Time5:00PM, 8:30PM




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Duration: 120 minutes with intermission (15 minutes)
Seating: Free Seating
Recommended for: 10 years old and above




Mar 2024

5:00PM (GMT+8)

8:30PM (GMT+8)


After many permutations, the SIX2EIGHT gang is back for another round of acapella! Since its formation in 1994 as BuburChaCha, this reunion show will showcase both the older and newer active members of the group: Benjamin Cheong, Ivy Winter, James Wong, Lilian Boo, Marina Tan, Max Greef, Neal Azam, Nicole-Ann Thomas, and Zelda Mak.

Featuring signature songs from the many variations of the group, 30 YEARS OF ROCKAPELLA includes songs from the “BuburChaCha” era, such as:

Proud Mary
Only You
Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Lion Sleeps Tonight
Under the Boardwalk
Blue Moon
In the Mood 

And the SIX2EIGHT era, with songs like:

My Girl
It’s Now or Never
Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin
Stupid Cupid
Blue Suede Shoes

And many more!

This 120 minute performance will include a total of 30 songs, and a 15 minute intermission.

Notes from one of the founding members:

“The Selangor Philharmonic Society mounted a show in 1993 called "Yesterday", directed by Edna Tan. After the theatre run, she wanted to leverage it into a smaller show for private functions. One of the cast, Benny Tan, suggested to me that we add an a cappella number, inspired by groups of that era like The Flying Pickets, The Nylons, and Manhattan Transfer. 

Benny and I arranged Heard It Through the Grapevine for four voices, and it was added to the show. Edna loved the concept, and how easily this type of music could be scaled for different kinds of performances, so she asked a few singers to get together and work up some more songs. I contributed a 1992 cassette "That's Doo-Wop Acappella" from the group 14 Karat Soul, and many of those songs became the foundation of our original repertoire, some of which we are still singing today. (Songs: Why Do Fools Fall in Love; Stand By Me; Under the Boardwalk; YMCA; The Girl In White) 

The group needed a name, and being a fan of Sheila Majid at the time, I borrowed her 'tarakuja-ja' riff from Bila Larut Malam and transformed it into Bubur Cha Cha. Not only does it sound like an a cappella rhythm line, but it reflects the diverse nature of the band...a jumble of ingredients that comes out sweet and smooth.”

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