A JoiFest of Magic, Music, and Mayhem:

Published on 13/02/2023

CloudJoi brings Broadway and the West End straight to your home, every Thursday to Sunday at 9pm!

Performing arts digital hub CloudJoi is proud to present the inaugural edition of JoiFest, a digital performing arts festival! From February to November this year, audiences all over Malaysia and Singapore will have access to a curated selection of 17 shows comprising plays, musicals, dance and documentaries, from Broadway and beyond! From The Last Five Years to Akram Khan’s Giselle, from quality Shakespearean classics to Jane Austen’s beloved Emma — JoiFest is bringing these and more, straight to audiences at home, via online streaming! Trailers are already available on CloudJoi’s social media channels.

Season 1 of JoiFest kicks off with 6 celebrated curtain opening shows, providing a holistic perspective on love (romantic, familial, for homeland, humanity, the arts, etc) — the perfect extended Valentine experience! The streaming broadcast starts from 23 February, running four nights a week till 19 March.

Streamed online via CloudTheatre, a digital venue on, JoiFest will unite audiences in the two nations, with pre- and post-show mingling in a single simulated “theatre space”. Friends will be able to see each other, interact, and catch up before the show —  just like in a physical theatre lobby, but without the queue!

Available only during the festival’s three seasons spread throughout the year, JoiFest will include a host of fun activities to enhance the overall festival experience. These range from a dance challenge to games, quizzes, and giveaways, and ticket arrangements for those who want to gather together for cosy and lively watch parties! A trailer is available on CloudJoi’s YouTube channel.

We are thrilled to bring JoiFest to life and share with audiences — especially new audiences — the magic of performing arts, in the comfort of their own homes,

CloudJoi CEO, Dennis Lee, expressed excitement at the chance to offer this festival to audiences in Malaysia, and contribute to the vibrancy of our performing arts scene. “We are thrilled to bring JoiFest to life and share with audiences — especially new audiences — the magic of performing arts, in the comfort of their own homes,” Lee said, adding: “These are performing arts shows which have been filmed in front of live audiences  —  they are professionally captured and edited, but they are not movies. This is really a great opportunity to catch these performances from abroad, without having to pay a lot to travel overseas. This is the first time we are curating a full-scale festival, so we secured the best shows we could get our hands on, from Broadway, the West End, and the Stratford Festival.”

Season 1 highlights include Jason Robert Brown’s multiple award-winning musical The Last Five Years; a highly acclaimed musical adaptation of beloved Jane Austen novel Emma, and Akram Khan’s landmark collaboration/choreography of Giselle with the English National Ballet (for which Malaysia’s very own dance doyen Mavin Khoo served as Rehearsal Director!) 

From the Stratford Festival come spellbinding, captivating productions of iconic Shakespeare works Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. Rounding these off is On Broadway, an intimate, insightful behind-the-scenes documentary of Broadway and how the performing arts struggled to survive the pandemic, featuring luminaries such as Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Helen Mirren, John Lithgow, Viola Davis, Christine Baranski, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

“They’re amazing shows, but it’s about more than just ‘come and watch this show’ — JoiFest is a celebration of the performing arts community and a chance to connect with fellow fans. We really hope everyone joins us for a fruitful and enriching conversation!” Lee said, concluding: “And stay tuned for the next two seasons, with more exciting titles!”

JoiFest show tickets are priced from RM25 to RM 35. Early bird tickets (9-23 Feb) have a 10% discount. A three-show bundle is RM75, while a season pass is RM95. Educators/students get 10% off. Tickets are available online from 9 Feb at For bulk ticket purchase & online watch party, email 

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