Noted With Thanks by Kuah Jenhan (Penang)

All Asia Comedy, Two Funny Productions Sdn Bhd

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Jun 2024

8:30PM (GMT+8)


About Noted With Thanks

The global lockdown happened four years ago. Can you believe it? Doesn’t it feel like it happened just two months ago? Well, it was a crazy time and crazy times call for crazy decisions. Some of us found love(s), lost love(s), lost ourselves, and adopted a cat(s).

Malaysian comedy star Kuah Jenhan, on the other hand, got his first job-job at the age of 34. Office life is tough when you've been a stand-up comedian for 15 years and now your idea of a ‘workshop' is no longer a group of stage performers making weird mouth sounds and big physical stretches, it is nodding at a speaker while you ‘brainstorm’ in your plastic chair- but it turns out, Jenhan’s pretty great at that too! 

But does it mean he ceases to be a comedian?

Noted With Thanks is about how not to give up on your dreams by giving up on them. lt's the fish-out-of-water, printer-out-of-paper story that will have you laughing in a completely SFW kind of way.

A cracker of a show ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Herald Sun

Be prepared to LOL with abandon. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Music 

You’ll leave with a soft spot for this modestly-spoken comedian. Chortle

Ticket Pricing

Hello future fans, allow me to explain why this tier is so much more exorbitant than the rest. This tier is for those of you who are more financially forward at this juncture. You are someone who can afford to support (really support) artistic endeavours such as my show, and not only that, allow more people to share in the experience and enjoy it too.

Because you’re able to pay this price, I was able to drop ALL other ticket prices while still making sure we’re able to break even and preferably enjoy a little profit. Putting on a comedy tour is not like the ‘one man show’ it appears to be on stage. When I’m able to put together a tour like this, I make it a point to employ as many people as I can within reason. 

Because you’re able to pay this price, I was able to drop ticket prices up to RM30, effectively allowing me to bring the cheapest ticket down to a much more affordable RM68. Just to be clear…the show you’ll watch from this tier is the exact same show. 

By getting these tickets, you get to pick the most exclusive seats right in the centre of the hall, safely behind the ‘Oh no! sit so front, later comedians pick on me!’ zone, priority lane for photo taking, surprises, and my sincerest thanks.

Other Tickets
Welcome to the meeting. Please take a seat.

About Kuah Jenhan

In the 16 years since Kuah Jenhan committed himself to comedy, he has been shortlisted for various prestigious awards such as Best Comedy Show at Perth Fringe World and Best Original Book and/or Lyrics for the musical Lat Kampung Boy at the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards.

He has only ever won two things– Tug-of-War competition in Methodist Boys’ Secondary School Kuala Lumpur (G-O-L-D!) and the approval of his mother, which many will argue is all that matters in an Asian household.

His approach to comedy tends to affect people in the most unexpected ways. You expect to laugh out loud. You don’t expect to lie awake at night unpacking the meaning of life.

It’s this effect that has affected his career. From being unsure about stand-up comedy to performing sold-out shows in distant lands like Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, it has opened up doors for him to explore a host of many other roles such as writer, thespian, producer, director, and cat (this one is not true. Just a bonus if you’re still reading). He has written and performed six solo shows to date.

Other notable shows include staging a show with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, writing and directing ‘Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians’, a 6-part comedy series, and flying across continents to beg for love (from an ex) which, let's be honest, is more tragedy than it is comedy. How’s that for a resume?

Written & Performed by: Kuah Jenhan
Executive Producer: Kuah Jenhan
Tour Producer: Chrisy Wu
Stage Producer: Melissa Teoh
Australia Producer: Toby Sullivan
Set Design: Melissa Teoh
FOH Manager : Syed Zalihafe
Social Media Manager: Michelle Chan
Team Jenhan:
Lee Kai Ling, Jesslyn Khor, Cham Ai Qi & Chloe Mah
Videography: Spectrum Film Studios
Poster designed by: Jarrod Reginald & The Chariot Agency
Special Thanks: The Chariot Agency

This tour is supported by: Berjaya Corporation Berhad


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