CloudJoi Connect Ep. 4: Seeing Beyond the Curtain 2

George Town Festival


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Duration: 120 minutes without intermission

CloudJoi Connect is an event designed to unite the arts community, to explore new opportunities, promote collaboration and encourage resource sharing. And it arrives on Penang’s shores this July!




Jul 2024

4:00PM (GMT+8)

Forum 1: Just Put Up a Poster and Tickets Sell Automatically?

8:00PM (GMT+8)

Forum 2: Beyond Data – Unseen Factors in Successful Productions


Join us for CloudJoi Connect Ep. 4: Seeing Beyond the Curtain 2, a dynamic forum featuring discussions on two pivotal topics: Marketing and Resources in the performing arts.

This event aims to delve into the intricacies of audience engagement, ticket sales, and resource management, providing valuable insights for artists, producers, and enthusiasts alike.

Forum 1: Just Put Up a Poster and Tickets Sell Automatically?

Based on the CloudJoi Annual Data Report 2023, we explore audience behaviours and ticket purchasing trends. Last-minute ticket sales often spike, presenting a challenge and an opportunity. How can we leverage this behaviour? Are there new strategies to boost Early Bird sales? What does "setting up multiple sales channels" mean for the performing arts, and where do we find these channels? Moreover, consistency in creating works and shows is crucial for building an audience. What are the best practices and concerns in curating these works? 

Join our panellists, two of CloudJoi's best-selling producers, as they share their insights, tools, and strategies for effective marketing.

William Yap: Co-founder of W Productions, with two best-selling shows in the theatre category.
Mahyar: Co-founder of Just Jokes, renowned for weekly comedy shows.

Forum 2: Beyond Data – Unseen Factors in Successful Productions

While data on ticket prices strategies, audience spending power, age demographics, and seasonal trends are crucial, what other factors are often overlooked? Networking, securing resources, collaborating with different parties, and the skill of securing festival spots can be just as important. Our panellists, experienced producers and directors who work on international projects, will share key insights into these often-neglected elements that drive success in the performing arts.

Bilqis Hijjas: Director of Rimbun Dahan.
Ling Tang: Artistic Director of George Town Festival.
Tan Cher Kien: Instant Cafe Theatre’s producer and owner of Siring Siring.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from industry leaders and network with fellow professionals. We look forward to seeing you there and exploring new ways to enhance the performing arts together.


3.30pm: Registration
4.00pm: Presentation from CloudJoi
4.20pm: Forum 1
5.20pm: Q&A
5.55pm: Photo Session
6.00pm: Dinner and Networking
*Forum 2 attendees are welcome to our networking session from 6pm to 8pm.
8.00pm: Presentation from CloudJoi
8.20pm: Forum 2
9.20pm: Q&A
9.55pm: Photo Session
10.00pm: End

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CloudJoi, a visionary digital platform that emerged in May 2020, born from the creative minds of Dennis Lee, William Yap, and Kevin Teh. At its core, CloudJoi is dedicated to providing premier ticketing services and an advanced streaming platform tailor-made for the world of performing arts. By unburdening productions from the complexities of ticketing, marketing, and resource procurement, CloudJoi has rapidly grown into a transformative force. With a remarkable track record of empowering over 1,000 shows and facilitating the sale of a staggering 380,000+ tickets, CloudJoi is driving innovation and fostering a sense of unity and collaboration within the community.

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