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DateDec 8th - Dec 31st, 2023

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Duration: 183 minutes

Capulet and Montague are the two major families in the city of Verona, with a deep-seated and bitter feud that often erupts into violent clashes. However, the son of Montague, Romeo, and the daughter of Capulet, Juliet, fall deeply in love at first sight, defying the longstanding animosity between their families. Despite the enmity and against the wishes of their fathers, they bravely choose to pursue their love for each other. In the end, for the sake of their forbidden love and the pursuit of freedom, they dare to defy family loyalties and, ultimately, choose to die together.


Dec 8 - Dec 31, 2023

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The ticket will be valid from Dec 8 - Dec 31, 2023, and once you start watching it, you will have 24 hours to finish.


Sara Farb, Antoine Yared, Seana McKenna, Marion Adler, Evan Buliung, Randy Hughson, Jamie Mac, Wayne Best, Zlatomir Moldovanski, Jim Codrington, Thomas Mitchell Barnet

Scott Wentworth

"Romeo and Juliet" was written by the English playwright William Shakespeare, and it stands as one of Shakespeare's most popular works. Despite being a tragedy, the love between the two young protagonists, Romeo and Juliet, is not inherently tragic. Not only do they love each other deeply but they also boldly pursue their love, willing to risk their lives for it. The strength of their love enables them to face the hatred between their families and challenge the obstacles in their lives. Consequently, while their deaths mark the end of their lives, morally, they achieve a victory, ultimately reconciling the two feuding families. Many scholars and critics refer to this play as an optimistic tragedy, commonly known as a tragicomedy.

The play has been adapted into operas, plays, musicals, symphonies, ballets, films, and television productions multiple times. In 2017, a "Romeo and Juliet" production, directed by Scott Wentworth and starring Antoine Yared and Sara Farb, premiered at the Stratford Festival in Canada.

《罗密欧与朱丽叶》(Romeo and Juliet)是英国剧作家威廉·莎士比亚创作的戏剧,是莎士比亚笔下最受欢迎的作品之一。虽是一出悲剧,但两个青年男、女主人公的爱情本身却不可悲。他们不仅彼此相爱,而且大胆追求他们的爱情,不惜以命拼争。他们的爱情力量使他们敢于面对家族的仇恨,敢于向生活中的障阻挑战。因而他们的死亡虽是生命的终结,却在道德上取得了胜利,终于使两个敌对的家族言归于好。许多学者和评论家从这个意义上称这出戏是乐观主义的悲剧,也就是人们惯说的悲喜剧。

该剧曾被多次改编成歌剧、话剧、音乐剧、交响曲、芭蕾舞剧、电影及电视作品。2017年,由斯科特·温特沃斯(Scott Wentworth)执导、安托万·亚瑞德(Antoine Yared)和萨拉·法尔(Sara Farb)主演的《罗密欧与朱丽叶》在加拿大斯特拉特福德戏剧节(Stratford Festival)正式上演。

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Romeo and Juliet (Theatre)
Giselle (Dance)

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