Enthusiasm de Melody《情牵华乐》演奏会

中艺音乐学院 Chong Yee Music Academy




LanguageEnglish, Mandarin



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Duration: 1 hr 30 mins

The "Enthusiasm de Melody" Chinese Musical Concert is set to feature 10 talented Chinese music performers in small ensembles and instrumental solos among others. The selected pieces of the concert are tailored to the preferences of local audiences, with an aim to resonate through beautiful melodies. It will be a glorious auditory feast filled with enthusiasm for Chinese music that will drive the preservation and passing on of the legacy of Chinese classical music.

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Apr 2022

8:00PM (GMT+8)

About the Show

Introduction of Production and Performance Unit 演出单位简介

About Penang Chong Yee Chinese Music Centre

Penang Chong Yee Chinese Music Centre is one of the earliest Chinese traditional music academies established in Malaysia in the 1980s. The founder, Lai Ah Lai, PKT, PJK, PJM is a well-known Guzheng and Dizi player in Singapore and Malaysia and he is also an experienced Chinese traditional music teacher in Malaysia. Since Chong Yee Chinese Music Centre was founded, it has been organising and promoting any kinds of Chinese cultural music events besides teaching Chinese traditional instruments as their main goal. At the end of 2013, for the betterment of those events, the academy officially established its administration and event organising committee. Since then, the committee has organised numerous big and small events related to Chinese cultural art music. For example, the “Chong Yee Cup” series: National Chinese Orchestra Competition for high school students, solo chinese orchestra competitions, the Spring Festival Chinese Orchestra Competition and also the “Hua Yue Qing” series: Inter-School Concert, music sharing sessions, talks, performances with international musicians etc. All these events enable exchange between musical experiences, providing Chinese traditional music enthusiasts a platform to showcase and admire talents as well as passing down the culture of Chinese music as an objective.

Besides that, Chong Yee Chinese Music Centre has started many teaching classes to further improve the level of local Chinese traditional music education. One-to-one tutoring classes and big classes provide a platform for Chinese traditional music enthusiasts to learn as well as allowing all of them to understand the culture of Chinese music. In order to further develop traditional music education, Chong Yee Chinese Music Centre officially established Chong Yee Music Academy in 2012. The academy had recently been invited by NUS Center for the Arts department and Confucius Institute NTU SIngapore to become an overseas examination consultant and administrator for Chinese music, not only allowing local Chinese traditional music learners to further their education abroad but also hoping that more courses related to traditional music and be promoted in the future.


槟城中艺华乐中心是马来西亚八十年代最早成立的华乐院校之一,创办人赖亚来老师PKT, PJK, PJM是新、马著名华乐古筝及笛子演奏家,马来西亚资深华乐导师。

中艺华乐中心自创办以来,除了以教学华乐乐器为宗旨,历年都会主办或协办推广各种华族音乐文化艺术活动。2013年末,为了让活动更完善举行,本中心正式成立中艺行政及策划活动筹委会。自成立以来,筹委会曾举办多项大小型华族音乐文化艺术的相关活动,例如:《中艺杯》系列之 - 全国中学华乐合奏赛、华乐独奏赛、新春小组华乐合奏赛,以及《华乐情》系列之 - 各校联合音乐会、音乐分享会、讲座交流会、国际名家华乐演奏会等,以上活动即可提供交流、发挥及欣赏平台予热爱华乐者,也可达到传承华族音乐文化之目的。



About Penang Chong Yee Chinese Orchestra

Penang Chong Yee Chinese Orchestra used to be the chinese orchestra under Chong Yee Chinese Music Centre and was officially registered as Penang Chong Yee Chinese Orchestra in 2019 as a non-profit performing art organisation. The organisation has two separate entities working together which is the administration team and the orchestra, both being led by the chairman and artistic director, Lai Ah Lai PKT, PJK, PJM. The orchestra has also invited the current concert master of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra: Li Bao Shun, Huqin player: Chew Keng How, Flautist: Lim Sin Yeo as the orchestra’s overseas consultant.

PCYCO has gathered teachers who had graduated from professional universities abroad and local Chinese music experts. Its objectives include passing down Chinese culture, educating musicians and promoting the culture of Chinese traditional music. In order for the different local ethnicities to be closer to Chinese music and feel its charisma, PCYCO actively recruits committees and orchestra players with hopes to benefit and exert Malaysia’s diversification of culture.

PCYCO has organised and produced a series of events for the past few years such as concerts, competitions, talks regarding art, international exchange etc. Previously, PCYCO had collaborated with famous overseas Chinese orchestra musicians who gathered in Penang and performed two “Gather in Nanyang'' concerts, establishing cultural connections between Malaysia and other countries. With hopes to maintain the organisation’s agenda despite the strike of COVID-19 in 2020, PCYCO organised its first online national competition, namely “Chong Yee Cup 2021 - Melodious Reflection”. The competition received enthusiastic response nationwide, stirring up the passion for traditional culture and musical instruments as well as gaining recognition from the public. 

PCYCO is gradually becoming a semi-professional orchestra. It has attracted attention and support from the Penang government as well as local art communities. Hopefully in the near future, PCYCO will become one of the best cultural organisations in Malaysia.


“槟城中艺民族乐团” 的前身为槟城中艺华乐中心属下的中艺华乐团,并于2019年正式注册成立为 “槟城中艺民族乐团”,为非盈利民办艺术团体。乐团属下分有行政团队及艺术团队共同运作,由乐团主席兼艺术总监赖亚来PKT, PJK, PJM领导。此外,乐团也邀请了新加坡华乐团(SCO)现任乐团首席及胡琴演奏家 - 李宝顺老师、胡琴演奏家 - 周经豪老师、笛箫演奏家 - 林信有老师担任乐团海外名誉顾问。


乐团近年来不断精心策划与制作一系列多元性的节目,如:音乐会、音乐比赛、艺术赏析讲座、跨国交流会等。早年前,乐团曾联合海内外知名华乐演奏家,齐聚槟城共同呈献了两届《乐聚南洋》大型演奏会,筑起了大马与国外华乐艺术交流的桥梁。2020年开始,全球遭受新冠疫情的冲击,为使本地艺术在新常态下持续流传和发展,乐团首次举办了全国性线上比赛 ––《中艺杯 2021 - 全国华乐线上器乐比赛 - 映·乐》,并获得全国各地华乐好手的热烈响应,也重新唤起大众对传统文化及乐器的热情与重视。


Bio of Artistic Director & Conductor 艺术总监及指挥简介 


Lai Ah Lai

The founder of Chong Yee Chinese Music Centre and Penang Chong Yee Chinese Orchestra is one of the pioneer Chinese Music instructors in Malaysia. Lai’s Guzheng skill was polished by the late Chinese Guzheng Professor Chen Leishi and Singapore Guzheng master Ouyang Liangrong. He went to Xi’an Conservatory of Music under instruction of several famous Guzheng masters. Lai also nourished and improved significantly on his flute skills and art of conducting under the guidance of several famous musicians including Malaysian Senior Conductor in U.S.-Conductor, Pung Aikkhai. As an orchestra conductor, Lai has been teaching instrumental music and Chinese orchestra. With his great experiences, he is currently instructor of high schools’ Chinese Orchestra in Penang, Kedah and Perak. His unremitting efforts and dedication in promoting traditional cultural art had successfully brought the art to the international stage and he was granted as PKT, PJK, PJM from His Excellency of Penang State.



现任槟城、吉打、霹雳多间学校华乐团导师。赖亚来老师坚    持不懈的精神成就了今天的他, 也成功地把民族艺术推广到国际的舞台。由于多年来推广民族艺术的贡献良多,先后获得了槟州元首阁下封赐PKT, PJK, PJM勋衔。


Bio of Soloist 独奏员简介


Ewe Chee Hean

Ewe Chee Hean, a Malaysian flautist(Chinese bamboo flute), born in Penang in 1992. From the age of 13 to the age of 18, he was tutored and mentored by Mr. Lai Ah Lai. He then continued to advance his music studies for the next seven years in Taiwan. He was classically trained at the Chinese Music Department (an academic department which is subsidiary to the Chinese Culture University, Taiwan) and began to study from 2010 to 2017 with professor Jun Hsian Chen, the principal flautist of the National Chinese Orchestra and well-known conductor in Taiwan. He then accomplished and awarded his Master’s degree in 2017.

During his academic career, he eagerly participated in numerous international Chinese flute masterclass and was instructed by various renowned Chinese flautist, such as Zhan Yong Ming(Shanghai), Zhang Wei Liang(Beijing), Wang Ci Heng(Beijing), Li Zhen(Mongolia), Qu Xiang(Shandong), Ma Di(Xi an), Chen Zhong Shen(Taiwan), Lim Sin Yeo(Singapore).

In 2013 and 2014, he performed Chinese flute concerto [Going Westward] and [The Peony Pavilion] in Taiwan National Concert Hall, which is a remarkable achievement as a foreigner student. Apart from classical Chinese flute pieces, he is also practically skilled in contemporary, orchestral and chamber music as well.

He is now a well-known Chinese flautist in Malaysia, by obtaining the position of concertmaster and principle flautist in Penang Chong Yee Chinese Orchestra. He has been frequently invited as Chinese bamboo flute soloist, adjudicator, tutor and lecturer in Chinese music territory.


尤旨贤,来自马来西亚槟城。国高中时期由赖亚来老师启蒙学习笛子和古筝。 2014 年获台湾中国文化大学中国音乐学系笛子学士学位(Bachelor Degree);2017 年获台湾中国文化大学中国音乐学系笛子硕士学位(Master’s degree)。在台留学期间师承台湾著名笛子演奏家、指挥家陈俊宪教授。尤旨贤在笛艺方面也受多名笛子演奏家指点,如:詹永明教授、张维良教授、王次恒教授、李镇教授、曲祥教授、马迪教授、陈中申教授、林信有教授等,因此掌握多种笛派演奏风格及技法。尤旨贤分别在 2013 年及 2014 年于台北国家音乐厅演奏李镇之笛子协奏《走西口》和吴华之大型笛子协奏曲《牡丹亭》。除了娴熟传统经典笛乐作品之余,尤君亦演出过多首近代笛箫新作品和移植曲,并曾与日本、韩国、伊朗演奏家同台演出。尤君活跃于马来西亚华乐乐坛,目前担任槟城中艺民族乐团之乐团首席一职;亦曾多次受邀担任笛子协奏演出者、华乐赛事评审、华乐音乐营笛子指导老师、音乐讲座会讲师等,皆获嘉评。

Seng Wei Sin

Seng Wei Sin was born in Penang, Malaysia. Majored in Dizi and was enlightened by the Director of Chong Yee Music Academy, Lah Ah Lai. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in National Taiwan University of Arts specialising in Chinese music, tutored by famous Taiwanese Dizi musician, Professor Lin Rui Nan. She also learned piano from a famous Taiwanese pianist, Tang Wan Jun. Ms. Seng has been accepted a Masters at NTU of Arts specialising in Chinese music and she will further her studies at Taiwan on 22th September 2022. In 2016, performed “Bai She Zhuan”, a Dizi concerto at Penang Komtar Auditorium A, 5th floor. In 2018, performed “Zou Xi Kou” and “Shan Bei Si Zhang” at NTU Fuzhou auditorium. Moreover she has been vice executive director and sectional Dizi leader during the “Gather in Nanyang series”. Has been invited countless times to judge for Chinese orchestra competitions, become a Dizi and Woodwinds advisor at music camps and to coach Dizi at multiple high schools. Currently the Executive Director of PCYCO.



Jamie Chong Jian Mei

Jamie Chong Jian Mei, born in Penang Malaysia, graduated from SMJK Union and the Chinese Music Department of the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan, majoring in ErHu. She was inspired by Mr Lai Ah Lai and practiced under the guidance of Mr Wang Ming-Yu, the concertmaster of the Taipei Chinese Orchestra and a famous Taiwanese ErHu performer. Jamie was also tutored by the famous Taiwanese GuZheng and GuQin performer, Mr Yu Yu-Hong, in learning GuQin. Other than that, she was taught to play the piano by the famous Taiwanese pianist, Miss Lin Xiang-Ti. 

During her high school times, she had participated as a member in her school’s Chinese Orchestra and played various instruments like the DiZi, YangQin, ZhongRuan and percussion instruments with Mr Lai Ah Lai as her teacher. Jamie had also performed as a percussionist in the Malaysian Hui Yin Seh Chinese Orchestra, an ErHu performer in the Taiwan Yue Yang Chinese Orchestra and Taiwan Chinese Culture University Hwa-Kang Chinese Orchestra, and carried the responsibilities of the president of the Union High School Chinese Orchestra. 

Today, Jamie is one of the founder of Penang Chong Yee Chinese Orchestra, a member of the Chong Yee Chinese Orchestra, one of the executive and event management members of Chong Yee Chinese Music Centre / Music Academy, a teacher of ErHu and YangQin in the Chong Yee Chinese Music Centre / Music Academy, an assistant coach of the Union High School Chinese Orchestra.


锺健美,马来西亚槟城人,毕业于槟城协和国民型中学、台湾中国文化大学中国音乐学系,主修二胡,启蒙于赖亚来老师,师事台湾台北市立国乐团乐团首席兼台湾著名二胡演奏家 - 王铭裕老师 。曾随台湾著名古筝与古琴演奏家 - 余御鸿老师学习古琴。钢琴师承台湾著名钢琴演奏家 - 林香蒂老师。在中学期间参与该校华乐团向启蒙老师赖老师学习多样华乐乐器,如:笛子、扬琴、中阮和打击。曾任马来西亚慧音社华乐团打击演奏员、台湾岳阳国乐团二胡演奏员、台湾中国文化大学华冈国乐团二胡演奏员、马来西亚协和中学华乐团团长。马来西亚槟城中艺民族乐团创团成员之一,现任马来西亚槟城中艺华乐团团员、马来西亚槟城中艺音乐学院行政与策划活动筹委之一、中艺华乐中心二胡及扬琴老师、协和中学华乐团助教。

Ong Chin Siang

He was Champion in Pipa category (Third Prize in pluck string instruments category) in the 2013 National Chinese music solo competition. He has also travelled to various countries to perform the Pipa namely Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. His artistic versatility also allowed him to perform in various different genres such as, traditional Teochew music and troupe accompaniment, Hokkien glove puppet show accompaniment, improvisation (sound effect), live band and others. 

Besides being the founder of Chinese Orchestra of USM Engineering Campus, he is also the instructor in various orchestras in pluck string instruments category. 2011 Participate in 28 th Shanghai Spring International Music Festival with WuXia Orchestra, awarded with Bronze in JiangNanSizhu ensemble competition. Performed in Shanghai Fudan University during the same period as well. 2014 Organized Pipa solo concert “PixinDaiyue” in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Invited by Professional Culture Chinese Orchestra (PCCO) to perform the Pipa concerto “HuaMuLan” in Kuala Lumpur in 2015. Invited by Yun-Qing Chinese Orchestra to perform Pipa solo piece “Sunshine at Tashkurgan” in Yunlin, Taiwanin 2016. Participated in traditional glove puppet music accompaniment in Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in Japan in 2017 with Ombak-ombak Potehi in promoting Penang history and local traditional Hokkien glove puppet. Participated in YunLin International Puppet Show Festival in Taiwan back in 2018 with Ombak-ombak Potehi in promoting Penang history and local traditional Hokkien glove puppet.


马来西亚琵琶演奏家,并也胜任其他弹拨乐器之演奏如阮、柳琴、扬琴。其演奏水平之精湛使他获奖无数其中主要包括以琵琶独奏于第三届(2013年)《乐浪》全国华乐独奏公开赛荣获弹拨组第三名(琵琶第一名)。演奏足迹横跨国内外包括中国、台湾、日本及新加坡。其演奏音乐情感细腻韵味丰富。多年来活跃于各类型演出,经验丰富,除了普遍民族管弦合奏,并与不同领域合作,包括潮州木偶剧伴奏、福建布袋戏、音效即兴演奏等。理科大学工程系分院华乐团创团人的他也曾是多所乐团之弹拨乐指导。2011年 随吾夏丝竹华乐团赴上海参加第28届上海之春国际音乐节2011年海内外丝竹邀请赛,成功入围复赛并荣获铜奖。同时,与上海复旦大学民乐队交流演出。2014 年 联办琵琶四人音乐会 《琵心待乐》。2015年 受邀于吉隆坡专艺民族乐团合作,呈现琵琶协奏《花木兰》,深受好评。2016年 受台湾云林西螺农工云青国乐社邀请,赴台湾为该团第11届演奏会呈现琵琶独奏《阳光照耀着塔什库尔干》,深受好评。2017年 随破浪布袋戏团,赴东京艺术剧场演出布袋戏推广槟城本土福建布袋戏与历史。2018年 随破浪布袋戏团,赴台湾云林出席云林国际偶戏节演出布袋戏推广槟城本土福建布袋戏与历史。

Lim Kok Hong

Lim Kok Hong is Malaysian, graduated from SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian and learnt Huqin (Erhu, Gaohu, Zhonghu, Banhu) at the school’s chinese orchestra. He received a lot of tutoring from seniors, the school’s previous advisor Lean Boon Hean and also Mr Lai Ah Lai. Learned Erhu techniques from Goh Suk Liang in 2006. Joined Penang Hui Yin Seh Orchestra and was the Chairman and Concert Master of Hui Yin Seh Orchestra. Received tutoring from many seniors. Obtained a Grade 7 certificate from the Central Conservatory of Music of China, in the meantime, he received tutoring from local and overseas Huqin professionals such as Li Bao Shun, Zhang Yu Ming, Zhu Lin, Chew Keng How and Lim Wei Siong. Passionate and active towards art. He has performed in many Chinese orchestra performances and has helped organised many cultural events. Invited by Lai Ah Lai to become a part of Chong Yee Music Academy’s committee in 2013 and helped organised many big scale competitions, cultural and multimedia events such as the annual “Chong Yee Cup” National Chinese Orchestra Competition, the “Spring Festival Chinese Music Competition” in collaboration with Penang Gurney Plaza, goes and second “Gather in Nanyang I and II” in 2017 and 2019, “Melody of the Orchestra from the Far East” in 2018 and the Online Gather In Nanyang Series in 2020. Graduated from Han Chiang University College of Multimedia Communication Design. Currently a graphic designer, teaching assistant and Huqin coach at high schools.


林国煌乃马来西亚槟城子民。中学毕业于槟城孔圣庙中华中学,曾加入该校华乐团学习胡琴(二胡、高胡、中胡、板胡),获乐团学长们、前顾问老师-连文贤老师 及 教练-赖亚来老师给予启蒙指导。2006年师从吴淑亮老师学习二胡技艺。曾加入槟城慧音社华乐团,担任过首席兼代理团长,在团期间有幸获得该乐团内的前辈栽培、教导。2010年考获中国中央音乐学院海外第7级考试文凭,学艺期间更有幸获得海内外多位胡琴名家——李宝顺老师、张玉明老师、朱霖老师、周经豪老师 及 林伟雄老师的指导。热爱文化艺术的他非常活跃于本地文艺界,曾多次参演华乐演出、策划及筹办文艺活动。2013年受恩师-赖亚来邀请加入中艺活动策划筹委会,筹办了多场大型赛事、音乐会与多媒体节目,如:每年度的《中艺杯》全国华乐比赛、联合槟城合您广场合作的《新春华乐合奏赛》、2017年《乐聚南洋》及 2019年《乐聚南洋贰》名家音乐会、2018年《华夏之音万里传》中马青少年交流音乐会 及 2020年《乐聚南洋》线上特辑节目等。2012年毕业于槟城韩江学院(现名:韩江大学学院)多媒体通讯设计系,现为一名平面设计师,兼担任学校华乐团助教及胡琴指导老师。

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