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Duration: 90 minutes

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May 2023

10:00AM (GMT+8)


3:00PM (GMT+8)


8:00PM (GMT+8)


About the Show

Aladdin - This Aladdin play is based on the original fictional film of Aladdin, a lovable urchin who meets Princess Jasmine of Agrabah. Omar, the Sultan's consultant and a sorcerer, aspires to become the world's most powerful magician by possessing a magical lamp that summons a powerful, larger-than-life genie who grants three wishes to whoever rubs the lamp. As Aladdin and the genie become friends, Omar hatches another plot to destabilise the Sultan's kingdom and marry Princess Jasmine by controlling the genie. Now Aladdin must save not only the love of his life, but also a friend whom he promised to be free. 

The Intimidation Game - It’s Tyler’s first day at Miracle High School and he’s trying to figure out where he belongs. When bullies target him, Tyler learns how to push past their negativity with the help of his new fiends and remembers what makes him unique. By listening to each other, the students of Miracle High learn that we are all more alike than we are different.




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The Intimidation Game
Music directors - Kent Goh & Zayaana Shazlene
Acting Director - Annesha Arunasalam
Dance Choreographer - Muhammad Hidayat 
Stage Managers - Neepa Chatterjee, Rohini Ramakrishnan, Zayaana Shazlene, Andrea Yew
Props & Sets - Summer Choo
Sound Operator - Terry Wong
Sound Assistant - Devaraj A/L Yanasekaran
Lights Operator - WKV entertainment
Lights assistant - Saaira & Muralitharan Kashaban
Projection - Salendra Dev A/L Mahadevan
Projection slides design - Andrea Yew
Marketing and Publicity - Andrea Yew

Directors - Matthew Mckelson & Muhammad Jasni
Producer - Audrey Liew
Acting Coach - Caroline Barnabas & Valerie Chien
Stage Managers - Matthew Mckelson & Audrey Liew
Props & Set - Lim Li Leng & Aminah Satsita
Sound Operator - Terry Wong
Sound Assistant - Muhammad Jasni
Lights - WKV entertainment
Lights assistant - Elshedai Meshach 

Digital Posters & Backdrop - Rajeswari Allemuthu & Nadiya Shafiqah