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Dec 2022

3:00PM (GMT+8)

8:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

Orang Orang Drum Theatre had been keeping busy behind lockdowns and they released a music album Lang4 X Lepak in 2020. In July 2022, OODT was invited to Georgetown Festival 2022 to perform 2-full-house of “浪(lang4) x lepak” which set to explore diverse sounds of global cultures while “drumming” their pandemic anxiety.

Coming December, “浪(lang4) x lepak” is back to KL and features indie-singer-songwriter Anak Borneo (founded by Evan Lee) and talented musician Gideon Alu8khan Chen to perform together by adding Borneo music and contemporary music elements in the programmes. This project will be part of OODT’s community programmes by offering an affordable ticket price at RM25 flat to everyone.


Since its establishment in 2013, Orang Orang Drum Theatre’s core members Chew Soon Heng (Boyz), Leow Sze Yee (Zyee), and Damien Leow have been dancing between music, dance, and theatre, looking for a platform of expression for drum theatre. Bringing a team with them, they participated in the international music festivals such as Sziget Festival 2019, WOMADELAIDE 2020, Venice Theatre Arts Festival, Venice Open Stage, Belgium and Germany Dance Festival Danse en Ville. In recent years, they have brought their troupe to tour at many cultural and dance arts festivals in Europe, such as in France, Hungary and Serbia. Through interactions with traditional cultures, they find their balance between tradition and contemporary.

The word ‘orang’ means people, and the heart behind OODT is to bring the arts to the people; the word ‘drum theatre’ is used because just by placing a drum in a theatre space, it has the ability to tell a story and make music.

After six years of journeying in the performing arts, OODT has grown from mere drummers to musicians to performers who need to master a variety of skills. To date, they still use their personal backgrounds and trainings as a starting point to discover the possibility of ‘drum theatre’.
We ask questions such as: All of OODT’s members have had training from the 24 Festive Drums (Malaysia’s cultural heritage), how then can the basic training from this folk performance connect to the creative work in contemporary performing arts?

Malaysia is the convergence point of a multicultural society, how do the traditional cultural performances of the different ethnic groups stimulate the imagination of the members in terms of music and theatre?

Produced by
Orang Orang Drum Theatre

Funded by
Arts for All Seasons (ArtsFAS)
Yayasan Hasanah
Ministry of Finance (MOF)

Venue Partner
Dominius Arts Venue

Production Team
Artistic Director: Chew Soon Heng (Boyz)
Music Director: Leow Sze Yee (Zyee)
Production Manager: Damien Leow
Ticketing: Adeline Look
Stage Manager: Ziying Chua
Sound Engineer: JJ Tan
 Lighting Designer: Cloud Lee

Jian Ru, Wai Kei, Cheah Her, Chew Soon Heng (Boyz), Leow Sze Yee (Zyee), Damien Leow

Guest Performers
Gideon Alu8khan Chen
Anak Borneo 婆羅洲之子

Gallery's photos are taken by CSJ.

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