JoiFest Season 3: A December to Remember with the Grand Finales

Published on 09/12/2023

As the curtain falls on another incredible year, we hope your year is filled with magic and wonders. If you are looking for something extraordinary to bid adieu to your 2023, you are in good hands! JoiFest Season 3 is unveiling its grand finale this December as you sunset this chapter and mark the dawn of a new beginning. The lineup for this round provides you with a wholesome experience from theatre to music concert, dance to musical theatre consisting of fresh performances that are celebrating their premiere with us as well as some favorites we are rescreening in light of your positive responses. Picture this: a virtual wonderland where music, dance, and drama converge, creating a spectacle that'll have you singing, dancing, and maybe even trying out a few dramatic monologues in the mirror.

1. Bandstand: Swing into the Holidays with a Musical Time Capsule

Kickstarting the festival with our all-time favourite, "Bandstand" brings you to the post-war jubilance through a musical journey curated by the brilliant mind behind Hamilton's choreography, Andy Blankenbuehler. It's 1945, and as soldiers return to ticker-tape parades, Private First Class Donny Novitski finds solace in a national musical competition. Together with fellow veterans, they form a band that'll transport you to a world of big-band music and boogie-woogie dancing. It's a tale of resilience, camaraderie, and the healing power of music – the perfect kickoff to your festive escapade.

"A lively world of big-band music, boogie-woogie dancing, and a booming American economy." - TimeOut NY

2. Giselle: Romantic Ballet Reimagined for the Festive Season

Indulge in the romantic reimagining of "Giselle" by Akram Khan and the English National Ballet. With haunting sets, atmospheric lighting, and a score adapted for the festive spirit, it's a balletic journey of love, betrayal, and redemption. Let the ethereal beauty of this performance infuse your holiday celebrations with grace and poise.

3. Macbeth: A Spooky Soiree with Shakespeare

Shake up your holiday traditions with the chilling production of "Macbeth" by the Stratford Festival. Directed by the triple nominee Scott Wentworth, this rendition will have you on the edge of your seat, gasping for breath. Picture a haunted world of ambition, prophecy, and spectral shadows – it's a heart-pounding ride through the darker side of festive drama.

"Left the audience gasping for breath and wanting more!" #WhatPeopleSay 

4. SuperYou: Unleash Your Inner Superhero in a Festive Anthem

As the holiday spirit fills the air, embark on a journey of self-love with "SuperYou." Imagine a comic book artist discovering the magic within herself as her superheroine creations come to life. With mind-blowing performances and an anthemic modern rock score, it's a heartwarming reminder to embrace your own superpowers and dance through life's challenges.

"Celebrating the power inside all of us, demonstrating the resilience of live theater." - Sandy Kenyon, ABC News

5. Romeo & Juliet: Love, Feuds, and a Festive Triumph

Transport yourself to a timeless classic as the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, take center stage. It's not just a tragedy; it's a tale of love triumphing over feuds, perfect for the holiday season. Directed by Scott Wentworth and starring Antoine Yared and Sara Farb, this adaptation premiered at the Stratford Festival, proving that love knows no bounds.

6. Subject: Dive into a Danceplay Wonderland

Explore the immersive wonder of "Subject," recommended as one of the best immersive theater experiences in NYC. In a world shaped by war and memory-erasing drugs, two test subjects take center stage, creating a danceplay that'll leave you spellbound. It's a holiday adventure in the heart of New York City's theater district, where the boundaries between reality and performance blur.

"Absolutely engrossing." - Leah Ableson, No Proscenium

7. Ramin Karimloo Concert: A Musical Gift for the Soul

Wrap up this festive extravaganza with Ramin Karimloo, the musical theatre heartthrob. In this intimate performance, witness the resilience of stage artists during the pandemic as they continue to pursue their artistry. Sing along to musical theatre classics, revel in popular songs, and savor original numbers in a heartfelt cry for the day when the curtains rise again.

"A sumptuous voice that could melt the hardest of hearts..." - Greg Stewart, Theatre Weekly

Embark on a four-week digital spectacle from 8th to 31st December as CloudJoi's digital venue, CloudTheatre, hosts the streaming broadcast of Joifest Season 3. Tickets for individual shows are priced at RM12.90, available for purchase at For the savvy enthusiasts, a bundle collection that offers full access to all 7 featured shows at just RM49.90 – a limited-time deal not to be missed for a comprehensive entertainment experience. CloudJoi, in its commitment to enhanced affordability and accessibility, introduces an exclusive bulk purchase option tailored for academies and institutions. To secure this special offer, interested parties can reach out to via email, ensuring a season filled with captivating performances is within reach for all.

So, gather 'round, pour a cup of cocoa, and be ready to end your year on a high note – surrounded by love, laughter, and the extraordinary. May the magic of these performances linger in your hearts, and may the coming year be filled with even more enchanting moments. Cheers to a festive season adorned with the extraordinary, shared with those who matter most. Until the next curtain rises, happy holidays and a dazzling new year! 

Festival Period

Early Bird/Pre-launch Phase: 1/12/23 - 7/12/23 
Screening Phase: 8/12/23 - 31/12/23 

Season 3 Lineup

SuperYou (Musical)*
Subject (Dance Film)*
Ramin Karimloo Concert (Music)*
Macbeth (Theatre)*
Bandstand (Musical)
Romeo and Juliet (Theatre)
Giselle (Dance)

*Premier on JoiFest 2023 Season 3

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