The Kingdom of Childhood 童年王国

George Town Festival


Time8:30AM, 3:30PM





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Duration: 210 minutes without intermission
Recommended for: 6 years old and above

Far away from phones and tablets, young explorers are invited to let their imaginations soar and breathe in the fresh outdoor air. It is time to reconnect with nature and disconnect from technology, to create, play and imagine once more.

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Jul 2024

8:30AM (GMT+8)

3:30PM (GMT+8)



Jul 2024

8:30AM (GMT+8)

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3:30PM (GMT+8)



Jul 2024

8:30AM (GMT+8)

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Jul 2024

8:30AM (GMT+8)

3:30PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

The Kingdom of Childhood welcomes all young explorers, to embark on two weekends buzzing with artistic discovery and the wonders of nature. 

Armenian Park’s greenery is transformed into a cosy arts playground, with a whirlwind of ticketed art activities and social art corners to delve into. At the Mak-Ipo Kitchen, children can roll up their sleeves and make hearty and sweet desserts to fill their bellies!

Far away from phones and tablets, young explorers aged 6 to 13 are invited to let their imaginations soar and breathe in the fresh outdoor air. Accompanying adults can read, rest and relax under the gentle and watchful eye of trees, to take a pause from the hustle and bustle as their little ones run free and laugh the day away. Art activities are also available for adults who wish to escape the stresses of working life. 

It is time to reconnect with nature and disconnect from technology, to create, play and imagine once more. 

Ticketed Art Activities (Groups: 6-9 years old, 10-13 years old)

- Wet-on-wet painting
- Rainbow yarn crafts
- Hands-on dessert-making
- Games

Free Social Art Activities (Registration required)

(a) For ages 21 and above:
- Giant string art, guided by an artist
- Veil painting, guided by an artist

(b) For all ages, with children below 6 accompanied by a guardian
- Free play zone for waiting siblings, with a sand pit, rocking horse and more
- Rest ‘n’ Read zone for waiting adults 
- Sketch zone for all interested public

Ticket Price

Original Price 

RM 50

Early Bird 20/5 - 9/6

RM 43

Group Sales (Bundle for 4)

RM 180

Additional & Accessibility Info

Ticketed Activities:

- Ticketed activities are only available for participants aged 6 until 13.
- Each participating child requires a ticket for entry. Kindly purchase your child's ticket according to your desired time slot. 
- Accompanying adults will not require a ticket for entry. However, if an accompanying adult wishes to participate in the free activities available, registration is required. 
- Due to the venue's limited spacing, only one accompanying adult will be allowed per family to avoid overcrowding.

Free Activities:

- Free activities are available for all ages, and a few are restricted to participants aged 21 years and above. 
- Children aged 6 years and under will require a guardian.
- Registration is required for each participant. 

- As all activities are outdoors, participants are kindly advised to bring along a hat and water bottle. Comfortable clothes and sports shoes are advised for participants taking part in games.
- Refreshments are also available at the venue.

- If you have any questions or concerns regarding this event, please reach out to Waldorf Circle Penang at 012-4213077

Artist Bio

Waldorf Circle Penang

Waldorf Circle Penang is a community learning centre offering Steiner Waldorf-inspired learning. The educational style is holistic and experimental to develop students’ intellectual, artistic and practical skills, with a focus on imagination and creativity. Established since 2011, Waldorf has cultivated a positive learning environment for children. What began with a mother, a tutor and two children is now a thriving and loving learning community based in Seberang Perai, with around 100 families and 150 children.

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