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Duration: 1.5-2 hours

University of Nottingham Global Culture Festival: Hybrid Theatre Screenings

Brave New Normal: 5 May Thursday 5-7pm Malaysia (10-12noon UK time)
Covid-19_84: 6 May Friday 5-7pm Malaysia (10-12noon UK time)
Covid-19_84: 6 May Friday 11:59pm-2am Malaysia (5-7pm UK time)

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May 2022

5:15PM (GMT+8)

10am UK time

11:59PM (GMT+8)

5pm UK time

About the Show

UniPerArts proudly presents COVID-19_84, a self-fulfilling dystopian tale, the original adaptation into our contemporary world of George Orwell’s capital work, 1984. In a groundbreaking step, this work was initially performed live with physical actors in Malaysia and online ones in China. Two countries meeting on one single stage for one of the very first ever Synchronous Hybrid-Theatre Performance. Something really unique, which, we believe, will open the way to new forms of theatrical practices.

It is a very special and meaningful play, for several reasons. Beyond the innovative of its proposal, COVID-19_84 is a much-needed and nearly desperate wake up call for our society. We are living in a world more and more alike the one George Orwell warned us about in his influential novel 1984.  We are self-fulling our own dystopia. But, as this work also shows, there is hope in humanity. It is on us deciding its next chapter.

The show was performed live from Malaysia and China in April 2022, we are now bringing an online version of the show as one of the highlights of the Global Culture International Festival, an artistic and academic encounter that celebrates our shared humanity through the arts. It includes a number of online and physical events in the UK, China and Malaysia, from the 3rd to the 6th of May 2022. For more details on the Festival visit: 

COVID-19_84: A Self-Fulfilling Dystopian Tale
Directed by Sergio Camacho, based on George Orwell’s 1984

Cast list:

Julia Caroline Hu
Main Interrogator Dr Derek Irwin
Follower 1 (Winston) Nik Abdul Muhaimin
Follower 2 (Julia) Jazyl Adalia
Follower 3 Nur Izati Hanani Binti Mohd Saim
Follower 4 (Syme) Subateeswarran Looganaden
Follower 5 (Charrington) Jay Chow Yong Keat
Follower 6  (Parsons) Edward Wong Wai Meng
Follower 7 Amanda Chan Xue Yuen
Follower 8 Ezrain Paul Lee
Follower 9 Arpita Singh
Follower 10 Janarrthine Kannan
Big Brother Caesar Pei
Telescreen Announcer Jocelyn Liao
Rally Speaker Shirley Li
O’Brien (follower) Judy Zhu
Mrs. Parsons Estella Zhu
Kid 1 Mary Ni
Kid 2 Lanxin Zhang


Production Team: 

  • Artistic Producer: Dr Derek Irwin
  • Original Music by: Dr Sergio Camacho
  • Executive Producer: Tan Elynn
  • Assistant Executive Producer: Arpita Singh 
  • Production Design: Dr Sergio Camacho
  • Second Unit Director: Dr Derek Irwin
  • UNNC Production Team: Yang Rui/ Ke Jun/ Leslie Shen    
  • Secretary: Rachel Ng Qian Ying
  • Finance Manager:Tan Elynn
  • Head of Sets & Props: Swame Naathun Ramasamy Balasubramanian
  • Assistant Head of Sets & Props: Ryan Tan Chek Sheng
  • Head of Costumes & Makeup: Varsha Murali Kaushik 
  • Head of Technical Team: Muhammad Haziq Dzafri bin Faizal Khairy
  • Head of Marketing & Ticketing: Graciely O’Hara/ Darminaa Uthayakumar
  • Lighting Design: Nur Manissha Rafiq Ravindran 
  • Poster & Ticket Design: Mic Leong Yin Jia/ Ng Wern Syuen/ Sergio Camacho
  • Booklet Design: Darminaa Uthayakumar
  • Ticketing/ Front of House: Kavisha Kathiravelu
  • Photograpy: Soo Ai-Lyn
  • Videography: KTSZ Studio/ Tan Elynn
  • Costumes & Makeup Team: Aurellie Livia Kyansputri/ Ng Wan Rou
  • Technical Team: Ryan Tan Chek Sheng/ Nur Manissha Rafiq Ravindran     
  • Social Media Officer: Arpita Singh/ Graciely O’Hara
  • Marketing & Ticketing Officer: Jay Chow Yong Keat/ Rachel Ng Qian Ying/ Ng Wern Syuen/ Jeeva Sunil/ Nuveen Kathiravelu/ Firdaus bin Fakhir Khan

Introductory /Promotional Video:

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