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Duration: 6 hours

A collaborative 6 hours digital live show showcasing visuals and electronic music artists from Kuala Lumpur. Stay in as they take you to another world with interactive & elaborate sound and visuals experience in the comfort of your home.

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Dec 2020

5:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show


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Kuantum Silau Maya

A collaborative 6 hours digital live show showcasing visuals and electronic music artists from Kuala Lumpur. Stay in as they take you to another world with interactive & elaborate sound and visuals experience in the comfort of your home.

About the Artists

Azarikh Amran

Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

Hi. I'm Azarikh Amran. I’m a motion graphics artist, specializing in 2d and 3d animation. Source of inspiration mostly come from sci-fi art, cyberpunk, retro-futuristic and anything within the same genre. I have also ventured into vj-ing and do a little bit of that on the side.

Seeing how an object in motion interact perfectly with sound gives me ultimate satisfaction. I like seeing animated graphics and experiment by interpreting them differently. Creating animated objects with different perspectives each give different meanings and that’s why it’s so unique. I am inspired everyday and this has driven me to keep my passion alive.

I do 3d projects on a daily basis. But when I say daily, I mean producing 2 to 3 images a week, depending on my free time.

Ed Dix

Musician / DJ
Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

He has always been a musician in love & addicted to music when he was 15 by forming a band as a drummer, drawing influence from Joy Division. He emerged on the scene when he debuted his self released 3 tracks EP 'Planetarian' in 2018 followed by his debut edit on Jakarta's Dekadenz Records for Themes For Divided Tribes Vol.3 a year after. Over the past few years he has done work with various international platforms including Calypso (Mexico), Belly Dance Service (Austria), Soil (Valencia), Nein (UK) & Playground (Barcelona).

His abandoning of boundaries and restrictions led him to refuse sticking to any particular scene or genre which takes in everything from Post-punk to Psychedelic & experimental electronica. Theonly rule is to push the boundaries of conventional electronic music exploring new directions while never losing sight of his core passions – playing music & sharing forward thinking visions.

Nero One

Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

Muhammad Syahman is a 29 years old self taught digital artist. Muhammad learns through self experience; from graphic design to motion graphic, and to interactive media art. His inspirations are drawn from geometrical, futuristic-abstract embedded motives and three dimensional objects. He is a part of Graphcore Collective, Malaysia’s Digital Art Collective. His works has been published and exhibited in various online websites and galleries. He worked for various local and international clientele such as Nike, Hyundai and more during his time in creative agency, Motiofixo.


Musician / DJ
Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

No stranger to the hip crowd in town and a regular face at photoshoots, DJ XU first came to prominence with the weekly indie night Twilight Actiongirl. There he built his niche and reputation through his punk attitude that matched his frantic electro sets. Add post-dubstep, future garage and techno to the dancefloor equation. His sets have regularly sparked excitable responses on Twitter and from the young citizens of the blogosphere.


Musician / DJ
Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

Raised in a multicultural home and nourished by multi-genre music from around the world, her life in Paris steeped her taste into electronic music and its sub-genres. Hitting the party capitals of the world from Ibiza to Berlin to catch top acts further fuelled her love for the scene. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, a city with a rapidly growing underground scene, she’s sharing her love for music inspired by her frequent travels to different parts of the world, absorbing their unique sound and vibe to create her distinctive sets.

Playing at some of the best house and techno nights in the city, has seen her spin from major capitols like NYC to islands like Bali. Her passion for the house/techno genre infused with her unique blend of global ethnic centric music, has seen her go from strength to strength with every set she plays, transporting her audience onto exotic cerebral mindscapes.

This dedication to her craft has gained her opening spots for international DJs such as Re.You, You And Me, Sabb, Matthias Meyer, Technasia, Bas Iberlini, Amine K, Basti Grub, David Squillace, Stefano Noferini, Nora en Pure, Nico Pusch and Alle Farben to name a few. It also got her a mention on Pulse Radio’s “7 Female DJ’s That Are Rocking The Kuala Lumpur Scene Right Now” list.

She is currently holding residencies at Wonderwomen ( Pisco Bar, KL ), LZZY& RIMKA ( The Iron Fairies, KL ) and The Sweatbox ( Le Noir, KL ) apart from playing at many other venues in and out of the country.


Musician / DJ
Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

Roshan is a photographer and the co-Founder of SaturdaySelects; a creative agency, music collective, and record label based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Specialising in music, events and artist management, he has created a platform to share new music from artists around the world via the record label and expand the audiences of the artists and brands he has worked with. With SaturdaySelects, he looks to constantly educate the growing community of listeners that they have established over the past few years via various digital products and campaigns!

Roshan is driven by the different genres from around the world including Afrobeats, Bailefunk, Hip-Hop and House music which he seamlessly blends during his live sets.

Having booked and played alongside Soulection artists such as esta., Joe Kay, Andre Power, TheWhooligan, Yukibeb for their Malaysian debut and other notable DJs such as Branko, Hermitude, Didi Han, BRLLNT and MaximusMMC drives Roshan to bring more up and coming artists to Kuala Lumpur! He also looks to consistently keep his crowd grooving and dancing at his shows. He also hosts the weekly SaturdaySelects radio show and handles the A&R for artists and creative direction under the label.

SeniTibaTiba & Syed

Musician / DJ + VJ
Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

Seni Tibatiba is a multidisciplinary community co-founded by music producer Iwaz and visual artist Syed Muhammad based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Motivated by technology in music and visual art, Seni Tibatiba works with light and sound to create immersive installation and performances that are built to awe the audience with sound and space.

Tsa Meera

Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

Tsa Meera is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Malaysia. Her works involved pretty much all there is in terms of visual arts; from painting to visual projections, animation, illustration and design. She also designs sets and creates props in video productions. Most recently, she went on exploring the spiritual side of life and would like to reflect that in her works.


Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

Vuevossa Visuals is a visual art project focusing on 2D and 3D fractals. The person behind the project is Faris Nasir, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Malaysia whose main art medium is soap bubble; bubbleology.

In his 10 years’ experience performing with bubbles, he dove deeper into soap bubble science and discovered the world of fractals, repeating patterns of different scales that can be found in many fields from music, science, economy to nature.

Using 3D fractal visualisation softwares where fractal formulas are calculated, intricate shapes are rendered into image stills and motion. Vuevossa Visuals create its own VJ contents to match the theme of the music or event.


Musician / DJ
Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

Odd is one part creative maverick, one part music promoter, two parts cosmic traveller and multiple parts a DJ with many facets and sounds all rolled into a ball of excitement and energy ready to be unleashed onto dance floors near you.

Having experienced the regional night scene in the urban jungle of KL post the non apocalyptic Y2k to the rave scene of the tropical jungles of Kho Phangan and onward into the unorthodox mayhem of the European psy-trance festival scene. Whether it was getting stuck into production of a festival behind the scenes of Modem Festival, playing to over 8000 way up front in a Hungarian Festival to taking the dark and groovy dancefloor of the Sweatbox in his native KL , Odd has been a keen sponge absorbing music, energies, experiences and connections. It is this collective accumulation of cosmic experiences and learnings that has turned Odd into the masterful dance floor destroyer cum storyteller that he is.


Artist for Kuantum presented by Silau Maya

Founded in 2017, Akasha Visuals Asia (aka Akasha Visuals) is a collective of artists and lightworkers based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Creating 3D projection mapping artworks and light shows across Asia, Akasha Visuals has a track record of work dedication and fluid styles across different music genres, including Techno, House, Drum & Bass, Progressive Trance, Psytrance, EDM, Dub-step and World Music. With a unique mix of electronic and organic sounds, the team aims to produce visually stimulating and futuristic light art to create an immersive sound and light experience for audiences in different settings and event spaces.




EDT is your personalised team that’s plugged into the future with XR at its core. Based in Malaysia but deployable the world over, EDT uses AR, VR, and MR across different communications touchpoints. EDT has also helped its clients increase customer engagement through AR/VR enterprise tools. And through it all, EDT is here to help clients create a seamless customer experience in their offline to online journey.



Filamen is an Audio Visuals collective where it serves as a platform for all range of people who are into audio visuals to interact with each other and also help expose themselves to public audiences.



Kuantum is a collective, made of like-minded Malaysians passionate in bringing the exotic Malaysian cultures, sounds and visuals into the electronic and digital realm. The Kuantum team curates and produces live as well as online events that visually and aurally stimulates your senses.

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