CloudJoi White Valentine's Day Giveaway: Cupid sent us to tell you this!

Published on 20/02/2024

We know Valentine's Day has just passed (and we hope Cupid's charm worked on you). But if it didn't, fear not as Cupid is saving some of his arrows for you on this coming White Valentine's Day. To assist his mission, we have curated a White Valentine's Day Giveaway cooking up only an extraordinary date experience, on the house!

💘 It All Started When...

Quick fact-check time! White Valentine's Day (14th March) was first celebrated in 1978, thanks to Ishimura Manseido - an Japanese pastry shop owner who was inspired to flip the typical love script after reading a complaint about the one-sided nature of Valentine’s Day where only women will be gifting the men. 

"Girls should be on the receiving end too!" - not the real complaint, but you get it.

Hence the celebration of White Valentine's Day exactly a month later, only the role is now reversed. 

💘 No FOMO Allowed If We Can Make It Up For You

Real talk between you and me - juggling non-stop schedules and pinching pennies make it tricky to dive into celebrating festivals with our loved ones. We totally get where you're coming from. Hence, our White Valentine's Day Giveaway aims to kick the tradition to the curb and help you make up the last Valentine's Day (if you missed it.) 

💘 Cupid's Special Delivery ğŸ¹

Forget about the boring date night routines because this experience is gonna be hella fun! One lucky couple will walk away with 2 tickets to soak up the magic of SHARIZAN BORHAN Swings Again! at BoboKL on the 14th March at 8pm, courtesy of CloudJoi. It doesn't just end here. Whether you are leveling up your "I Love You" game or aiming to ace that "I'm Sorry," RainboWquets has your back with a gorgeous bouquet, promising you a night to remember.

💘 Know It Before You Get It

Well, you are only 3 steps away from winning yourself an unforgettable night:
(1) Follow us on Instagram @cloudjoi_
(2) Tag your partner/situationship (we don’t judge) and comment below your most creative first date idea.
 (3) Share this post to your stories!

Read our terms & conditions here to make sure you are on the A-list qualification.

And don't forget, keep your Instagram account public throughout the entire campaign as our panel will be on the lookout for the lucky winner until 5th March, 11:59pm. The announcement of the lucky winner is scheduled for 9th March 2024.

Sounds like a plan? Share the idea with your loved one now! Better yet, you could surprise them (though you might want to explain why you haven’t bought them a present on Valentine’s Day).

P/S: Special shoutout to BoboKL and Rainbowquets for being our best wingman!

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