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Duration: 2 hour 10 minutes

For the very first time, Short+Sweet Film goes online. You can enjoy all 13 short films online via CloudTheatre’s virtual theatre platform from the comfort of your own home.

And yes, you’ll still be able to vote for your favourite film so that it stands a chance to win the coveted Audience Choice Award!

Keep these dates - 1st & 2nd October - free to catch some of the most exciting and creative works by our filmmakers, all ten minutes or under!

Sponsored by Passion Pictures.

Advisory: Recommended for persons 16 years old & above. Contains mature content.

Language: The films are multilingual with English subtitles.  

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Oct 2020

8:00PM (GMT+8)



Oct 2020

8:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show


sweet short film poster

With festivals in 14 countries, there is no stopping the SHORT+SWEET mania. Malaysia is no exception as the festival continues to grow here.

We kick off in KL on 1 October with S+S Film, followed by S+S Stand-Up Comedy+Song, Musical, Dance and finish off with Theatre ending on 24 October. It then moves on to Penang from 30 October to 7 November for Dance and Theatre.

What makes the festival so popular is its unique format. It only premieres new works that are 10 minutes or less. Not only will you be the first to watch these new creations but, in a single night, you get to watch many different works.

Root for your favourite team or, better yet, vote for them and they stand a chance to win the Audience Choice Award.

Come, celebrate us and get swept up in this SHORT+SWEET mania. Like a good Malaysian buffet, there is something for everyone.

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klpac & TAS’ Covid-19 Relief Fundraising

Our losses due to Covid-19 amount close to RM1.4 million. We have to raise another RM300,000 by Dec 2020 to stay afloat. Do join our fundraising by buying a ticket, shopping on Barang Best @ klpac, or making a donation.

Stay updated with us at

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Production Team List

Festival Director & Executive Producer: Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican
Artistic Director: Joe Hasham OAM
Advisor: Easee Gan
Assistant Production Manager: Catherine Lee
Stage Management Team: Benedict Chin, Catherine Lee, Yeo Kok Wei
General Manager - Marketing / Publicity: Ang Yue May
Senior Art Director: Joel Wong
Senior Publicist: Maggie Ong
Publicist: Vishallini Vikram Gopal 



by OhSnapTV

Director: Feisal Azizuddin
Producer: Iskander Azizuddin
Sound designer: Duncan Soo
Actor: Syazani Zikry, Salman Faris


Amidst a city's struggle to contain a pandemic, a young man is suddenly thrust upon the chaos of a stark grim reality.

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by Loong Wah

Director: Loong Wah
Choreographer: Loong Wah
Composer:Loong Wah
Singer: Loong Wah


In the middle of the evening, a host in the Midnight Express Discotheque was about to welcome the quest to the Discotheque. Where the Discotheque has an amazing cabaret shows to be performed on the night.

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by Group 3

Producer, Writer, and Director: Jared Wee
Assistant Director & Editor: Patrick Ng
Director of Photography: Jordan Lim
Sound Recordist: Leon Yong
Color Grading and Sound Design: Ee Beng Han
Runner & Assistant Sound Recordist: Yuen Qi Di
Actor: Raja Adam Iskandar, Kevin Ng, Joey Chia, Patrick Ng, Tan Yik


After a bounty is placed on Inspector Hassan Bakar's head by an old rival he must set out with his new partner, Chin, to bring his nemesis to justice.

Set in the seedy streets of Kuala Lumpur in the 70s, MATA, parodies old buddy-cop shows of the 60s and 70s and infuses them with a Malaysian sense of humor. With the ridiculous humour and over the top acting it's a short film made out of love for the genre and to make people laugh their hearts out.

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by Hamana Productions

Director: Lai Kah Chun
Producer: Rachel Sim
Videographer: Lai Kah Chun, Ng Wui Ping, Tang Tze Chin
Editor: Lai Kah Chun, Tang Tze Chin
Composer: Nicole Mah


Tiptoe follows a 24-year-old plus-size dancer in his struggle between making himself visible not for his size but his talent. The headstrong performing art student faces his conflict of the need to conform to social acceptance - to be lean and tall - and his inherent desire to be himself. He doesn’t need the approval of anyone else but his own yet he struggles with society’s view on him.

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by Padai Film Community

Director: Kumanavannan Rajendran
Cinematographer: Gogularaajan Rajendran
Editor: Mohamed Hilmi Hanifa
Writer: Charles Roberts
Actor: Charles Roberts, Priyanka


A pair of newly acquainted young adults engage in "deep" talks over a joint.

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Yes / No

by Causality Protocol

Director: Aidi G.V.
Producer: Brendan & Sam Azman
Director of Photography: Fyco Foo
Writer: James Li Yang & Aidi G.V.
Production Designer: Puspa & Caryn
Editor: Esther & Aidi G.V.
Scout Manager: Dean
Actor: James Li Yang, Melissa Tan, Sam Azman, Asraf Zulk


The pressure is on when a programmer makes a costly mistake and has to race against time to fix it.

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in bloom.

by Tristen


This is experimenting and manipulating the body. Moving in finite space with infinite capacity. Emulating this feeling of uneasiness, this feeling of being trapped, this peculiar feeling of anxiety in this time of physical distancing.

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Hadiah (Gift)

by Aksara Seni Production

Director: Wan Shah Fariz
Producer: Yusuf Zalfakhar
Videographer: Wan Shah Fariz
Editor: Wan Shah Fariz
Actor: Ms Raja Khatijah & family


A single mother living with her children and elderly mother that revolve around a smartphone that given by mother to her daughter.

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by ThePassionatez


Short film mention about twin sisters with two different personalities, Diana and Daisy, what do they do to each other silent? let's find out...

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An Afternoon at a Beach

by Kualitea Productions

Director: Anis Majida
Director of Photography/Editor: Adibah Khalil
Videographer: Fauzan Hak
Actor: Nabil Musawir, Adiilah Radzak


For Akif, a trip to the beach might be the answer to save their relationship but sometimes trying to understand Raisya is a lot like figuring out the deep sea. An Afternoon at a Beach follows this young couple as they explore their feelings for each other, themselves, and their past. A picture of hesitation, loneliness and hope, this short film is also a love letter for all the things in life that we hold dear but have to let go.

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by Thivian Sivananthen

Director: Thivian Sivananthen
Producer: Thivian Sivananthen, Praveena Rajah Ganaesan, Chan Li Yin
Production Manager: Praveena Rajah Ganaesan
Make Up Artist: Chan Li Yin
Director Of Photography: Calvin Khor
Script Writer: Jade Tan Yoke Neo
Assistant Director Of Photography: Advin Singh
Production Assistant: Nikhil Lamba
Music: Abstract Nature
Actor: Alya Amani, Adrian Tam


The video starts off with a girl taking a video story of herself explaining how she’s feeling bittersweet about finishing her final exam paper, and how she’s excited about starting her journey of becoming an actress. She records her journey from the audition to her getting selected as the main lead. But what she didn’t realize is that she was given the role by the director with ulterior motives.

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by Reel & Real Visual Production House

Director: Christy Vicknesraj, Anuradha Jeyaratnam
Producer: Patrick Paul Peter, Anuradha Jeyaratnam
Scriptwriter: Patrick Paul Peter
Editor: Christy Vicknesraj
Stylist: Harshini Sukumaran
Actor: Patrick Paul Peter, Harshini Sukumaran


Family is everything...but how much of your dream are you willing to give up for your everything? Sherin, a passionate dancer is torn between an opportunity she never dreamt of and her brother who although successful, is on the behavioural spectrum.

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by Mitesh Take

Director: Mitesh Take
Producer: Vanita Take
Screenplay: Mitesh Take
Production: Kalpak Take
Editor: Shekhar Indu
Videographer: Srujan Take, Mitesh Take
Sound & Music: Dnyaneshwar Kasid
Graphic Designer: Mahesh Bhand
Actor: Vanita Take, Mitesh Take


Due to the corona virus pandemic, a married middle class Indian couple is in a lockdown situation. The wife stands against domestic violence and becomes a DURGA - the goddess of war.

DURGA (Sanskrit: दुर्गा, IAST: Durgā) :: identified as Adi Parashakti, is a principal and popular form of the Hindu Goddess. She is a goddess of war, the warrior form of Parvati, whose mythology centers around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and Dharma the power of good over evil.

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