《作曲家时光机》Classical Composers' Chronoporter

Perpetual Arts


Time8:00PM, 3:00PM




TagsConcert, Multidisciplinary



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Duration: 90 minutes with intermission (15 minutes)
Doors Open: 30 minutes before the show
Seating: Numbered Seating
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Recommended for: 3 years old and above

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Aug 2024

8:00PM (GMT+8)



Aug 2024

3:00PM (GMT+8)

8:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

Classical Composers' Chronoporter is an unprecedented performance that seamlessly combines dual pianos, a string ensemble, vocals, and drama with martial arts, dance, and light art. It creatively weaves together the music and story of composers from various eras, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, and Saint-Saëns.

We invite the audience to "travel" back to the 18th century and explore the lives of these composers. Audiences from any background or age group will be able to enjoy this spectacular performance.

About Us

Perpetual Arts, an organization dedicated to cultural and artistic development, we are committed to offer local communities opportunities to participate in artistic activities and enhance their appreciation of the arts.


The “Composers” will perform their own works live, immersing the audience in compelling stories. This show will bring the lives of composers from textbooks to life right before your eyes. Whether you play an instrument or not, you will gain a new appreciation for these composers' works when you hear them again.

Act 1: Piano Duo Performance
Mozart: Sonata for Two Pianos in D major, K. 448

In 1781, Mozart was fed up with the oppressive Archbishop of Salzburg. He planned to break free during his trip to Vienna and develop his career there. Did he succeed?

Act 2: String Ensemble and Martial Arts
Beethoven: Beethoven’s Virus

In 1798, Beethoven began infusing his music with personal emotions, laying the groundwork for the Romantic period. Despite losing his hearing, his passion for composing remained undiminished.

Act 3: Vocals, Piano, and Visual Arts
Schubert: Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel and Erlkönig

In 1815, Schubert, the "King of Art Songs," used music to vividly depict flowing water and trotting horses. His imaginative romanticism brought music to life.

Act 4: Piano Solo and Modern Dance
Chopin: Revolutionary Etude and Nocturne Op. 55, No. 1

In 1830, after leaving his homeland to compose and perform in Europe, Poland's defeat left Chopin feeling powerless and filled with rage. He ended a tumultuous relationship with George Sand and shortly lost his life to tuberculosis and depression.

Act 5: String Orchestra and Youth Dance Group
Saint-Saëns: Danse Bacchanale from Samson and Delilah

In 1876, France was a hub of European art, where many cultures influenced Saint-Saëns. His work on the Biblical story "Samson and Delilah" was rich in emotion and imagery.

Act 6: Trailer
Three actors will give a sneak peak of next year's composer series through a dramatic performance. Can you guess who will be the next year's composer?

We warmly invite all art enthusiasts to join us on August 30th or 31st at the Permaisuri Zarith Sofiah Opera House in Johor Bahru, to embark on a "time machine" journey through the rich history of music.

《作曲家时光机》是一部前所未有的音乐故事剧,透过双钢琴、弦乐团、歌唱、戏剧,结合了武术、舞蹈及灯光投影等艺术形式,将不同时期作曲家,如:莫扎特、贝多芬、萧邦、舒伯特、圣桑的音乐以戏剧手法串联成一部“音乐故事剧”,带领观众和我们一同“穿 越”到18世纪,窥探每个作曲家的人生。由实力强大的制作团队一 同打造这场老少皆宜的演出,即将给您带来独一无二的视听体验, 无论是哪一个年龄层、哪个领域的观众朋友 ,都能欣赏这场精彩 的表演!


Perpetual Arts 成立于2024年,寓意永恒的艺术,是热衷于发展文艺活动的组织。旨在为各个领域的艺术家们提供表演及展现作品的平台。而作为文艺发展组织,我们致力于提供本土⺠众参与艺术活动的机会并提升鉴赏艺术的能力。
《作曲家时光机》为Perpetual Arts 举办的首场活动,届时欢迎所有热爱艺术的同好们于8月30或31日前来新山苏丹后查丽苏菲亚歌剧院,一同乘上“时光机”在音乐史的⻓河中遨游。



莫扎特: 《D大调双钢琴奏鸣曲, K.448》
• 1781年莫扎特受够了萨尔茨堡大主教的压榨,计划在维也纳之行脱离控制、搬到维也纳发展自己的事业... 他成功了吗?

第二幕:弦乐团 与 武术
贝多芬: 《贝多芬病毒》
• 1798年的贝多芬在音乐里尝试注入私人的情感,铺垫了浪漫时期的影响力。虽上帝没有眷顾他的才华,但丧失听觉也阻止不了他对创作的热情。

第三幕: 声乐、钢琴 & 投影
舒伯特: 《纺车旁的格丽卿》、《魔王》
• 1815年的“艺术歌曲之王” 舒伯特,将潺潺流水、脱缰野马,都确切地用音符谱写;浪漫主义的想象力,将音乐刻画得栩栩如生。

第四幕: 钢琴独奏 & 现代舞
萧邦: 《革命练习曲》、《夜曲作品55.第一号》
• 1830年,萧邦离乡背井到欧洲作曲及表演时波兰战败,他失去了祖国却无能为力,只能在钢琴上谱写内心的愤恨。患上了肺痨却求医无果,与George的家庭矛盾关系破裂、日渐忧郁而油尽灯枯。

第五幕: 弦乐团 & 少年舞团
圣桑: 《醉酒之舞》
• 1876的法国是欧洲艺术聚集地,许多艺术家将各自的文化输入到法国,也影响着圣桑创作圣经故事 《参孙与达利拉》的丰富的情绪与画面。

第六幕: 预告


制作团队 Production Team

制作人 Producer: 姚银芬 You Yin Fen
制作人助理 Producer assistant: 梁嘉乐 Leong Kah Le, 黄昕妍 Ng Xin Yan
行政经理 Administration manager: 许立嫒 Elyse Hee
财务 Finance: 郑喻舰 Tay Ee Cian
导演 Show director : 曹佩汾 Chow Pei Foon
乐团顾问 Ensemble advisor: 叶碧泉 Yap Pheck Chuan
乐团指挥 Ensemble conductor: 党俊豪 Tong Choon Ho
编舞家 Dance instructor: 刘博艺 Mack Low Po Yi
音乐顾问 Music advisor: 姚银芬 You Yin Fen
编剧 Script writer: 黄昕妍 Ng Xin Yan, 梁嘉乐 Leong Kah Le

表演团队 Performance Team

武舞表演 Martial arts: 李劲松 Jack Lee
男中音 Baritone: 王威权 Louis Ong
次女高音 Mezzo soprano: 高欣洁 Koh Sin Kit
钢琴合作 Piano collaboration: 张嘉炜 Chong Chia Wee
双人舞 Dance duo: 刘博艺 Mack Low Po Yi、李雯彬 Lee Wen Ping
双钢琴 Piano duo: 李泓乐 Lee Hong Le 、李沂恩 Lee Yi En
钢琴独奏 Piano solo: 李景旸 Lee Jing Yang Justin
戏剧演员 Actor: 梁嘉乐 Leong Kah Le,郭立荟 Kerk Li Hui,黄子俊 Wong Zi Chun
Perpetual Arts 弦乐团, String Ensemble
Asia City Dance 少年舞蹈团, Youth Dance Group

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