Meniti Senja/The Twilight Years by Lily Fu (FreedomFilmFest2020)

FreedomFilmFest 2020



Time8:00PM, 4:00PM, 5:00PM

LanguageBahasa Melayu


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Duration: 1 hour

FreedomFilmFest, Malaysia’s International Human Rights Film Festival will be hosted online for the very first time this year and EVERYONE is invited. The first 150 tickets for EACH session of the festival will be FREE of charge.

All you need to do is to select the session that you want to watch and register your details with us.

Film and session details are below.

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Dec 2020

8:00PM (GMT+8)

Film Premiere (150 tickets sold, tickets now cost RM5)



Dec 2020

4:00PM (GMT+8)

Hosted by ENGAGE

5:00PM (GMT+8)

Hosted by LASKAR

About the Show

Meniti Senja

Sinopsis Filem
Peningkatan golongan warga emas terbiar di dalam pusat-pusat penjagaan adalah fokus filem “Meniti Senja”. Dengan mengambil contoh pengalaman sebuah pusat jagaan di Puchong, karya tersebut memaparkan kisah bagaimana mereka yang dahulunya ayah dan ibu, kini dibiarkan di dalam pusat-pusat tersebut bagi menghabiskan usia mereka. Penghuni pusat tersebut juga bercerita tentang pengalaman mereka didera, dieksploitasi dan diabaikan. Tetapi trend ini semakin meningkat kerana Malaysia sudah mencapai status negara menua (aging nation) pada 2020. Persoalannya, adakah masyarakat bersedia untuk menghadapi cabaran-cabaran ini memandangkan kita semua akan berusia?

Film Synopsis
Reflecting the breakdown of traditional family values in modern Malaysian society that marginalizes the elderly, Meniti Senja explores the alarming rise in the elderly being left to fend for themselves in aged care centres - removed from the comfort of homes they knew and children they raised. Recounting the stories of people who were once mothers, fathers, grandparents - now slowly aging amidst strangers within the walls of a care home in Puchong, this film tells their heart-breaking stories of abuse, exploitation and abandonment. Age eventually catches up with everyone and by 2030, Malaysia’s population >65 will increase to 15%. Are we witnessing our own fates in a not too distant future?

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Meniti Senja
Meniti Senja

Year of Production: 2020
Runtime: 20 minutes
Country of Film: Malaysia
Language of Film: Bahasa Malaysia
Subtitle Language: English & Mandarin
Filmmaker: Lily Fu

Lily Fu

Lily Fu Meniti Senja

Screening Date & Time with details

Date & Time Details Language of Session
10 Dec, 8.00pm

Film Premiere and Post Screening discussion
 - Lily Fu (Filmmaker)
 - Pn Muji Sulaiman (Founder of Rumah Al-Ikhlas)

Moderated by Dr Khor Swee Keng (Physician and health policies specialist)

English & Bahasa Malaysia
13 Dec, 4.00pm

Film and Post Screening discussion
 - Chua Yee Ling (Initiator for Village Vision Coalition)
 - Ku Chee Yong (former village head of Kampung Grisek, Muar, Johor)

Moderated by Ashleigh Lim (ENGAGE)

13 Dec, 5.00pm

Film and Post Screening discussion
Moderated by Abdul Razak (LASKAR)

Bahasa Malaysia

Meniti Senja

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About FreedomFilmFest

FreedomFilmFest(FFF) is organised by Freedom Film Network (Pertubuhan Perfileman Sosial Malaysia), a non-profit society dedicated to the development and promotion of social justice and human rights films.

FFF 2020 is part of the Social Films For Social Change project co-organised with Goethe Institut and supported by the European Union. And in collaboration with our screening partners: BENTARAKATA (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah), CIVICA Research (Kuching, Sarawak), ENGAGE (Muar & Johor Bahru, Johor), FFF Penang, LASKAR (Temerloh, Pahang), Suatukala (Langkawi, Kedah) & Function 8 (Singapore).

For more information about FFF, head over to our website

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