Isle to Isle - Documentary Screenings 岛屿岛 - 人文纪录片放映会

George Town Festival, Penang City Eye


Date2 - 7 October 2021

Time2.00pm & 8.00pm



This show has ended.



Experience Taiwan’s cultural stories through the viewpoints of notable characters in these biographical documentaries focusing on the spirit and life perspectives of selected Taiwanese culturati and artists to inspire the public and other creators alike.

These four documentaries respectively delve into the fields of cuisine, filmmaking, calligraphy and music — all distinct genres that overlap in terms of creative ideals. Each documentary will be screened twice, with one session on weekdays and another during the weekend. Sharing sessions are to be held right after the weekend screenings for each corresponding documentary for the audience to interact with the documentary creators, which will generate interest and long-lasting impact for the years to come.



About the Show

Screening Schedule 放映时间表

2/10/2021, Saturday 星期六

2pm- André and His Olive Tree 《初心》*
8pm- From Ink to Apparel 《读衣》*


3/10/2021, Sunday 星期日

2pm- Ga-Tau Chang 《我不流行二十年》 *
8pm- Past Present 《昨天》*


4/10/2021, Monday 星期一

8pm- André and His Olive Tree 《初心》


5/10/2021, Tuesday 星期二

8pm- From Ink to Apparel 《读衣》


6/10/2021, Wednesday 星期三

8pm- Ga-Tau Chang 《我不流行二十年》


7/10/2021, Thursday 星期四

8pm- Past Present 《昨天》



  • *With Live Sharing Session 暨映后分享

  • All the four documentaries are screened in Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles. 这四部中文纪录片皆备有中英文字幕。

About the Documentaries 关于纪录片

Preview of the programme booklet on Issuu.


Documentary 1: “André and His Olive Tree” - André Chiang, directed by Josiah Ng
片源 1:《初心》— 江振诚      导演:黄程瀚


Duration 时长:104 minutes 分钟

“André and His Olive Tree” documents the culinary journey of renowned Asian chef André Chiang as he closes his two-star Michelin restaurant to return to Taiwan, where he plans to impart his legacy to the next generation of chefs. In this 100-minute-long documentary that took director Josiah Ng two years to complete, explore 30 years of Chef André’s career in eight distinct chapters that mirror his “octo-philosophy” in his cuisine, and how he utilises Taiwan’s natural ingredients in different combinations to create a truly Taiwanese Michelin dish.



Documentary 2: “From Ink to Apparel” - Tong Yang-tze
片源 2:《读衣》— 董阳孜


Duration 时长:65 minutes 分钟

In this crossover art exhibition series, Taiwan’s most illustrious calligraphy artist Tong Yang-tze challenges six budding fashion designers to incorporate calligraphy strokes into fashion. The final products will be displayed in five exhibitions named “From Ink to Apparel”, which will be held over the course of five years. From Taiwan to Asia, Europe and America, Tong Yang-tze and her team of Chinese fashion designers hope to demonstrate unlimited possibilities in the art of Chinese calligraphy.

“From Ink to Apparel” is composed of five short documentaries, with one filmed each year that records Tong Yang-tze’s intense collaboration with her team of fashion designers. To quote Tong Yang-tze herself, “Calligraphy is not just a tradition, but a contemporary art form that keeps up with the times.”




Documentary 3: “Ga-Tau Chang” - Chang Ga-tau, directed by Lungnan Isak Fangas
片源 3:《我不流行二十年》— 张四十三      导演:龙男.以撒克.凡亚思


Duration 时长:100 minutes 分钟

Taiwan’s largest independent music label, Taiwan Colors Music, has brought numerous singers and ensembles to fame over the years, including Pau-dull (Chen Jian-nian), Samingad (Chi Hsiao-chun), Panai Kusui and Nanwan Sisters. At the same time, the company also organises the highly-anticipated Hohaiyan Rock Festival every year, which has commenced a golden age for Taiwanese bands at the start of the new millennium. Having experienced 20 years of ups and downs, label founder Chang Ga-tau looks back on the albums he has produced, the rock festivals he has planned, his stage performances, his creative blocks, his personal midlife crises and the challenge of keeping his company alive. Together with director Lungnan Isak Fangas, Chang Ga-tau, also known as the Godfather of Taiwanese Independent Music, relates his undying Taiwanese rock spirit that has been burning ceaselessly for the past 20 years.



Documentary 4: “Past Present” - Tsai Ming-liang, directed by Saw Tiong Guan
片源 4:《昨天》— 蔡明亮     导演:苏忠源


Duration 时长:74 minutes 分钟

“Past Present” recounts the story of renowned Malaysian filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang. Other than discussing his filmmaking ideals, Tsai Ming-liang also brings the crew on a journey back to his hometown in Kuching, where he reminisces how he took turns every day visiting the local cinema with his grandfather or grandmother. As he puts it, he grew up watching Hollywood movies, yet he chose a path that deviated from typical commercial films, which still brought him the happiest moments of his life.



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