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Duration: 70 minutes

Prepare to be enchanted as the DPAC Spring Fest 2024 unfolds with the theme "Harmony in Bloom." This year's celebration promises a vibrant tapestry of arts, culture, and entertainment, weaving together the diverse threads of creativity in a symphony of colors and emotions.

"Harmony in Bloom" encapsulates the essence of unity, balance, and the beauty that emerges when various elements come together seamlessly. It's an exploration of the interconnectedness of different art forms, cultures, and perspectives, blooming into a collective masterpiece.


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Feb 2024

11:00AM (GMT+8)

3:00PM (GMT+8)



Feb 2024

11:00AM (GMT+8)

3:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show



  • Jeff Chua 蔡征辐

《白蛇传 - 遊湖》

蔡征辐(许仙)    Jeff Chua (Xu Xian)
郑玲玲(白素贞)    Chang Leng Leng (White Snake)
*柳宝月(青蛇)    *Erina Faye Leong (Green Snake)
*邓文颖(青蛇)    **Tang Wen Ying  (Green Snake)
叶金丽(船夫)    Iris Yap (Boatman)

*11am     柳宝月(青蛇)    Erina Faye Leong (Green Snake) 
** 3pm     邓文颖(青蛇)    Tang Wen Ying  (Green Snake)

Legend of the White Snake - Boating by the West Lake
The white and green snakes, who had cultivated into immortals, had an unfinished predestined relationship with the monk Xu Xian in their past lives. In this life, they transformed into the women Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing, going out to search for the old friend in Suzhen's thoughts. Happily meeting Xu Xian boating on West Lake, the two snake immortals cast a spell, creating a gust of wind and rain. Unable to bear it, Xu Xian invited them to share the boat to avoid the rain. Xu Xian and Suzhen developed mutual affection, and in the end, the boat reached the entrance of the Qingbo River. Xu Xian lent his umbrella to Bai Suzhen, and the two parted with reluctance.

Jeff Chua - Malaysian Cantonese Opera advocate. In 2011, participated in the musical "Princess Wen Cheng" produced by Asia Musical Productions (AMP) and performed in Taiwan. In 2012, due to its great reception, the musical also toured to Beijing, Xi'an, Singapore, and the Kuala Lumpur Cultural Palace. Founded the "Tai Hei Sound" group in 2014. In 2017, the group was specially invited by JKKN to hold a Cantonese Opera concert at the Malaysia Tourism Center (MaTiC) as part of the Cultural Awareness campaign. In 2018, directed and organized the concert "The Sound Of Tai Hei 2" at DPAC for two nights, and tickets were sold out. A total of RM72,000 was raised in the charity concert and donated to the IQ70+ mental disability protection center in Petaling Jaya. 
Throughout the year, he was invited to perform at events, weddings, annual dinners, and other concerts. They also conducted workshops at schools and campuses several times to promote Cantonese opera art.



The Gluttonous Kitchen
In this performance, DiAbolution departs from the traditional solemn performance style of bell ringing and presents it with black humor and a light-hearted and entertaining approach. Inspired by Chinese chefs, this performance not only uses traditional sticks and strings for bell ringing but also cleverly incorporates various kitchen utensils and equipment into the act, offering the audience a unique and unconventional show. In this distinctive Feast Inn, the interplay of fresh cooking and ringing bells invites the audience to savor this unique performance feast.
Unlike traditional performances, ‘Gourmet Restaurant’ allows the audience to actively participate, engaging with the actors to collectively experience this distinctive show.

DiAbolution 致力于在扯铃表演艺术文化中加入各种元素,以加深观众对扯铃表演的了解和可能性,以及消除对扯铃的刻板印象。
近年来也活跃参与各大艺术节与演出活动,如:2023年新加坡《华艺节》,2022《全国华人艺术节》,2022 Astro 迎春接福大庆点,2023 Sime Darby Art Festival, 2023 雪州新春博览会。
Established in April 2018, led by Artistic Director Ryn Mah and a group of members passionate about promoting the Malaysian art of diabolo performance. The mission and focus of DiAbolution are centered around promoting the cultural and artistic aspects of diabolo performance in Malaysia.
Devoted to incorporating various elements into the diabolo performance arts culture, DiAbolution seeks to deepen the audience’s understanding of diabolo performances and explore the possibilities within, aiming to dispel any stereotypical impressions associated with diabolo.
In 2019, DiAbolution produced Malaysia’s first locally produced diabolo theater and presented it at the Damansara Performing Arts Centre.
In recent years, DiAbolution has actively participated in various major art festivals and performance events, including the 2023 Singapore Huayi Festival, the 2022 National Chinese Arts Festival, the 2022 Astro Chinese New Year Celebration, the 2023 Sime Darby Art Festival, and the 2023 Selangor Chinese New Year Expo.

  • 马来西亚古筝学院


“Fighting the Typhoon” Composition: Wang Changyuan 
Composed by the renowned guzheng player Wang Changyuan, this piece mainly depicts a dock facing a typhoon. Workers engage in a battle to protect the nation’s property against the typhoon and ultimately emerge victorious. The entire composition is majestic, gripping, and highly narrative.
“Echoes of Ancient Medley” Adaptation: Malaysia Guzheng Academy 
Comprising several familiar Chinese-style pop songs, this adaptation demonstrates the advantages and characteristics of guzheng playing, enriching the music with poetic and rhythmic elements.
“Spring Festival Overture” Composition: Li Huanzhi, Adaptation: Cui Jianghui 
Adapted from the overture of Li Huanzhi’s orchestral work “Spring Festival Suite” – “Spring Festival Overture.” The piece is created using the tunes, rhythms, and themes of Chinese folk yangko and folk songs from northern Shaanxi. The melody is lively and beautiful, rich in ethnic style, and the rhythm is vivid, vividly reflecting the lively scenes of people celebrating traditional festivals with joy, drumming, and dancing.

The Guzheng Academy 
Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, The Guzheng Academy was founded by Sara Heng and Cloud Teo, both professional Guzheng musicians with a master’s degree in Guzheng performance from China. The Guzheng Academy has its mission to cultivate appreciation for traditional Guzheng music and explore modern arts of Guzheng.


  • 共享空间专业舞团

是共享空间专业舞团在疫情中的故事,还有那份因为梦想而不愿放弃的择善坚持,分享舞团如何在梦想的道路上继续创造可能性。这个作品送给本土所有表演者 、艺术界以及国家的所有朋友。共享生命的坚毅与面对困境的失落,无论是坚持与失去,爱与悲働的分享,让我们一起共同拥有这本土的故事 — 筑善共舞的瞻望。

Roads Await
Dua Space Dance Theatre released this creation to share sentiments about withstanding the surge of the pandemic and how the company continues creating possibilities. The performance hopes to encourage everyone who is recovering and still pursuing their dreams after the turbulent time of the pandemic.
“Roads Await” beautifully captured the evolution of Malaysia during the pandemic through dance, this production serves as a valuable record of everyone’s experience during the pandemic period.
Together, We Create a Road That Leads to Endless Possibilities.

新春到来, 万象更新。
舞蹈作品中使用特别设计的舞狮面具, 点题春节的到来。同时也使用华人舞蹈的绣球, 点题过年红彤彤的节庆气氛。舞者穿着现代的服饰搭配, 以时尚的社会形象迎接华人过年的气息。

Whisper of Spring
Spring is the beginning of a year. The cheerful atmosphere and our anticipation for a fruitful year fills out hearts.
Using the specially designed props of the image of lion dance, the dance signifies the arrival of spring time. Six dancers, wearing modern attires, dancing with lucky ball props to render the lively atmosphere during the festive celebration of Chinese New Year.

创办人马金泉与叶忠文于1998年成立马来西亚首个全职性专业现代舞团,为本土舞蹈历史掀开崭新的一页。舞团英译“DUA SPACE”,即喻意交流与共享。
舞团作品吸纳各类艺术形式的精华,以现代舞、华族舞、马来西亚各民族舞蹈等元素创作,如《TWO》、《呐喊:舞与蒙克的相约》、《后羿与嫦娥》、《大马薪传》、《黑白变》、《DEN》、《万象甲骨》、《大树成林》、《男左女右》、《法华经:舞动莲华共生》 等等。

Dua Space Dance Theatre 
Established by Anthony Meh and Aman Yap in 1998, Dua Space Dance Theatre is the first full-time professional contemporary dance company in Malaysia. ‘Dua Space’ carries the meaning of sharing and interaction.
The company has created various productions, absorbing elements from Chinese dance and Malaysian ethnic dances into contemporary dance forms, such as ‘TWO’, ‘Scream-A Response to Munch’, ‘The Legend of Hou Yi and Chang Er’, ‘Anak Malaysia’, ‘Black & White@VARIATION’, ‘DEN’, ‘Ancient Inscriptions’, ‘The Tree’, ‘MW-Men and Women Seeking for Love’, ‘The Lotus Sutra’ and many more.
The company had performed in China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Pakistan, Indonesia, London, Philippines, India, Spain, and South American countries including Peru, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay.
Besides producing dance productions for theatre performances, Dua Space Dance Theatre also develop projects to promote dance through education, community outreach, and online platforms.



Rhythm Euphoria
Each drummer possesses their own unique style and technique, but they all share a common goal: to create a harmonious melody. They express their inner emotions through beats, freely wielding the drumsticks in their hands, bringing the public to wander in the ocean of music and experiencing the charm and power of rhythm.

《Sai Ulai》
“Sai Ulai”是印尼语[丰收]的意思,这首歌是马来西亚东马原住民在丰收时所唱的歌。众人齐聚一堂,在长屋里高歌到隔日早上,其美意象征着[团圆]。过去这种舞蹈是在社区庆祝活动中由一群妇女在晚间表演,以欢迎战士们从狩猎中归来,或者在一年一度的收获季节结束后,庆祝活动中表演。而今,这种舞蹈会在节日或庆祝活动中表演娱宾。
"Sai ulai" which stands for "harvest" in Indonesian, tells the story of the indigenous people of East Malaysia who sings this song during the harvesting season. During this season, people will gather and sing in the longhouse together until early morning of the next day. This song also stands as a symbolization of "togetherness." In the past, this dance would be performed by a group of women during community events, either to welcome warriors' return from hunting, or to celebrate the end of the annual harvest season. Today, this dance is performed during festivals or celebratory events for VIPs or visitors to enjoy.

Instrument: Handpan, Kompang, Rainstick

从五官感觉到无关感觉,就是一个⌠觉⌡的过程。这就是覺奏感打击乐团成立的主要核心。覺奏感打击乐团由唐勇豪于 2016 年创办,乐团一直坚守藉由鼓动人心来把打击乐给普及化的理念,从中教育下一代对于打鼓是一种态度和自律,培育更多打击乐手以及懂得欣赏打击乐的观众。


Founded by Thong Yoong How in 2016, FrhythmS Percussion firmly believes that percussion is an attitude, a discipline, and an artistic way of experiencing life with heart. They have consistently adhered to the concept of popularizing percussion through rhythms and melodies, where rhythms produced through percussion are believed to have therapeutic effects, allowing people to relax and calm down. Besides, they are currently on a mission to educate the next generation about drumming as an attitude, in hope of nurturing more percussionists, and cultivating appreciation of percussion in the younger generations. 

FrhythmS Percussion incorporates percussion from various ethnic groups, such as Malay, Indian, indigenous, and Western musical rhythms, as well as elements of dance, physical movement, and theater. This diversity ensures that the ensemble is not limited to a specific performance or drumming style, focusing primarily on rhythm and sound, showcasing the unique blend of cultures in Malaysia. 

Currently, FrhythmS Percussion’s rehearsal space is located in Cheras, Selangor. Their team consists of 4 full-time members and 14 part-time members, divided into educating teams or performing arts teams. 




The Big-Head Buddha in Lion Dance
A long time ago, there was a widow and her only son living on a street in Foshan. The son’s name was Foshan, and he had an exceptionally large head, earning him the nickname “Big-Head Buddha.” Big-Head Buddha loved to play with autumn colors, but his mother thought that playing with autumn colors was just fooling around and didn’t want him to participate. However, Big-Head Buddha often sneaked out to play behind his mother’s back.
One year during the autumn color festivities, Big-Head Buddha secretly followed the procession to play. When his mother found out and chased after him, it was still early autumn, and the weather was hot. His mother happened to have a sunflower fan in her hand. Upon seeing her son, she used the sunflower fan to hit him on the head while scolding him. Big-Head Buddha dodged left and right, weaving through the autumn color procession. Onlookers mistook this “widow publicly hitting her son” scene for a new act in the autumn color festivities and couldn’t help but cheer. Eventually, folk artists adapted this story into a performance during the autumn color parade.


Zixuangong Shiyuan Lion & Dragon Dance Association 
The Association is an active lion dance performance group in Malaysia. Since its establishment, this sports association has gained recognition for its powerful lion dance performances, bringing a festive atmosphere to various celebrations and events. Through their unique style of performance, they introduce Chinese traditional culture to Malaysia, presenting the audience with a visual and cultural feast. The prowess of Zixuangong Shiyuan Lion & Dragon Dance Association in contributing to traditional culture is well-acclaimed, making them a significant force in Malaysia’s performing arts scene.


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