Important updates Sales And Services Tax (SST)

Published on 29/12/2023

To align with Malaysia's Custom regulations, CloudJoi will implement the revised 8% SST on all services rendered. This adjustment will come into effect from March 1, 2024.

Scope of the SST Adjustment: It's crucial to note that the 8% SST will be applicable to all service-related charges on CloudJoi, including but not limited to all types ticketing handling fees, promotion and marketing services, and payment gateway handling fees.

It's important to highlight that the 8% SST is not applied to the entire ticket selling price. Instead, it is exclusively applicable to the service charges rendered by CloudJoi, as outlined in the invoices issued to organizers. This distinction ensures that the impact on the overall cost of tickets remains minimized, with the SST focusing solely on CloudJoi's service-related fees.

For more information about SST please refer to Ministry of Finance official statement:

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