Kavin Jay: Family, Man! Live in Kuching

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Duration: 120 minutes without intermission
Doors Open: 30 minutes before the show
Recommended for: 16 years old and above

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May 2024

8:30PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

KAVIN JAY is coming on a nationwide tour!

Catch Kavin Jay's latest and best stuff yet - it's vulnerable, it's hilarious and most importantly, it will be memorable! Get your tickets before they're sold out!

Get ready for a side of Kavin Jay you haven't seen before – the raw, the vulnerable, the hilariously honest one. FAMILY, MAN! isn't just a stand-up tour; it's an intimate odyssey through his life, weaving together family ties, cultural expectations, and yes, even the topics that usually stay hushed. He'll take you back to his Malaysian roots, sharing the struggles and triumphs of growing up in a vibrant, complex society. Prepare to laugh at the relatable moments, go BIG-OOF at the awkward moments he's experienced, and maybe even shed a tear (of empathy, or laughter, you decide) as Kavin tackles head-on the unspoken things that families and societies sometimes leave unsaid.

This isn't a sanitized comedy show. This is Kavin confronting personal challenges, confronting societal norms, and doing it all with his signature wit and infectious storytelling. He'll make you laugh, think and even re-evaluate a few things along the way!

You've seen him on Netflix, Crackhouse and regularly on just jokes: shows! Now it's time to experience Kavin like you've had before! Get your tickets now! 

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