TiTi Jazz and Music- 音乐沙龙系列(五):妈妈别担心, 我会好好的

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Duration: 120 minutes

TiTi Jazz and Music is the first and only Broadway standard performance venue in Sri Petaling.

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Aug 2023

3:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

Joyce一直以来都积极提倡关爱自闭症儿童,为他们发声。而Joyce的儿子Clarence Kang,则是一位多才多艺的天才钢琴家,他在3岁时被诊断出患有自闭症谱系障碍(ASD)。
TiTi Jazz and Music很荣幸能邀请到Joyce将与她的女儿Chermaine及儿子Clarence一同登上音乐沙龙的舞台,与大家分享他们感人的故事,希望观众可以感受音乐在他们生活中的力量和温暖,被这份美妙的音乐所鼓舞。

Joyce, a passionate advocate for Autism Awareness, joins forces with her daughter Chermaine and son Clarence Kang to share their inspiring journey at the Music Salon. Clarence, a multifaceted savant pianist, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of 3. Despite his diagnosis, Clarence embarked on a remarkable musical journey at the age of 10, showcasing his innate ability to read music notes, effortlessly memorize pieces, and transcribe and analyze complex chords. Join us at the Music Salon as Joyce, Chermaine, and Clarence take the stage to share their heartfelt story of nurturing Clarence's talent and the power of music in their lives.

Ticket Price: RM40 per pax (Adult) | RM20 (7-12 years old)

  • include 6% SST 
  • include admission for 1 pax to the show 
  • the price of the ticket includes one drink
  • For children aged 7 to 12 years old, the ticket price is RM20. For participants aged 13 and above, including adults, the ticket price is RM40.
  • We require Kids to present their IC (Identification Card) for entry checking purposes.


Joyce Lim

Joyce Lim is the founder and principal of Melodic Music Centre, one of the pioneering music schools in Malaysia since 1985. Joyce is a versatile musician with proficiency in various instruments including the piano, organ, drums, and trumpet. Beyond teaching, Joyce has actively participated in singing competitions in Malaysia, emerging as the champion in the “Genting Chinese Love Song Singing Contest” and has served as a judge for singing competitions since 1995.
Aside from her musical pursuits, Joyce enjoyed a successful career as a professional model in the 1980s and secured the second runner-up position in the Mrs. Malaysia World competition in 2004.

Clarence Kang

Clarence Kang is a multifaceted savant pianist who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of 3. Despite his diagnosis, Clarence began his musical journey at 10 years old, demonstrating an innate ability to read music notes, memorise pieces effortlessly, transcribe, and analyse complex chords. Moreover, his musical interests extend to composition, and he has composed several original piano pieces, including 'Concert Fantaisie'.
As a seasoned performer, Clarence has proudly represented Malaysia in numerous international music competitions and performances, showcasing his talent in countries such as Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. His skills have earned him numerous awards and recognition. Recently, he received the Licentiate of the London College of Music (LLCM) in 2023 and the ‘Outstanding Youth Award’ from the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development in 2019.

Chermaine Kang

Chermaine Kang is the manager of Melodic Music Centre and graduated with a Degree in Classical Music, majoring in Piano Performance in 2016. Throughout her musical journey, Chermaine has participated in several piano competitions and received the Outstanding Performer’s award in the 2002 Piano Festival. She has also collaborated with her brother, Clarence, using their musical performances to raise awareness for Autism.
Inspired by Clarence and her mother, Joyce's advocacy work, Chermaine has participated in several beauty pageants to promote Autism Awareness in Malaysia. In Miss Grand Kuala Lumpur 2019, she won 1st runner-up and ‘Best in Advocacy Speech’ Award, achieved a Top 12 in Miss World Malaysia 2019 and was awarded the 'Beauty with a Purpose' title, securing RM10,000 for the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM).
Driven by her personal experiences, Chermaine is passionate about initiating discussions about Autism-related issues within the community, with a focus on the struggles and difficulties faced by siblings of individuals with Autism, who are often overlooked by society.


TiTi Fusion/TiTi Jazz and Music
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TiTi Fusion
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