Taiwan. Creation of dance pieces and dancer training are accomplished by working in the mountains and singing old chants by the waterside. Dancers develop unique body movements and vocabulary by delving into their indigenous heritage and culture through regular field trips. 

Since its founding, the company has presented several productions, including La Song (2015), Qaciljay (2016), Colors (2016), Stay That Way (2017), Luna (2018), #Yes or No (2019), Not Afraid of the Sun and Rain (2021), and Rustling, Whirring (2022). Stay That Way won the Taishin Performing Arts Award in 2017, and Luna further won the coveted Taishin Arts Award Annual Grand Prize in 2018. It is the first performing troupe to be awarded in two consecutive years. The Company has been invited to various performances, and has also toured to the United States., Canada, Singapore, Japan, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

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Date & Time: 11th July 2023 (Tuesday)
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Class size: 15 – 30 pax
Language: Mandarin
Target: Recommended 18 years old and above. No prior experience required.
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Creative & Production Team

Bulareyaung Dance Company
Artistic Director & Choreographer | Bulareyaung Pagarlava
Costume Consultant |  Keith Lin Bing-hao
Executive Director | Liao Yung-Wei
Technical Director & Lighting Designer | Lee Chien-chang
Stage Manager | Chang Chih-Yu
Projection Designer | Hsu Yi-chun
Projection Operator | Lin Ting-Yu
Administrators | Luo Rong-Sheng, Kuo Yi-Jung
Dancers | aulu tjibulangan, giljigiljaw tjaruzaljum, Kwonduwa Takio, Siyang Sawawan, Chen Sheng-chih, Kaniw Panay, Hsu Ting-wei, Chou Yu-jui, Morikilr Katadepan

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
Executive Producer & Co-Founder:
Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican
Artistic Director & Co-Founder: Joe Hasham OAM
Group General Manager: Ian Chow 
General Manager (Marketing Communications): Ang Yue May 
Assistant General Manager (Theatre & Technical Management): Lawrence Selvaraj 
Assistant General Manager (Admin, Finance & Production): Easee Gan
Assistant Technical Manager: Mathanakumar Murthi
Senior Technicians: Mohd Helmi Md Khairi & Wan
Junior Technician: Yogesh
Front of House & Theatre Supervisor: Harsvini Loganathan
Production Stage Managers: Catherine Lee & Yeo Kok Wei 
Assistant Stage Manager: Hendrix Heng
Production Assistant: Agnes Chong Khai Lee
Orchestra Manager: Soo Choy Wah
Publicity & Marketing Manager: Maggie Ong
Senior Art Director: Joel Wong 
Publicist: Vishallini Vikram Gopal
Donor Relations Manager: Aishwarya Adaikalaraj
Multimedia Content Creator / Videographer: Isma Najmi
Assistant Box Office Supervisors: Jennifer John & Vaideggy Vijayasagaran 
Assistant Account Manager: Esther Kuan 
Admin & Account Executive: Amanda Chan
Head of Academy: Kimmy Kiew
Academy Administrator: Agnes Chong Khai Lee 
TUTAS Coordinator: Xavier Chen
Personal Assistant to Artistic Director: Farah Nadia
Personal Assistant to Executive Producer & Group General Manager: Catherine Lee
Assistant Maintenance Manager: Selva Rajoo
Maintenance Officer: Jayaganesh Ramankrishnan
Security Manager: Mahendra Karuppiah
Security Supervisor: Balasubramaniam Ganapathy
Senior Security Officer: Shandre Sakran Kumaravale
Security Officers: Balasivasubramaniam Arunasalam, Nadarajan Maruthamuthu, Ram Shah Osali

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