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Duration: 110 minutes

Kaleidoscope showcases some of the most exciting talents to emerge from the TUTAS Bachelor of Performing Arts conservatory degree programme by The Actors Studio and Taylor’s University.

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Aug 2022

8:00PM (GMT+8)



Aug 2022

3:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

Kaleidoscope (11 & 12 August Cancelled)
Please note that the 11 and 12 August performances of KALEIDOSCOPE have been cancelled as a team member is finishing up her quarantine. The show on 13 and 14 August will continue as planned.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused but the safety of our patrons, cast and crew remains a top priority.  
Our Box Office team will reach out to those who have purchased tickets for the affected shows. If you do not hear from them, you can WhatsApp Jennifer / Deggy via +6018 227 7212 or email ( / (
All communication will be via our company Business WhatsApp or e-mails above.

Kaleidoscope showcases some of the most exciting talents to emerge from the TUTAS Bachelor of Performing Arts conservatory degree programme by The Actors Studio and Taylor’s University. 
As part of their Production Practicum, they will be presenting seven short plays and two dance works on friendship, love, belonging and coming of age. 

Nightswim by Julia Jordan 
Directed by Nicholas Lai
On a peaceful, quiet, cold, dark night, a girl convinces her friend to go out together, but she is constantly declined. Why? Will they go out together?
Cast : Chloe Lee and Feyee Bethany

The Last Time 
Directed by Zoey Lee & Jelissa Lim Fidelis
“You know, two people can be great but not necessarily great together. Do you believe that?”
This drama follows a breakdown between two troubled friends; One who’s suffering from her own demons while another seeks to understand the actions of the former. Slowly as things unfold, they realise their friendship isn't everything as it seems to be. The Last Time is a story about frustration and a desperate need for communication between two conflicting individuals. Written and directed by Jelissa Lim Fidelis and Zoey Lee.
Cast : Zoey Lee and Azalea Yee

MALCOLM & MARIE by Sam Levinson 
Directed by Carmen Khoo
A scene adapted from “Malcolm & Marie” movie, about a filmmaker on the brink of Hollywood glory and his girlfriend, whose story made his career, find themselves pushed towards a reckoning night that decides the fate of their relationship.
Cast : Nandagopall and Janusha Laxmi 

The Wedding Story by Julianne Homokay 
Directed by Chloe Lee
Whilst the storyteller goes through her usual bedtime routine, she faces a predicament as the characters from her story come to life! What's going to happen next?
Cast : Charmaine Cheong, Skylar Lim, Nelson Lau

WEIRD by D.M. Larson 
Directed by Sally Lee
Do you ever feel out of place? Ever feel that you are the odd one out in the group? Bringing on a heartfelt story about 2 teenagers in an orphanage home: about how having someone to look after your back when the world fails to be by your side. It reflects a glimpse of the real world, and how it is seen by teenagers.
Cast : Nicholas Lai and Zoey Lee

Hitting on Women 101 by Bruce Kane
Directed by Janusha Laxmi
Hitting on women 101 is a short play written by author Bruce Kane. It is a play about a man who frequently visits a bar to pick up women. His tactic is to act as though he gets tongue tied around attractive women as a way to woo the ladies into his trap. He tries to get a lesson in “hitting on women” from attractive women he claims not to be interested in. After a flirtatious back and forth conversation with the lady he picks for the night, he ends up going home with them.
Cast : Carmen Khoo, Kim Ki Ho , Yuwanda Agatha, Nelson Lau, Skylar Lim

“i love you.”
Director / Co-Choreographer: Skylar Lim
“Are you living in my head or am I living in my head?”
Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Can I go through this with you holding my hand? For one more time?
An original movement piece created by Carmen Khoo, Skylar Lim and Zhafir Muzani demonstrates the stages of grief when one goes through separation.
Co-Choreographers / Dancers: Carmen Khoo and Zhafir Muzani
Pianist: Sally Lee

Time, what is it? by Lindsay Price
Directed by Nandagopall
A 16-year old teenager rushes off to the bus station as she realises she’s late for work. At the bus stop she encounters a hippy with an interesting personality who refuses to tell her the time. Will she manage to find out from him?
Cast : Jelissa Lim Fidelis and Keith Toh

Drifting Off To You
Choreographer / Composer / Musician: Feyee Bethany
Here’s to the one who chooses to stay, even if it’s just for a little while. But know that my mind will always be drifting. Drifting off to you, wherever you are. 
Written, composed and choreographed by Feyee Bethany; Music written and composed by Daniel Hussin. This piece expresses the bittersweet moments of those we share this life with through dance and music.
Dancers : Muhammad Najib, Clarissa Lee, Chia Wen Xin, Siaw Boon Keat, Rhu Jie, Ang Le, Qian Hui, Xian Li.
Composer / Musician : Daniel Hussin

Seating Plan

Conditions of Entry

1. Health Status
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Venue reserves the right to deny entry if the above condition is not fulfilled. No refund will be made to those who have purchased tickets.

Covid-19 Related SOPs
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Creatives & Crew

Executive Producer & Co-founder: Dato' Dr. Faridah Merican    
Artistic Director & Co-founder: Joe Hasham OAM    
Lighting Designer/Operator: Yusman Mokhtar
Sound Designer/Engineer: Christopher Higgs
Stage Manager: Yeo Kok Wei
TUTAS coordinator: Naomi Lim

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
Group General Manager:
Ian Chow
General Manager (Marketing Communications): Ang Yue May
Assistant General Manager (Theatre & Technical Management): Lawrence Selvaraj
Assistant General Manager (Admin, Finance & Production): Easee Gan
Technical Manager: Mike Thomas
Technical Supervisor: Mathanakumar Murthi
Technician: Mohd Helmi Md Khairi
Front of House & Theatre Supervisor: Harsvini Loganathan
Production Stage Managers: Catherine Lee, Yeo Kok Wei
Production Assistant: Hendrix Heng
Publicity & Marketing Manager: Maggie Ong
Senior Art Director: Joel Wong
Creative Producer: Coebar Abel
Publicist: Vishallini Vikram Gopal
Box Office Supervisor: Jennifer John
Box Office Executive: Vaideggy Vijayasagaran
Assistant Account Manager: Esther Kuan
Head of Academy: Kimmy Kiew
Academy Administrator: Raja Syamil
Admin Executive & Personal Assistant to Artistic Director: Farah Nadia
Secretary to Executive Producer: Darlena Tong
Maintenance Supervisor: Selva Rajoo
Security Manager: Mahendra Karuppiah
Security Supervisor: Balasubramaniam Ganapathy
Senior Security Officer: Shandre Sakran Kumaravale
Security Officers: Balasivasubramaniam Arunasalam, Jayaganesh Ramankrishnan, Nadarajan Maruthamuthu

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