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Duration: 75 minutes

“Tidur Lambak” is an immersive performance celebrating the nostalgic communal sleeping arrangement associated with the Malaysian practice of ‘Balik Kampung’ or homecoming.

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Mar 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)



Mar 2023

8:30PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

With support from the Krishen Jit Fund and Hai-O Arts and Culture Grant, Tidur Lambak is a multi-sensory experience that reimagines communal sleep and reshapes how we can build connection through our transition to unconsciousness.

The 75-minute performance begins with 12 non-actors from varying backgrounds, who enter the room and slowly settle on their single mattresses next to each other. Forming ‘a large nest’. Sharing stories and dreams from their real life experience, the non-actors will fuse memories among themselves, and fictionalize the narrative. Here the people take refuge in dreams and consequently each other’s company. With speakers playing a soundscape of rural Malaysia, guests will be transported into this Kampung space along with the performers. 

Tidur Lambak invites audiences to experience communal sleep transformed: they are free to roam, sit and even sleep. Your journey through this performance will introduce you to new ways of approaching intimacy and trust.

Presented by:
Tapir Studio
House of Karyawan
Moka Mocha Ink

Funded by:
Krishen Jit Fund
Hai-O Arts and Culture Grant

Venue Sponsor:
Kongsi KL

Media Partner:

Crew & Creatives:

Performer: Erry James, Geena Gee, Timmy See Lok Tin, Thomas See Lok Tin, Jonathan Sebastian, Ixora Kaylyn Anak Kapple, Lew Yuen Teng, Hafiz Kamaruddin, Sredaran, Norhayati Binti Abdullah, Mia Asri, Weng

Director: Taha Long, Hafreez Amminuddin
Dramaturg: Ridhwan Saidi
Art Director: Dhan Illiani
Sound Artist: Kent Lee
Lighting Designer: Bryan Chang
Still Photographer: Fahad Iman, Sophia Shukeri