Venue:  Georgetown, Penang

Date30th March – 18th April 2024




AsiaLink Sketchwalk (ALSW) is an annual urban sketching event held in a designated Asian city. The first AsiaLink Sketchwalk took place in Bangkok in 2016, followed by Kuching (2017), Taichung (2018), Hanoi (2019) and Suwon (2023). This year, the event will be held in Penang, Malaysia, as AsiaLink Sketchwalk Penang 2024.

About the Show


400 Sketch Pass

12:00PM (GMT+8)

Available from 30th March – 18th April 2024

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The ALSW aims to celebrate and cultivate the practice of on-location drawing in the host city. This non-profit event offers valuable field-sketching tips and provides opportunities for participants to connect with others, make new friends, and improve their skills. Many ALSW participants are part of the global Urban Sketchers (USk) community, which shares the ethos of "sharing the world, one drawing at a time." In 2024, we're excited to bring ALSW to Penang, continuing the tradition of artistic exploration and community building.


Penang (Pulau Pinang), located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, is a Malaysian state with its capital, George Town, serving as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city boasts Malaysia's finest restored traditional architecture, and its colonial streets are a vibrant center for culture, street art, and the country's best street food.

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Urban Sketchers (USk) Penang, along with co-organizer Penang Watercolor Society, is spearheading this year’s ALSW. Established in June 2010, USk Penang previously organized Georgetown Sketchwalks in 2012 and 2014. As a chapter of the global Urban Sketchers NGO community, USk Penang is dedicated to on-location drawing.

Our passion lies in capturing the essence of the places we live in and visit, one drawing at a time. We are committed to enhancing the artistic, storytelling, and educational aspects of on-location drawing, advocating for its practice, and fostering connections among individuals worldwide who engage in drawing where they live and travel. USk Penang stands as a prominent chapter in the Asian region and is the pioneering chapter among eight cooperative chapters in Malaysia.

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Schedule & Pass

Our 4 Days Schedule


This four-day event will feature sketch walks, demonstrations, night sketching sessions, as well as welcoming and closing ceremonies with complimentary light refreshments, drinks, and sharing sessions. The main venues for the event will be at LOFT29 from Day 1 to Day 3, with the final day held at FORT CORNWALLIS, followed by a closing dinner at Starview Restaurant.

ABOUT Sketch Pass

The 400 event sketch pass will be available from 30th March – 18th April 2024,
opens noon 12pm Malaysia time GMT+8

The Sketch Pass includes access to
• The opening ceremony & closing dinner
• 4 Sketchwalk & 1 optional Night Sketchwalk
• 2 Demos
• A night Sharing Session
• 1 Goodie Bag


We are featuring 16 demonstrators from the Asian region, including experienced sketchers, artists, and emerging talents offering fresh perspectives on capturing scenes. Each Demo allows only 25 participants and operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Act fast to secure your spot!
Important reminder to complete the pass purchase:
• Select 2 Demos by different artists.
• Avoid choosing 2 Demos scheduled at the same time on the same day. 
  It is to prevent missing out on one of your choices.

ALSW Penang 2024 website: 


This year, only sketch passes are available; there are no workshop passes.

You have the opportunity to contribute one of your paintings or artworks during the sketch walk as an art exchange gift. These contributions will be randomly exchanged with other participants on the last day of the event. We will provide a standard paper size for your artwork, which will be placed inside the event's goodie bag.

Additionally, you may choose to scan your artwork at the event venue for your own records. You will also contribute the digital files to Penang Global Tourism (PGT). As one of our key sponsors, PGT may utilize one of your sketch images for promotional purposes (non-commercial).


Where and when is the event of ALSW Penang 2024?
It will be held around Penang’s capital Georgetown, from 1st - 4th August 2024.
We have selected Loft29 as our main venue (1st - 3rd August) and we will gather at Fort Cornwallis on the final day (4th August)

Where can I get news or updates on the ALSW Penang?
ALSW Penang 2024 website 

When does the ALSW Sketch Pass start selling?
30th March to 18th April 2024: 400 Official Sketch Pass opens noon /12pm Malaysia time GMT+8

Do I need to sign up Cloudjoi to purchase my Sketch Pass?
No need to sign up for Cloudjoi when purchasing your pass. Your Sketch Pass info and receipt will be sent to your registered email after your purchase. Check your junk and promotion mailboxes if you can't find it. If you have an account and have downloaded the Cloudjoi app, access your Sketch Pass on your phone.

What will the ALSW Penang Sketch Pass entitled to?
The pass provides access to opening ceremony & closing dinner, 2 demos, 4 sketchwalks, an optional night sketchwalk, a night sharing session and a goodie bag.

Is there a Workshop Pass available this year?
No, only the Sketch Pass is offered. There won’t be workshops with instructional guidance, exercises and one-on-one interaction with participants for this year.

Are there special meal options for vegetarians and Muslims?
Absolutely! You can choose your preferred meal options during the pass purchase.

Can I buy a pass for someone else?
No, as we identify participants by their registered email, purchasing a Sketch Pass for someone else is not possible. One pass per email is our policy. Buying passes for others using the same email will cause confusion, as each pass will be printed with individual demo selections. Passes sold are non-transferable unless specific reasons occur.

Are there any minimum age requirements to enter the event?
Participants must be at least 12 years old at the time of the event. Participants under 12 years old must attend with a guardian. Both of them are required to obtain a Sketch Pass each.

Cancellation and refund
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate cancellations or refunds for the Sketch Pass. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. However, a minimum of 2 months prior to the event, we accept name transfers by email to:

Can I change my Demo selections after purchase?
Regrettably, Demo selections cannot be changed after your purchase.

Should I get travel insurance since I will be coming from abroad?
We recommend purchasing travel insurance for added peace of mind. We trust you to take full responsibility for your safety at ALSW Penang. 

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
If you have any concerns, please email us at or 
comment on any of our Facebook posts:

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