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TagsModern, Solo, Concert, Jazz, Improvisation, Multidisciplinary, Rock

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Duration: 210 minutes with intermissions (10 minutes)
Seating: Free Standing
Dress Code: Casual
Recommended for: 18 years old and above

NAIZZ NOIZZ is a sensory experience that pushes the boundaries of auditory and visual art. The innovative nature of these performances transforms each show into a unique experience. This event is a must-see for everyone who’s interested in the cutting edge of contemporary audio and visual art.




Jul 2024

7:00PM (GMT+8)


Since its inception with NAIZZ NOIZZ VOL 1 in 2023, Project Room Art Gallery has been at the forefront of the noise scene in KL. This ongoing series features a diverse array of artists from across the globe, each bringing their own unique flair to the stage.

Featuring in NAIZZ NOIZZ Vol 7:


ANGQASA is an experimental music project by Alvin Seah who explores ambient, noise, dark synth, drone and soundscapes. He frequently collaborates with Yan (modular synth) and Emy (guitars / samplers) for live improv jams.


Sound designer and performer BUNYI is an electronic music enthusiast. His exploration of the textural side of software, hardware and modular-based music brings a unique twist to the electronic music genre. He is currently producing a new single, carefully engineered with his own distinct personality.


Boba Lee, the electronic maven, crafts sonic narratives through cutting-edge technology.

A tireless inventor, Boba wields self-designed software to morph vocals into a mesmerizing tapestry of harmonies, layered with morphing beats and avant-garde soundscapes.

Armed with a jazz percussionist background spanning 15 years and an unwavering passion for HyperPop, Boba’s live performances defy categorization, seamlessly blending mainstream allure with experimental innovation.

They will be debuting their Malaysian show with their self-designed instrument, XEON. This machine uses synth engines from Opal, a virtual drum machine by Fors, a Swedish company who "makes the best MaxForLive synths", claims the artist.

They will be based in the USA for the next few years, so this may be the last time they will be performing in Malaysia for a while.

For more info on XEON


Saufi Jaafar or more widely known among his peers with his stage name MAB 189 is a synth player hailing from Melaka.  He started learning the synth in 2018 and has performed at numerous venues.  He attributed his likeness for the modular synth because it always represents a blank canvas for him to play each time he dismantle the cables.  

For his process, he sketches out his sound by sending pulses to the filter, he will then actively sketch out the sound from this initial pulse. This process is known as the ‘filter ping’. The thin sound replicates thin lines and expended sound represents bold lines. 

He is interested in the position of ‘drawing’ in noise making. 

For more information please visit our instagram @projectroomartgallery 

Contact/ WhatsApp: 0162884976

Location: 14A, Lorong Kolam Air Lama1, Ampang Jaya, 68000, Ampang, Selangor 

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