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Duration: 210 minutes with intermission (30 minutes)
Doors Open: 30 minutes before the show
Seating: Free Seating
Recommended for: 12 years old and above

Connecting the continent, one network-building camp at a time.

The Asian Producers' Platform (APP) brings two forum sessions to George Town, featuring panel speakers from festivals in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia.

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Jul 2024

2:30PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

Connecting the continent, one network-building camp at a time.

The Asian Producers’ Platform (APP) began in 2014 with a yearly camp in different cities across the continent. It is driven by a core mission to understand the arts and culture ecosystem and working landscape on a deeper level, nurture producers through peer-to-peer learning practices and increase exchange and collaboration among Asian practitioners and countries.

APP brings two forum sessions to George Town, revolving around discussions on “Festival”:

APP X GTF: Open Forum 1 WHY FESTIVAL (2:30pm-4:00pm)

Festivals encourage imagination, offering safe spaces to not only artists and the arts, but also the community, audiences and the public at large. An international panel of speakers share their ideas and experiences and delve deep into their vision of festivals as welcoming platforms that nurture creativity and foster innovation.

Panel Speakers:
Ling Tang (Artistic Director - George Town Festival, Malaysia)
Sekar Alit (Founder - Sawung Dance Festival, Indonesia)
Kamini Ramachandran (Founder - StoryFest, Singapore)

Ian Leung (Senior Programme Manager - Hong Kong Arts Festival)

APP X GTF: Open Forum 2 HOW WE FEST (4:30pm-6:00pm)

Attendees will gain eye-opening insights as this all-Malaysian panel shares how they have relentlessly pulled resources together to maintain their festivals as stages for artistic expression, despite the challenging work environment.

Panel Speakers:
Eric Ch’ng (Pangkor Island Festival)
Paul Augustin (Penang Island Jazz Festival)
Joseph Foo (Klang River Festival)

Dr Sarena Abdullah

Group Bio

The Asian Producers’ Platform (APP)

The Asian Producers’ Platform is a peer-to-peer network originally initiated by a small group of independent producers working across Asia. Since 2014, APP has brought together over 100 performing arts producers through a series of intensive camps in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and more. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the local arts and cultural scenes, cultural policy and the social and political landscape artists practise in. The camps allow participants to establish industry networks across Asia, explore producing as a creative practice and develop intercultural practice and arts leadership.

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