The Birth of Malaysia’s Largest Performing Arts Platform

Published on 03/10/2023

CloudJoi, a leading performing arts digital hub, has officially become the official ticketing partner of DPAC (Damansara Performing Arts Centre). This partnership signifies a new chapter for both organisations, dedicated to expanding the reach of the arts to a broader audience.

The arts industry is no stranger to challenges such as funding, creativity, resources, and expansion. CloudJoi and DPAC understand that unity is the only way to overcome these obstacles and foster a thriving arts community. In this spirit, CloudJoi, now the largest arts-related ticketing platform in the country, is ready to embrace its pivotal role.

CloudJoi's mission has always been about making the arts accessible to all. DPAC, currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, shares this vision with its mission of using art to bring people together. Recognising that by combining their resources, they can have a more profound impact on the arts community, this partnership was born.

“Slowly though, the performing arts community is witnessing a significant shift in mindset. Organisations are recognising the positive value of collaboration and tapping into networking opportunities. Together, we look forward to enriching the cultural landscape and bringing world-class performances to a wider audience,” said Dennis, CEO at CloudJoi.

This partnership signifies an exchange of resources, an expansion of connectivity, and the sharing of audiences. It aims to elevate the arts scene to new heights, offering fresh opportunities for artists to thrive and audiences to explore a broader range of performances. Ultimately, it is a step towards ensuring that the entire arts ecosystem in Malaysia flourishes.

“Together, DPAC and CloudJoi look forward to a future where the arts community continues to thrive and expand.This partnership marks a significant step forward in our shared mission to make the arts more vibrant, inclusive, and accessible to the community we serve,” said Hoh May Yee, General Manager at DPAC.

In celebration of the thriving artistic community, CloudJoi introduces the “Together-Gether Grow” campaign. Log in to your CloudJoi Account, use promo code “BEAPART” during checkout to enjoy a 10% discount on all show tickets, with a maximum RM5 discount, valid for all performances, not limited to DPAC events. CloudJoi and DPAC invite everyone to be part of this journey. Together, they aspire to contribute to the growth and vibrancy of Malaysia's arts and culture scene.

For more information about CloudJoi and DPAC's partnership and the “Together-Gether Grow” campaign, please visit HERE.

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